How To Start A Travel Blog: An Easy Step By Step Guide

Starting a successful travel blog
How To Start A Travel Blog
Travel Blogging Tips

Travel blogging has given me the freedom to travel the world for the past 10 years. Want to start your own? This detailed guide will show you how to start a travel blog & eventually make money with it.

Already Have A Blog? Make sure to read my more advanced post about how to become a successful travel blogger.

I’ve been working as a travel blogger for the past 10 years, and earn six figures annually from professional blogging. So I regularly receive tons of email and questions asking for tips about how to start a travel blog.

I know, I get it. Seeing constant photos from my wild travel adventures on your Facebook or Instagram feeds makes it look like a dream job…

After all, I get paid to travel the world! I admit it’s a pretty sweet gig.

But travel blogging isn’t as easy as it looks from the outside. There’s a lot of work going on in the background that most people don’t see.

So today I wanted to share a useful guide on how to get started travel blogging. Or any type of blogging really. Because it’s the very first step to becoming a successful blogger!

How To Start A Travel Blog In 2020

How to Start a Successful Travel Blog
10 Simple Steps to Start Your Travel Blog

The Travel Blogging Journey

The act of starting your very first travel blog is actually pretty easy. If you follow my guide, you can have your own blog up and running today.

However, starting your blog is just the tip of the iceberg.

Now keep in mind the following advice is for those who are prepared to take travel blogging seriously, as some of these steps require spending money.

If you just want to blog as a part-time hobby, you can always start a simple travel blog for family & friends on It’s totally free!

But if you’re interested in making money with travel blogging like I do, keep reading below for the details.

💥 Essential First Step To Start A Blog 💥

In order to get you started down the right path building a brand new travel blog, you’re going to need an (affordable) domain name and hosting — we’ll be using the provider I personally recommend to make it easy.

Get a free domain name and up to 60% off a hosting plan with BlueHost.

Get Your Domain & Hosting Now →

Step 1: What Should You Call Your Travel Blog?
What Should You Call Your Blog?

1. Pick A Name For Your Travel Blog

My first travel blog was called Do you see the obvious problem with that domain name? Well, I didn’t, not until later.

I was backpacking through Central America, blogging about my experiences and having a great time — when I suddenly decided I wanted to travel for longer than one year. Whoops!

Make It Short & Memorable

Your travel blog domain name should be relatively short, easy to type, easy to spell, easy to remember, and easy to share. I recommend brainstorming by writing down a bunch of words you think will best describe your blog.

Adventure? Food? Culture? South America? What do you want to write about? Who are you? What is your passion? Write everything down and start playing with different combinations of words.

Try using a thesaurus. Ask your friends for advice & suggestions.

Avoid Hyphens & Numbers

This can be difficult to do these days, but it helps to avoid using hyphens or numbers in your domain name because otherwise you’ll be forced to explain it to someone. For example:

POTENTIAL READER: “You have a travel blog? Cool! Where do I find it?”

YOU: “Oh, it’s called expert hyphen vagabond the number 100 dot com.”

As you can see, this type of domain isn’t the greatest for word-of-mouth marketing, which happens to be a good source of promotion while you’re traveling and meeting people.

Avoid Overused Words & Similar Branding

Avoid trademarked company names or words that may be overused in the industry. Sure, you can pick something like Nomadic Bob, Adventurous Wendy, or Wandering Clarence.

But domain names like that won’t stand out very much in the travel blogging niche because those ideas have already been taken by others who are more established.

You’ll have better luck in the long-run with something more original.

Try To Think Long-Term!

Think good & hard about choosing your travel blog’s domain name, because changing it, later on, isn’t easy (or fun). Be careful not to pigeonhole yourself.

If you call your blog Twenty-Something Travel like my friend Steph (sorry Steph!), what happens when you turn 30? Branding yourself is important in the travel blogging business.

I was thinking long-term when I eventually changed my blog’s name to because, let’s face it, at 3 months in I was HARDLY an expert.

Yet I was passionate about becoming a professional travel blogger and knew eventually this would be perfect. I’d just have to grow into my new name!

Step 2: Hosting For Your Travel Blog
Your Travel Blog Needs to be Hosted Somewhere

2. Set Up Hosting For Your Blog

What the heck is hosting? It’s not as confusing as it sounds. Most websites need to “rent” space on the internet. A place to store all your blog’s data, files, and photos so that people around the world can easily access it when they type in your domain name.

Hosting can actually be pretty cheap. I recommend new travel blogs get hosting with BlueHost. There are many different hosting companies out there, but BlueHost is very affordable & makes setting up a new travel blog crazy easy.

They offer quality shared hosting for a very low price (only $2.95 per month for 12 months through this link).

[Full Disclosure: As an affiliate, I receive compensation if you purchase through these links, at no extra cost to you. But I’d still recommend them even if I wasn’t!]

Eventually, when you have hundreds of thousands of visitors per month on your blog like me, you may want to upgrade your hosting to a dedicated server. But those can be expensive (mine is over $200 a month)…

So if you are just starting out, getting a basic hosting account with BlueHost is much more affordable.

How To Set Up Your Travel Blog

STEP A: Click the green button that says “GET STARTED NOW.”

Starting A Travel Blog Step 1

STEP B: Pick a hosting plan depending on your budget/goals.

Picking a Plan

STEP C: Check to see if your blog name (domain name) is available.

Starting a Travel Blog Step 2

STEP D: Add extra features if you want to.

The only feature I really recommend is Domain Privacy Protection. Otherwise, anyone can look up who owns your site, giving them access to your contact info. This way they won’t be able to.

Blog Hosting Extra Features

Get Your Free Domain & Hosting Now →

3. Install WordPress Software

To start a serious travel blog, you want a self-hosted WordPress account. This means the WordPress software resides on your hosting company’s servers, not on a free account. What’s the difference?

  • Your website is “” rather than “”
  • You own your data and have full control
  • You can sell advertising on your site
  • You can install plugins & custom themes
  • You can use Google Analytics tracking (important)

Yes, you want to use WordPress too. Not Blogspot, not Blogger, not anything else. WordPress is the king of blogging, and probably always will be.

Most professional websites use the WordPress blogging platform these days, even major brands like the New York Times, BBC, Time, Beyonce, etc. You’re in good company!

BlueHost Makes It Easy!

Installing WordPress with your BlueHost Account is super easy — because it’s done automatically with the click of a button.

Once installed, you’ll be able to log into the WordPress dashboard with your new username and password and start building your site. Welcome to the club! You now have a travel blog.

That wasn’t too hard, was it? But wait, there’s a little more!

Step 4: WordPress Travel Blogging Tips
Using WordPress for Your Travel Blog

4. Learn How To Use WordPress

Feeling intimidated about WordPress? Don’t worry. Because it’s the industry standard when it comes to blogging platforms, and has been for years, there are TONS of useful tutorials online that will teach you about anything you need.

Here is my favorite free WordPress training resources:

  • WordPress itself has a huge library of free wordpress lessons that will help you get started.
  • If you become a BlueHost customer, ask customer support about Blue Flash, their own series of free tutorials and guides.

Basically, spend a Saturday learning how to use your WordPress dashboard, how to tweak your site’s settings, how to post an article, etc. You’ll get the hang of everything with practice.

5. Download A Professional Theme

Your new WordPress blog comes with a couple of standard “themes”, or designs for your site. While this is ok for playing around in the beginning, if you want to take this seriously and eventually make money with your travel blog, you should buy a premium design.

Professional blog themes cost about $50, and they’ll greatly improve the look and functionality of your site.

I’ve changed themes a few times over the years, but the current one I’m using is called GeneratePress.

Another great place to buy blog theme designs is a marketplace called ThemeTrust.

Many professional themes provide a support forum where you can ask questions about customization, and someone will help you get the look you’re after using CSS/HTML coding. Or, you can hire a cheap web developer through Upwork to do custom design work on your site.

You may also want to have a cool logo created. I used a site called 99 Designs for mine. A professional logo really makes your brand stand out from the thousands of other travel blogs online.

Step 6: Install Travel Blogging Plugins
Some of My Travel Blog Plugins

6. Install Essential Plugins

You can think of WordPress plugins as third-party apps for your travel website. They give your blog additional features. Most plugins are free, some you have to pay for.

You can download new plugins in the “plugin” section of your WordPress Dashboard.

Here’s my recommended list of plugins to install with your travel blog.

  • Akismet – Protects your blog from spammers leaving comments on your posts. Not perfect, but probably the best one out there.
  • Yoast SEO – Very important plugin for optimizing your articles for Google search, plus integrating Google Sitemaps and Analytics.
  • Easy Social Share Buttons – Nice social media sharing buttons for your articles.
  • WP Rocket – Caching plugin that speeds up your travel blog
  • Imagify – Automaticaly optimizes your media library images for fast loading

There are others of course, but these will get you started.

Travel Blogging Social Media Tips
Use Instagram to Help Promote Your Blog

7. Craft Your Online Persona

Create An About Page

One of the first things you should do on your blog is to create an about page. This is one of the most highly trafficked pages on any travel blog, because it tells people who you are, your background, and explains why they should follow you.

Keep it fun and personable. Let your readers know who you really are!

Embrace Social Media

If you want to build a successful and profitable travel blog, posting regularly to social media is important.

Learning how to master social media is a huge topic, one that I cover more here: Secrets Of Professional Travel Blogging

To begin, sign up for all the most popular platforms, and keep your social media username the same on all of them if possible. Otherwise, people can get confused.

A note on social media. Sometimes people ask me if they should start their travel blogs on Facebook or Instagram instead of having an actual website.

No, I don’t recommend relying on Facebook or Instagram. You don’t have any control over those platforms, and they could easily disappear in the future.

Use social media to promote and support your blog. Don’t build your business on a platform you have no control over, it’s just too risky.

Step 8: Writing Your First Posts
Time to Start Blogging about Travel!

8. Writing Your First Blog Posts

Now it’s time to begin creating content for your travel blog. When you first start out, I recommend publishing new articles at least 1-2 times per week. But remember, quality is more important than quantity!

Take your time to craft excellent, useful blog posts that have impact. You want your articles to inspire wanderlust, but they should include plenty of actionable tips too.

In the beginning, maybe tell people why you are starting a travel blog. Or share what you’re packing for an upcoming trip.

Share your favorite (or not so favorite) parts of a country. Give tips for fun things to do, share your crazy travel stories, show-off your beautiful images in photo essays, create a short video tour, or give food recommendations.

Whatever the topic is, writing a blog post will help you understand how to publish images, headers, and all the other formatting that comes with publishing on WordPress.

Try writing about different topics to find your voice, and see what kinds of posts actually resonate with readers.

For example, road trip guides do really well on my site. But I didn’t discover that until later. You need to experiment!

Need some ideas? Here are some of my most popular blog posts.

What If You’re Not Traveling Now?

Are you still planning your travels? Well, you can write about that too. Share different ways you are saving money for travel or maybe a bucket list of activities you want to try.

However my favorite strategy is to write about what you know.

As an example, let’s say you live in Richmond, Virginia. Maybe you don’t think it’s an interesting city to write about, yet there are thousands of people looking for travel tips about Richmond every day.

Share what you know with them! Help these people have a great trip, and they will become regular readers.

TripAdvisor recommends 225 things to do in Richmond. That’s easily a year’s worth of blog posts right there!

Network With Other Bloggers

Remember to read other travel blogs for inspiration and ideas, and leave thoughtful comments on their articles. Link to other people’s blog posts from your site when appropriate.

Become an active member of the travel blogging community.

Earning Income with a Travel Blog
How To Make Money With Your Travel Blog

9. Start Making Money With Your Blog!

At first, your only readers will be family and friends. But that’s ok! We all started like that. To begin making money with your travel blog, you need to have a larger audience than just family and friends.

The more traffic your travel blog receives, the more money you can make with it. It takes time to build an audience and grow traffic. Don’t focus on making money right away, focus on building your audience.

However, you can start earning income early with Affiliate Programs like and

Basically, affiliate programs let you recommend things like clothing, travel gear, photography equipment, tours, or even hotels you stay at within your blog posts. You then earn a small commission whenever someone clicks on one of these tracking links and buys something.

Another option is showing display ads with Google Adsense, which lets other companies post banner advertisements on your travel blog.

How Much Money Can You Make From A Travel Blog?

Honestly, the sky (and your imagination) is the limit. In the beginning, you won’t be earning too much money though, and it really depends on how much time you put into it.

Your income and success grow only when your audience grows. So that should be your first priority moving forward!

Attracting new readers to your blog with great travel content.

To give you an example, you might be able to make a few hundred dollars (or a few thousand) per month after a year of blogging. It really depends on all kinds of unknowable factors.

While it took me about four years to start earning over $100,000 a year from blogging, others I know were able to achieve this milestone even earlier!

For additional ways to earn income from your travel blog, please read: Getting Paid To Travel With Blogging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Really Make Money Blogging?

Yes. To become a successful travel blogger though, you need to provide value to others. Blogging about your day is not the same as writing a helpful destination travel guide. In addition to the fun articles, produce stuff people are actually searching for!

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Travel Blog

The up-front costs for starting a travel blog are pretty cheap. If you sign up for hosting with BlueHost, it’s only $2.95 a month (for the 36 month package).

Plus, you might want to download a profession theme for about $50. Not needed, but it does help you stand out.

On top of those expenses, you may want a nice logo designed too. Using a site like 99 Designs, you can have one made for another $50. So all-in, you’re looking at spending about $150 upfront.

Is Travel Blogging Too Saturated?

While it may seem like everyone and their grandmother has a blog these days, most people don’t take it very seriously. Only the most dedicated make a living with it. So it’s really up to you how much effort you put in.

Do You Need A Laptop & Camera?

Yes, you’ll need both. They don’t have to be top-of-the-line, but you’ll want a computer for writing and sharing blog posts, and a camera for capturing images from your adventures. Here are my favorite travel cameras.

Should I Enroll In A Travel Blogging Course?

Buying an online course isn’t a requirement to building a travel blog. But like anything in life, if you want to get good at something, investing time & money to be trained certainly helps. However, I’d recommend setting up your first travel blog to determine if you’ll enjoy it or not. Because blogging isn’t for everyone.

Happy Travel Blogging!

Setting up a travel blog is easy, but please be aware that building an audience is much tougher. You shouldn’t expect to see any large reader numbers for at least a year, maybe longer.

That’s one full year of blogging on a regular basis, and putting in at least 10 hours a week (most professional bloggers work 30+ hours a week).

Yes, it’s a dream job, but travel blogging is still a job that requires hard work. Creating a successful travel blog won’t happen overnight either.

But no risk, no reward! Good luck out there, and happy travel blogging. ★

Ready for the next step? Read my more advanced post about how to become a successful travel blogger.

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Start A Travel Blog: My easy step by step guide to building your first travel blog and making money.


I hope you enjoyed my guide to starting a travel blog! Hopefully you found it useful. Here are a few more digital nomad type articles that I recommend you read next:

Have any questions about how to start a profitable travel blog? What about other suggestions? Drop me a message in the comments below!


Hi, I’m Matthew Karsten — I’ve been traveling around the world for the last 10 years as a blogger, photographer, and digital nomad. Adventure travel & photography are my passions. Let me inspire you to travel with crazy stories, photography, and money-saving travel tips.
Matthew Karsten
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  1. Hey Matt, the easy and comprehensible read of your “how to start your travel blog” has definitely inspired me to do so. I own a global meeting planning and event company and travel often. So why not create a blog with my experiences? Although I do have profile in IG (Passion4Travel_PasionXViajar) after your suggestion might have to rethink the name. Thank you for all the valuable info. Wish me luck!
    Be Well, Be Safe, Stay Sane ~

  2. Hi Matt, I am just starting out in this travel blog game and have read many similar articles to this one and I have got to say, this is by far the most informative and easy to follow blog post I have read. You have laid out the tips on getting started so nice and easily and I can’t thank you enough for the great content. Looking forward to starting out on this journey and seeing where it takes me. Thanks again!

  3. I followed your directions. I have been watching videos which were helpful. However I need advice as to who can help me best. I don’t want to make money so this is for family. They want me to blog about my trips. I love the way you have your page set-up with the titles on the side. Just need a person who can help.

  4. Hi Matt,

    I need your opinion, if you don’t mind… I already started a website through dynadot. They have access to WordPress through their VPS package. I am pretty new to the IT terminology so don’t understand much. If you were in my skin, would you get the VPS and stay with dynadot host or would you move to bluehost and get WordPress from them?

  5. Hi Matt,
    really great post with amazing tips. 2 months ago we’ve changed our provider from wix to blogger (blogspot) and we really see the difference. But you are recommending wordpress and we don’t know now what to think. Btw we wrote to you an email.

    • The internet basically runs on WordPress these days. While you can use other platforms, most professionals use WordPress. There’s a lot more flexibility and tools already out there for it than the others.

  6. I’m a 13-year-old and this is my dream job. I want to know how you make money and who pays for your travel expenses such as flying or hotels. Plus how do you travel, blog, pay for everything when starting out? Do you have your clients or company pay, or did you pay out of your pocket?

    • Hi Sai! Well in the beginning, most travel bloggers have to pay for everything out of their own pocket.

      Eventually, with time and an audience you build yourself, you might start to get invited places where they cover your travel expenses. The next step is destinations or companies paying for your expenses, plus an additional fee for your content (stories, photos, video, etc.)

      Everyone runs their business differently though. For example, I’ll often pay for a trip myself, then make the money back later once I’ve produced content on my own site (through display advertising and affiliate marketing income). So I treat it as an investment. It can be risky though, especially starting out, because you never know if you’ll make your money back or not. You learn what works and what doesn’t with experience.

  7. Hi Matthew,

    Like others, I’d like to say thanks a bunch for the useful tips on becoming a successful blogger. I’m looking into blogging my experience in Italy this semester and then later in Germany after I graduate (whoop whoop!) My only question, for now, is if BlueHost charges the full price (ex. 178 euros) when you choose your package, or if it charges the package deal (ex. 4.95 euros).

    Thanks again for your insight, help, and wisdom! :)

  8. This is brilliant, thank you so much for all of this amazing information! It has actually inspired me to go ahead with my ideas and I have started taking the initial steps to do so!

  9. Thank you, Matthew, for the insightful post!

    While there are a lot of takeaways for me as well (been blogging for some time now), I’m wondering why didn’t you mentioned email marketing (somewhere among social media presence)? I have had a huge difference when I started email newsletter send-out vs. not doing anything via email.
    There’s always something additional to learn from others – so do keep up the good work!

  10. Hi Matt,

    I’m so happy I came across to your blog, and these tips are really worth reading. I am a traveler and on the process of starting my blog site however I have so many doubts about myself or my capacity. I have been confused about setting up my own blog, but you gave me many insights and I thank you for that.

  11. Question. Do you happen to remember how long it took Expert Vagabond to make you a living wage? When I say “living wage” I’m thinking of like $40,000/year or so.

    I just started my own travel blog, 9 to 5 Voyager, and I went ahead and got my own domain through WordPress. Having that, do I also need a BlueHost account? How will it help me? And can I somehow link the two? Thanks.

    • Hi Alek. I’d say it took about 2 full years to get to that point.

      No, you don’t also need a BlueHost account if you’re hosting through WordPress. The big difference is hosting along with a custom domain from BlueHost is cheaper. And you get a degree of separation from the WordPress software. More control over your site.

  12. Matt,

    Thank you, there were a lot of great tips in here that I have not found in other blogs. I’m looking to start my travel blog, but while researching successful blogs I came across a legal blog that discussed privacy policies, disclosures, and terms & conditions. The blogger was selling a trio package that a new blogger can personalize.

    Are these already covered in WordPress/BlueHost Domain Privacy features?

    What steps did you take to fulfill the legal requirements and protect your content?

    Do you recommend using an editor?


    • Hi Laura. In the beginning, I wouldn’t worry to much about buying custom privacy policies. Just find a free template online, and customize it yourself. Go take a look at mine if you want to!

      Eventually, you’ll want to hire a professional to build a custom one for you. But if you’re not making money from your travel blog, I wouldn’t worry about it yet.

  13. Hi Matt
    Any thoughts on hostgator I’m getting a good price for 36months.
    It’s a toss up between them and bluehost and as I’m in Australia just didn’t know who to go with

  14. Hey Matthew,

    I can’t thank you enough for putting in the time and effort to share these tips with us; I know how time & thought consuming it can be.

    I’m at the early stages of the blogging frenzy, still treading with curiosity and care. Four months ago, I created a domain on NameCheap that I transferred to WordPress, but then just stopped and left it there. Do I go back and figure out things from that point? Or do I start over and use BlueHost?
    I have been to 5 countries so far, excluding my own, and I have been a creative writer for over 10 years, I thought of putting the two together through fun and informative posts. Should I only keep ‘a travel blog’ related to travel topics? I know a niche is important, but somehow I find myself drawn to different things at the same time (books, poetry, fashion, sports…).

    Any recommendations on where to meet travel-lovers? I’d like to get to know people from other places.

    • Hi Fatima! Yes I think you should generally keep your blog specific to travel themes. But there’s no reason why you can’t start a different blog for each topic!

      But remember you can also find ways to incorporate those other topics into travel. For example, reviewing books about travel. Or packing fashionable clothes for different destinations.

      As for where to meet travel lovers, there are some good conferences out there, like TravelCon. is another way to meet people who are into travel.

  15. Hi am Kera,thanks for the tips…I want to open a blog where people who doesn’t have a blog can send in their picture about their travelling experience but am not sure if people will like such

  16. Very thorough guide. Thank you. My girlfriend is a frequent traveler and id considering starting a blog of her own. I think this will definitely help.

  17. Hey Matthew, I want to thank you for the useful Article. I’m Pakistani women, start a blogging on my blog. My intention behind blogging is to talk about my experiences and also lead people on their itinerary. My only concern is regarding the frequency of posting. I wont be able to post once or twice a week simple because I am not travelling that often and hence don’t ave much content. How do I go ahead?

    • Hi Shazella! Could you post content about the area where you live? You could also write about past trips. I just wrote an article about a trip I did last year. As long as you are providing useful (or entertaining) information, you’ll be fine.

  18. Excellent article – really enjoyed this post and your fresh approach to a dry and re-hashed subject!

    I’ve been blogging for almost 4 years but writing travel journals for over 30 as I haven’t stopped travelling yet.

    Trying to decide whether to move away from WordPress Premium Plan and add go self-hosted or stay with – any advice on pros/cons?

    I love the free support with my Premium Plan for Image Earth Travel but also love the control over my self-hosted Nilla’s Photography site, to which I can add another site – a dilemma.

    • I’m a fan of self-hosting because of the control you have. This is also why I try to warn people against spending all their time on Instagram or Facebook.

      Don’t let other companies control your business. Use the WordPress software, but host your site with a third party. That way, if your host does something you don’t like, you simply move your site to a new host. The whole website and content on it are yours to do with as you like.

  19. I’m not that old which makes me feel discouraged and the fear of people looking at me like a child and not like I’m taking this seriously, but in my whole life every single job anyone threw at me I just smiled and said maybe (I’m not picky I’m just highly selective) when i heard about travel blogging i got hyped thats my type of thing I searched about this and it looks like fun thats what I want in my job not just sitting at a desk doing paperwork I’m gonna give this a shot

    • Age is just a number! You’re never too young, nor too old, to do most things.

      One thing to keep in mind though is that while you get to travel for work, there is still plenty of “desk time” involved with writing and organizing a travel blog.

      Just today I spent about 6 hours behind my computer. At a desk. LOL.

      But last week I was driving a boat down the coast of Italy! Travel blogging is a mix of adventure and the more boring stuff too. :-)

  20. Hello Matt..
    I’m a nurse working in middle east. I started travelling 4 years ago and covered 15 countries until now. I usually travel on my annual leave or if I get a week off. I love food a lot, and trying local cuisine from other countries influenced a lot in my love to travel. One of my friends told me that I should start a food blog. I also entertained the idea of having my own travel blog. From my funny experiences of packing a 20kg luggage not knowing I’d struggle lifting them in France multi stair metro stations (having OOTD’s was a burden) to finally learning how to pack the essentials and just taking a 7kg trolley and a backpack. This blog gave me a step by step instruction plus visuals that made me feel that starting a blog is not a rocket science. Thank you for the advices.

  21. Awesome blog! I’m in the process of starting mine but trying to finesse my writing skills first. Have you done any sort of writing internship or workshop? I’ve just signed up with Global Hobo to do a month long stint in Spain!

  22. I was worried for my blog’s category nomad living, I was just wondering what to add how can I deal with this category on my blog :D If you check my newborn website it is just a start with my travel blog.

    • I have the same category on my blog with no problems. I’m not sure I understand what you mean? Like how to split it up?

      You could have subcategories on getting started, earning income, travel tips, lifestyle tips, etc.

  23. Hi Matthew,
    I am very happy to have come across your blog. I really love the materials and it has really inspired me to plan for travel blogging and to travel for pay. I am grateful for your materials. Many are materials about blogging that I have read that they will not give you a clear picture as you have given. They will always want you to pay first but you did it without a penny. Thank you.

  24. Wow, I’m so grateful for all this wisdom you shared about starting a travel blog. I have always been curious but never knew where to start or to look for advice. This has always been a dream job of mine and your blog post really made me realize that my dream isn’t so unrealistic, you just need drive and passion. Thank you. Hopefully you’ll hear from me one day.

  25. Hello Matt.

    Thank you for the useful info you are sharing with us. So I have had the privilege of traveling to 16 countries, I love writing but haven’t done it much of late. I have saved enough money to go traveling for an extended period of time and plan to quit my job and start a comprehensive travel blog focussing purely on the destinations I plan to visit (Streetfood, markets, accommodation etc.). My question is with regards to page layout. Because I plan to focus on destinations I need a “destination” section on my page but at the start of my page the destination section will be Empty, would it not look silly being empty? Also, would it help my page and articles to include good quality 4K videos?


  26. I just read first few lines and it appeal me so strongly that I unable to leave it with out ending. The article is very informative that I don’t have words to express my gratitude. Let me introduce myself to you. My name is Sher Aslam and I am from Gilgit Baltistan situaded on north part of Pakistan. This is place is famous in the world for natural beauty and world high mountains including K2 worlds second highest mountain in the world. So being nattive to such a wonderful places I always wish to become a photographer so that I can capture the beautiful monuments and share them people around the globe. In the present moment it just like a dream for me and I am confident that one day I will change my dream into reality.☺❤

  27. Hey Matt,
    Thank you for this. Some great tips here. I enjoyed reading this. I’m an travel writer blogger wannabe. I’ve started to set up my own website and am going to start blogging soon.
    Like many others I would love to travel the world and get paid for it. You have given me much food for thought.

  28. Extremely useful even for those of you who have already started a travel blog. The emphasis for example of creating a great ‘about us’ page is certainly something I know I need to do! :)

  29. I loved this. I’m an aspiring author and travel blogger. I want to spend my days traveling the world and being paid to do what I love. I’m starting my travel blog today because of you!

  30. Hey Matt!
    Just wanted to say that everything you do is inspiring. I love to travel and I want to see the world. You inspire me with your blog posts and pictures. Im starting my own travel blog and all I have at the moment is a name. This post is very helpful.Thank You!

  31. You have inspired me to start my blog that I’ve been planning to start since way back ago. Keep on inspiring ! Thank you so much.

  32. Hey Matt!
    I just wanted to say thank you so much for doing what you’re doing. You are very inspiring to many. You have inspired me to start a travel blog that I am very excited about.

    Happy travels!

  33. I am a newbie who is starting a blog to raise money for an adoption, keep friends & family up to date, then to create an income after the adoption. I have a WordPress sight but not through Bluehost. Is it possible to switch once we are able to afford the 3.95/month? Does it matter?
    Thank you for the tips & I LOVE that you are staying home:)

  34. Hey Matthew

    I am just about to start my own travel blog.
    I was wondering about the bluehost link. You said it’s $2.95/month for a 12 months contract but I get only $2.95/month for a 36 months :/

  35. I would like to start a blog or website with top top lists based on the experiences of other people and information collected from different sources (like inspiration) and earning on Google ads or affiliate links, but I have one problem

    Do I have to set up a company or can I do it as an ordinary person? I do not know what rules and laws are at global level for this?

    It would mean a lot to me with real information and an explanation of how it works
    Thank you!

    • Hey Goran! In the beginning, it’s fine to set everything up as a Sole Proprietorship (basically everything under your own name and social security number). You can run it under your own name for a few years with no problems.

      Eventually, when you start making “good” money from it, you’ll probably want to register as an LLC for tax & legal reasons.

      I’m planning to write more about this topic in the future, because once you get to that level, there’s more involved.

  36. Thank you so much for sharing this. I just completed my first solo travel across Europe, ticking off my bucket list as I go. I wanted to show people over 50s CAN travel on their own and have fun within budget. I was away for 6 weeks and spent just over S$5K (including transport and meals and my own room, so definitely did not travel poor. I can’t wait to start my own blog after reading your guide. Thanks Matt.

  37. Thank you very much for all your usefull informations. Actually I’am a French traveller and I have just launched my travel blog and your advices helped me a lot to go further.
    I would like to spread my travelling love to all peoples who want to discover the world and think it’s complicated or expensive.

  38. We have been traveling quite a bit over the last 5 years, when vacation times come, trying to immerse ourselves in the cuisine and culture of wherever we are.

    My husband is from Guatemala and we have made two trips to different regions of Italy(Rome, Florence, Southern Tuscany and Umbria) Central Mexico(Guanajuato & San Miguel de Allende) and of course Guatemala(a volcano eruption and earthquake all in one week!). In 2019 we are planning another trip to Mexico(Queretaro) and then to Spain(Malaga, Grenada & Seville) in June. Over the years we have taken thousands of pictures, which have given us a visual reminder of many of those memories, some being posted on Facebook with tagged locations. I have been encouraged by many friends to start a travel/food blog…mainly because they tell us how much fun they have experiencing the trips through us.

    Is it practical to have some articles “in the bank” so to speak, that are not necessarily current before starting to publish or set up a site? We are both foodies and so much of our posts on Facebook involve the cuisine, restaurants and bars.

    Is part of the committment to growing a business the dedicated time to write AND publish every week? I guess what I am asking is can I build a library of articles and publish later, out of sequence and not from what was experienced yesterday or last week?

    The business I am in is very seasonal and some times of the year I am working 40 hours a week…some parts 55 to 60 hours. I am looking to eventually retire from this and looking for something I can start to build now. Any thoughts?

    • You can start the blog without having articles lined up right away. It’s not like anyone will see your blog until you start promoting it anyway!

      What I don’t recommend is waiting until everything is “perfect” before pulling the trigger. That’s the downfall of many side-projects that never get anywhere — waiting and planning more than DOING.

      Get the travel blog up and running, create an about page, then write a post or two, and start promoting it to your family & friends through social media. Then, just add to it over time. You can write about past trips too, no problem!

  39. I will be committing a crime if I don’t do this as I studied, thought and worked in the travel industry for many years and now studying media production at the Uni. Thank you for the tips Matt!

    • Awesome! Sounds like you have many useful skills that will transfer over to blogging about travel. You’ll have an advantage over those of us who had to learn everything from scratch!

  40. Hey Mathew, you shared the quite lot of information, which will definitely help me set my new blog. Actually, I have been planning to start a blog which will give local travel experience here in India. Because in India there are many travel bloggers who shared their travel experience based on some know destination, that is like some holiday destination, but I think there is lots more to share because India is known for different ethnicities, cultures and languages with the region by region. I would really appreciate if you could give some tips on my Local travel blog. Thanks

  41. Expert Vagabond- I’m really inspired and delighted to visit your website. I learnt lot of things from your blogs and followed the same . Today I’m proudly managing my own website with your motivation. Thanks a lot and I wish you reach more heights . Cheers and love from India .

  42. I just built my first wordpress site, and i ended up using 4 of the 5 plugins you recommended, after reading your page. There are some really good tips on here,thanks you so much for shearing this great knowledge.

  43. Hi Matt, this is a great blog for the people who’re consistently battling within themselves to figure out their love for travelling and the prospect of actually pursuing it :) . Loved the detailing , this is a great motivation .
    – says another Matt from India :D

  44. Hi Matt, thanks for the information and congratulations on your success. I started a blog in 2013 and gave up after a few months, because I didn’t know how to get anybody to read my blog. I kinda wished I kept it up, so I started again last week, but now I feel like i’m so behind and starting from scratch. This time I have to keep going and not give up, it is super hard when you get 20 visitors a day on a article that took you all weekend. Any tips or words of motivation to help me keep going when the chips (or visits) are down?

    • All I can say Sadie is that I was in the same situation once. Try not to compare yourself to bloggers who’ve been doing it longer — which is easier said than done. Just wait until you’re in my position, and you see bloggers earning more after less time! That’s even harder, haha.

      My advice is to publish a mix of fun articles that you’re excited to write about, and useful ones that will help others. Read other blogs, leave interesting comments (like you’re doing here), and more people will visit your site over time.

      If you want a good laugh, here’s one of my first articles from 2010 that no one ever read:

      The comments are all from family members. :-)

  45. Hey Matt,
    Thank you that was really helpful. I have a question I hope can can help answer. If i start a new blog. I have been travelling a lot for the past 5 years, and I want to start writing about that, but can I “backdate” a blogpost so it looks like i wrote it at that time. Or should i just be honest and write about my experiences and trips from the past years first. I know that being honest will always be the best. But i would be able to blog content fast, with many quality post, that would look like I have been working on it for years i guess. Any thoughts would help a lot. I’m going to be blogging in my native language, danish about America, Asia and europe traveling.

  46. I am hoping to start a travel blog with my mum and younger brother. We want to go around the world and stop at lots of places for a few weeks each or something like that. There is just one problem and that is that we are really low on money. Is it possible to start a blog on a low budget and get enough money from it to fund the trip? My mother will be doing the general blog post, I will be doing one that is for readers my age and my brother for his age. We will also be posting once a week. Will this be enough??
    Thank You

  47. Hi Matt,

    I have been following your blog for atleast half an year now and I am convinced that I want to start blogging. The difference between us is that you are full-time traveller but I am an engineer who can travel only on weekends or vacation. My intention behind blogging is to talk about my experiences and also lead people on their itinerary. My only concern is regarding the frequency of posting. I wont be able to post once or twice a week simple because I am not travelling that often and hence don’t ave much content. How do I go ahead?

    • Hey Sourabh! You can actually write about all kinds of subjects after one trip. An article for each attraction you went to, one about general travel tips, one about food, one highlighting all the best things to do, one talking about your budget, etc. Squeeze as much content as you can out of each trip. And there are all kinds of other possible topics related to travel, like packing, planning, safety, saving money, etc.

  48. Question for you. I hate to bother you but you are well versed in travel blogging and seem to definitely know how to be successful. I want to start a travel blog and have done tons of research. My only concern is that I haven’t travelled as much as I think a travel blogger should. This concerns me because I do need to monetize my blog. Can you provide guidance or your opinion? I’d greatly appreciate it.

    • Hi Tammy! Can I ask where you’re based? Many people start their travel blogs by writing about the area they live in. Or at least nearby. So for example, if you live in Florida, there are millions of people traveling to Florida for vacation. So you don’t have to travel far to write about travel.

      Check out this guy, who’s site is just about California (I was a frequent reader when I wanted tips for visiting that state!):

      From my estimates, he’s got about 200,000 visitors a month!

  49. Thank you for sharing! I also consider a travel blog and introduce the place of his homeland, Vietnam! But do not know where to start until you see your share!
       By the way, the places you went through were really beautiful, I was so impressed with the scenery!

  50. Great content Matt . I just started my journey catering to Middle East traveling. I’m yet processeing a way to figure out how to monetize on my blog. It would be great to have you as my mentor.

  51. Thanks for this, I’ve been wanting to do this for some time. I came across your site and found it really useful. I am however a bit of a skeptic so had to search around the Internet for awhile to see if this was the best information for me, the best host and the best site builder. …. I even spoke to friends and just anyone I came across in the last week. Now, here I am back here and ready to take the plunge.
    Thank you Matthew for keeping it real and easy to follow.
    Perhaps we’ll bang into each other around the World somewhere.

  52. Thank you for your awesome tips! I just started a travel blog and these tips really helped me about what to do next to improve my website.

    Keep going, Matthew!

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    Thank you!

  54. I want to start a blog soon, but I’m so scared! I also feel like I don’t know what my first blog should be! It just seems so intimidating that I am in a constant battle with myself on whether I should start one or not!

    • Don’t overthink it! My first blog posts were crap. The biggest hurdle is to just get started. Your articles and experience will improve over time, with practice.

  55. I started my own travel blog for fun. Even if it doesnt make money, I still have it as something to show people whenever I go to a new place. It’s still a fun hobby

    • Same here! I have recently started my travel blogging website. Though I have negligible traffic I feel satisfied that at least I am doing it.

    • That’s the best way to think about it. Keep a record of your adventures for yourself, and maybe over time, others will start tuning in too. It’s a wonderful way to keep track of your own journeys.

  56. As a travel aspirant, I look up for starting my travel blog, this blog would really serve Informative & help me in my future endeavors while I start up writing the content related to travelling.

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    I checked another blog with same post title. But it looked like they were selling something. So finally i read points from here and implemented.

    Now i can easily use wordpress and have basic knowledge about SEO.

    Thanks a lot for all your tips which helped me a lot.

  58. Thank you for your nice tips! It was really helpful and now I know how to make my dream come true. It looks like hard work yes, but seeing you achieving it with such happiness makes me want to achieve it too!

    Keep going and thank you so much for sharing :)

  59. Great post! I already have 5 other tabs open with other articles you’ve written about different topics. I want to improve my blogging and do more travelling related posts so your tips are perfect.

    • Awesome! That’s what I’m hoping for. I just payed attention to the types of articles I enjoyed most myself, and tried to produce more of those on my own site. Useful content is key! Practical tips to help you plan.

  60. I just built my first wordpress site, and i ended up using 4 of the 5 plugins you recommended, after reading your page. There are some really good tips on here, and i have no interest in a travel blog because im a dad…. and well, kabosh! But good tips generally for website builders too!

  61. Wow great guide.

    I’m really liking that theme. I’m going to upgrade my travel blog and my Amazon niche site to it.

    PS: Don’t worry, I’ll use your affiliate link. You provided tons of value in this post for free, so that’s my way of paying you.

  62. i have been traveling for several years now and am curious in starting my own travel blog. i have pictures and written writings from all of these trips. my question is even if its stories and trips from 3 yrs ago do i make them recent for the readers sake or try and make the past relevant again?

  63. Hello, Great article! I agree with you, self-hosted WordPress is definitely the way to go! I’m able to get more done, be more creative, and have more options.

  64. I started my own travel blog a few months ago and I wanted you to know this post was really helpful to me. Thank you so much!

  65. I have been a bit discouraged in my first week of travel blogging, but after reading yet another recommendation to join Nomadic Matt’s group, I went ahead and did it. The cost was hard to swallow, but you know what? Chunking down that kind of money made me feel like I’m really serious about making this thing work. And I am!

    Thanks for all the good advice on your site. Can’t wait to read more.

    • Great to hear Carmen! The course, and community, really helps with direction. Because it can be intimidating… there’s a lot to learn. Having a roadmap based on the experience of others who’ve already faced the same challenges is hugely valuable.

  66. First of all, I want to thank you for the useful informations!

    I am a french woman and actually, I am starting a travel blog.

    My goal is simple: To communicate detailed travel itineraries day by day. Thus, for each stage of the trip, you will find interactive maps, advices on visits, transports, restaurants, hotels … Also tips for organizing, finding local guides, hotel bookings, budgets …

  67. Its good to read it takes time finding an audiance and that its normal that first only family and friends visit your site. ;) Thanks for the tips.

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