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25 Awesome Instagram Travel Photographers You Need To Follow

Instagram Travelers

Best Instagram Travel Photographers

Travel Inspiration

Need some travel inspiration? Follow my favorite Instagram travel photographers as they capture beautiful images of people, landscapes, and animals around the world.

Checking in on my favorite travel Instagramers has become an almost daily routine. They provide me with a little snapshot of their lives.

A compact digital postcard from very different parts of the world!

Keep in mind my list of photographers is completely subjective. We all enjoy different kinds of photography. Some of these accounts are more personality-driven, while others create a steady stream of incredible travel images.

I update this list with my favorite Instagram travel photographers every year, so it’s always changing. There’s no particular order either — they’re all equally awesome!

Check em’ out, and be inspired by some of the best travel photos online!

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IMPORTANT: There’s no doubt that Instagram has transformed the travel experience. But not all of it has been positive. Please read my follow-up:
Is Social Media Ruining Travel?

Best Travel Instagrammers For 2019

Top 20 Instagram Travel Accounts

1. Expert Vagabond | @ExpertVagabond

Yeah, that’s me! Before I share my favorite Instagram travel photographers, I wanted to introduce you to my account first. Shameless self-promotion.

Do you love epic landscapes & adventure photography?

Then you’ll love my account! I’ve been a professional travel photographer & blogger for the past 9 years — sharing crazy adventures like:

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2. Ever Changing Horizon | @EverChangingHorizon

EverchangingHorizon Instagram Photographer

Follow @EverChangingHorizon on Instagram

Quin shares adventure photos featuring incredibly colorful places. From mountains to lakes he always manages to capture the most perfect moments. He’s also good at capturing skies full of stars.

Follow Quin On Instagram →

3. Daniel Kordan | @danielkordan

Travel with Daniel on Instagram

Instagram Travel Photographer Daniel Kordan


Daniel shoots breathtaking landscape photography from places like Norway, Russia, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, and more. I’m always inspired by his feed. He’s surely passionate about ice and frozen things.

Follow Daniel On Instagram →

4. Travis Burke

Travel with Travis on Instagram

Instagram Travel Photographer Travis Burke


Travis is a US based photographer, who together with his girlfriend (below), capture the beauty of national parks: lakes, mountains, beaches and more. If you’re a fan of camping you’ll surely enjoy his account.

Follow Travis On Instagram →

5. Chelsea Kauai

Travel with Chelsea on Instagram

Instagram Travel Photographer Chelsea Kauai


Chelsea is a definition of an outdoor adventure girl. Although from sunny Hawaii, you can find her camping in the snow, feeding wild squirrels or enjoying the waters of incredible lakes around the US.

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6. Be My Travel Muse

Travel with Kristin on Instagram

Instagram Travel Photographer Kristin Addis


Kristin is a former investment banker who got fed up with corporate life, and now travels the world seeking off-the-beaten-path adventures. On her account you can see captures from some of the best hikes around the world.

Follow Kristin On Instagram →

7. Chris Burkard

Travel with Chris on Instagram

Instagram Travel Photographer Chris Burkard


Chris is one of the most famous surf and adventure photographers on Instagram, featuring remote landscapes and wilderness locations that are far off the beaten path. He seems to frequently enjoy swimming in icy arctic water too…

Follow Chris On Instagram →

8. Kirsten Alana | @kirstenalana

Travel with Kirsten on Instagram

Instagram Travel Photographer Kirsten Alana


Not only does Kirsten shoot awesome travel photos, but her updates are like mini blog posts full of information about the area she’s visiting. I could definitely use some of her storytelling tips.

Follow Kirsten On Instagram →

9. Lauren Bath

Travel with Lauren on Instagram

Instagram Travel Photographer Lauren Bath


Known as Australia’s first professional Instagrammer, Lauren has been capturing beautiful photos of her travels and sharing them for the rest of us. Her shots are both colorful and dreamy.

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10. Young Adventuress

Travel with Liz on Instagram

Instagram Travel Photographer Liz Carlson


I always enjoy Liz’s scenic photo updates as she hikes, flies, and swims her way through Europe, the Middle East, and New Zealand.

Follow Liz On Instagram →

11. Le Backpacker

Travel with Johan on Instagram

Instagram Travel Photographer Johan Lolos


Johan is a world explorer with a passion for the outdoors and the wilderness, photographing places like New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. He says that he’s ‘a person who notices beauty in the world’ and it does show in his photos.

Follow Johan On Instagram →

12. El Jackson

Travel with Sam on Instagram

Instagram Travel Photographer Sam Taipale


Sam is a Finnish photographer who currently resides in Norway, with his wife @hilvees. Through both of their photos you can see a passion for the outdoor adventures as they capture stunning landscapes of Scandinavia and beyond.

Follow Sam On Instagram →

13. EmiToms

Travel with Emily on Instagram

Instagram Travel Photographer Emily Thomas


Emily will take you for an adventure among the mountains and show you the best sunsets in the US. If you’re a fan of lakes you’ll enjoy her account even more.

Follow Emily On Instagram →

14. Tiff Penguin

Travel with Tiffany on Instagram

Instagram Travel Photographer Tiffany Nguyen


Tiffany works as a dentist in California, but loves to travel with a camera in her spare time. Her photos are full of colorful adventures in the mountains, national parks and camping spots. She uses small subjects to better demonstrate the immense scale of natural wonders.

Follow Tiffany On Instagram →

15. The Planet D

Travel with Dave on Instagram

Instagram Travel Photographer Dave Bouskill


Dave & Deb share their adventures around the planet with both beautiful images and humor. Their motto is that adventure is for everyone, at any age. From the arctic to the desert, they travel to photogenic places and are willing to try it all. Kayaking, rock climbing, cycling, and more.

Follow ThePlanetD On Instagram →

16. The Blonde Abroad

Travel with Kiersten on Instagram

Instagram Travel Photographer Kiersten Rich


Kiersten’s stream contains fun photos of beautiful places and festivals around the world, with a bit of fashion thrown in. I’m always amazed how her outfits seem to match the backdrop of her shots. She’s a scuba diver too!

Follow Kiersten On Instagram →

17. In A Faraway Land

Travel with Marta on Instagram

Instagram Travel Photographer Marta Kulesza


Marta is an outdoor lover, who spends a really long time in each destination, getting to know it well and capturing its beauty in a unique way. She seems to have a particularly fondness for the wilderness of New Zealand, Iceland, and Canada.

Follow Marta On Instagram →

18. Girl Eat World

Travel with Mel on Instagram

Instagram Travel Photographer Mel


Imagine the #FollowMeTo photo series with food – this would be Mel’s account. She’s showing her favorite local foods in each destination she visits, creating an incredible photo series that gives you a mix of both delicious food and beautiful backdrops.

Follow Mel On Instagram →

19. Everything Everywhere

Travel with Gary on Instagram

Instagram Travel Photographer Gary Arndt


Gary’s award-winning photography takes you on a virtual tour through some of the many UNESCO World Heritage Sites and National Parks he visits from around the world.

Follow Gary On Instagram →

20. Adventures Of Lil Nicki

Travel with Nicole on Instagram

Instagram Travel Photographer Nicole Smoot


Nicole travels more off the path than on the path. She always managed to find beautiful places everywhere and captures them perfectly. She’s just returning from Antarctica so tune in for some penguin shots!

Follow Nicole On Instagram →

21. Fun For Louis

Travel with Louis on Instagram

Instagram Travel Photographer Louis Cole


Louis shouldn’t need an introduction. He’s a crazy daily vlogger who also happens to be a great photographer too. His shots are natural, often with friends, showcasing the beauty of spontaneous adventure. He’s constantly going on awesome road trips around the world.

Follow Louis On Instagram →

22. Brendan Van Son

Travel with Brendan on Instagram

Instagram Travel Photographer Brendan Van Son


Brendan is a Canadian photographer who’s been on the road for a while, it seems he’s always moving. Whether in the city, or out exploring the wilderness, he makes his shots look dreamy and inviting. His photos showcase his love for long-exposure photography.

Follow Brendan On Instagram →

23. Alex Strohl

Travel with Alex on Instagram

Instagram Travel Photographer Alex Strohl


Alex is one of the first photographers I followed on Instagram. His epic landscape and adventure images will inspire you to break out your gear and head into the mountains. He spends a lot of time in each destination, which helps him really capture its magic.

Follow Alex On Instagram →

24. Anna Everywhere

Travel with Anna on Instagram

Instagram Travel Photographer Anna Everywhere


Anna has been exploring the world for over 10 years now, from climbing active volcanoes to touring Europe’s best castles. She’s at home in both the desert and the city, capturing awesome Instagram photos from her diverse experiences to inspire you along the way.

Follow Anna On Instagram →

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IMPORTANT: There’s no doubt that Instagram has transformed the travel experience. But not all of it has been positive. Please read my follow-up:
Is Social Media Ruining Travel?


I hope you enjoyed my choices for some of the best Instagram travel photographers to follow! Feel free to share your favorites in the comments, and remember to check out my feed:

Thanks so much, I hope you enjoyed it, and happy travels! ★

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