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Hennessy Camping Hammock: Ultimate Travel Shelter

Hammock Camping in Costa Rica

Gear Review

If you do a lot of camping while you travel, you should consider a camping hammock. Hennessy hammocks are the ultimate lightweight, packable, go-anywhere shelter.

Hammock Camping

Coming in at around 2 lbs. (depending on the model) a Hennessy Hammock is an ultralight backpacker’s dream. No need to find a flat surface to camp on, no ground tarps, no aluminum poles, and it only takes 3 minutes to set up!

With a camping hammock, you can strike camp pretty much anywhere with a few trees. Feel like camping on the slope of a mountain? No problem! What about on the bank of a river? You bet!

In fact with a few small rock climbing nuts, you can even use it to hang yourself from rock outcroppings. No trees or rocks nearby? While not perfect, it will work as a traditional bivy-sac too.

Hammock Camping

Getting Comfortable

Sleeping in a Hennessy hammock does take a few nights to get used to if you’re new to hammocks. The key is to lay in it diagonally, which allows you lay almost completely flat.

Once you get the hang of it though, I find it MUCH more comfortable than sleeping on the ground.

Where Do You Store Gear?

I place my backpack into a large black trash bag to prevent it getting wet (and hide the bright orange color), place it under the hammock, and secure it to a zipper on my bug net with heavy-duty (50lb or greater) braided fishing line.

The fishing line is almost impossible to see unless you’re looking for it, so if anyone ever tried to run off with my bag, it would yank the hammock and wake me up. Never had a problem so far.

Some hammock campers also hang their backpacks from the line with a carabiner. Just make sure it has some kind of protection from the rain.

Hammock Camping

Lightweight & Functional

The Hennessy includes a built-in bug net, lightweight rain cover, and overhead pockets and clips for hanging your stuff. A camping hammock can work as an all-purpose 3 season shelter when used with a sleeping bag in colder weather.

I’ve personally used my Hennessy during a sleet storm in New Hampshire, stealth camping on the side of the road in Mexico, as a rainy-season shelter in Costa Rica’s jungle, sleeping behind churches while hitchhiking across the United States, and inside Panama’s notorious Darien Gap among many other places.


The Hennessy camping hammock is a fantastic piece of gear for travelers or backpackers who plan to camp a lot during their adventures. You’ll never go back to sleeping in a tent again!

More Information

Product: Hennessy Camping Hammock
Cost: $199
Useful Notes: I’ve had my hammock custom modified so the attached bug-net can be zipped out when not needed. If you’d like to do the same, check out a company called 2Q ZQ Hammock Specialties

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