Budget Travel Resources Guide

Want to travel the world on a budget? After 9 years of thrifty nomadic living around the planet, I’ve put together a few world travel resources that should help you out. This page is an attempt to organize & share my best tips. I know how confusing it can be in the beginning. There was a time when budget travel was new for me too!

This travel resource page is regularly updated to help you plan your next international travel adventure.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions or think I’m missing something. Enjoy!

Travel Resources Gear

Travel Gear & Packing Tips

Like most first-time travelers, I initially packed way too much. But I’ve improved greatly over the years, and almost everything I own fits on my back. Learn what kind of gear I pack on my travels and why.

I cover basic travel gear, electronics, plus ultra-lightweight trekking & backpacking gear for those of us who love to hike when we travel.

Travel Resources Trip Planning

Travel Planning Tips

Planning a trip somewhere? There’s a lot to think about. Where should you go? What will you do once you’re there? While I often warn people not to over-plan, it’s still a good idea do a bit of research about your destination.

Over the years I’ve learned which travel websites offer the best deals on flights, accommodation, and more. How to navigate your way through a foreign country, and how to find cool things to do.

Travel Resources Safety & Health

Travel Safety & Health

Everyone seems to be freaking out about travel safety these days. Our media likes to make the world out to be a very dangerous place, because fear sells advertising. In my experience, you shouldn’t worry too much.

However for those that can’t help themselves, here are some articles that will teach you how to keep safe while traveling. Stuff like common scams to avoid, how to protect against theft, and dealing with sickness or injury.

Travel Blogging Resources

Travel Blogging Resources

I’ve been a travel blogger for over 9 years now — these posts cover the business and practical side of travel blogging. How to start a travel blog, how to build an audience, how to start making money, and more.

One of the most common questions I get is how I’m able to afford to travel so much. It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible either.

Travel Resources Photography

Travel Photography Advice

Looking to improve your travel photography? I’ve spent the last 8 years shooting photos in locations around the world. These posts cover my favorite travel photography tips, processing techniques, and gear.

While I carry a lot more photography gear than I used to, it’s still possible to put together a small & lightweight travel photography kit.

Work & Study Abroad

Work & Study Abroad

Not independently wealthy yet, but still want to travel? Are you a student who dreams of traveling the world? Well you might not have to wait, because it’s possible to work and study your way around the world too.

Travel Inspiration

Travel Inspiration

Need some fun travel ideas? Dreaming of traveling somewhere new? Here are some of my personal favorite sources of travel inspiration.

If you’re feeling trapped in your cubicle at work, and looking to escape, check out these posts and live vicariously through the travels of others.

Useful Travel Links

Some of the travel websites and companies I use on a regular basis for finding cheap airfare, booking accommodation, planning trips, volunteering, and more. Resources to help you have a wonderful travel experience.

Trip Planning

Accommodation & Car Rental