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Best International Cell Phones & Plans For Travelers

Cheap International Cell Phone Service

Cheap International Cell Phone Service

Travel Tips

How do I use my phone traveling overseas? Here are the best options for travelers to keep in touch with international cell phones & data plans for different countries.

I’ve had a lot of questions about how to use a cell phone when you’re traveling. So I thought I’d talk about the different ways you can use your phone to stay connected anywhere in the world. It’s easier than you think!

Why would I even want a working mobile phone while traveling?

First of all, I’m not actually on vacation. As a professional digital nomad, I run this blog as a small business while traveling around the world.

Local tour operators, clients, and public relations people need the ability to contact me. Staying active on social media like Instagram and Facebook is part of my business too.

While you can usually find a WiFi connection in most countries, it can be a hassle sometimes too.

A working international cell phone & data plan allows me to call locals for meetups, book hotels, receive business related calls, check bus schedules, call an UBER, use Google Maps, get help in an emergency, and more.

Global Cell Phone Options For 2019


Thursday 24th of September 2020

What about the Caribbean - Particularly the English-speaking islands?

Carrie McLean

Friday 21st of February 2020

I used KnowRoaming's eSIM for my last work trip and it was so simple... I'm not used to using new technology without my daughter's help, but I messaged KnowRoaming on Facebook and they helped to give me step by step instructions for set up ... this is a very easy solution so that i dont have to try to find local SIM cards while traveling on my own

Andres Orjuela

Wednesday 8th of January 2020

I'm from the US and traveling to China a lot for work. In China I have a local mobile phone and number, but want to keep my US number active mostly for Text Messages (as this is used so much for website security confirmation). I am ok with Text Messages only coming in when I am connected to Wifi, but I know that with iPhone that doesn't work (unless it is iMessages). I want any Text Message to be able to come in through Wifi when in China. Any knowledge or experience with that?

Carrie McLean

Friday 21st of February 2020

If you want text messages to come in through wifi, switch over the WhatsApp while you are traveling. Its like having a second iMessage. I sometimes use this if i dont want to buy a package with SMS, voice AND data. Instead i opt for a data only plan from a roaming provider and just use WhatsApp to communicate.


Monday 11th of November 2019

How many months can you be traveling on T-Mobile before they cut you off?

Wayne Wulfenstein

Friday 9th of August 2019

Moving to Qatar from USA looking to maintain my phone #. Have been looking at Google fi. Wondering what you experienced thoughts might be or other options

Matthew Karsten

Saturday 19th of October 2019

I haven't used Google Fi personally, but I've heard some good things. It works best if you are using a Google phone, like the Pixel. While they now have support for iPhones, the cellular switching doesn't work on iPhone. You'd only get access to the T-Mobile network as far as I know.

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