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Hitchhiking America: Surfing Couches In Seattle (Part 3)

Hitchhiking the United States

Hitchhiking America: Stuck in Tacoma

Washington, USA

On my way through the state of Washington I hitched a ride on a bicycle, couchsurfed in Seattle, and was invited to a fairy festival in the woods.

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Day 8 of my cross-country hitchhiking adventure begins with me rolling out of bed at Motel 6 after hopping a freight train from Portland the night before. My mission was to get to Seattle by nightfall.

I stopped by the Subway shop in Kelso, WA to grab a sandwich as well as some fresh cardboard for a new road sign. The ladies working the counter surprised me by handing over a bag full of the previous day’s cookies — twenty of them in total!

While sitting down to write out “Seattle — good stories” on the cardboard with a Sharpie, a man named George strolled over and offered to buy me a train ticket directly there…

I explained to him that I wasn’t destitute, and was hitchhiking to meet cool people and have an adventure. Just more proof of my theory that most people around the world are kind & generous.

Hitchhiking the United States

Ride #7: The Hot Tub Men

Ride #7: The Hot Tub Men

Another pleasant surprise interrupted my morning when Bret offered to drive me 47 miles North to Great Mound, WA. Not all the way to Seattle, but better than nothing!

He saw the cardboard sign and overheard my conversation with George, so it wasn’t even necessary to leave Subway to locate my next lift.

Bret was on his way back from a hot-tub delivery in a work truck with 2 other guys, Trevor & Shaun. In their free time the three of them fished, hunted, rode dirt-bikes and wake-boards.

Hitchhiking the United States

Ride #8: John the Ex-Hippy

Ride #8: John the Ex-Hippy

Now it was time to see how well my Seattle sign would work. Standing in the glaring sun at the side of an on-ramp for I-5, John picked me up after a 30 minute wait. Not bad!

John’s thumbed his share of rides around the United States in the 70’s. He estimates a total of about 8400 miles. Plus a few long-distance road trips in a school bus with a group of hippies.

These days he’s a computer technician working for the small Chehalis Native American tribe. He drove out of his way to leave me at a better exit for hitching my next ride.

Hitchhiking the United States

Ride #9: Wendy & Christine the Faeries

Ride #9: Wendy & Christine the Faeries

I wasn’t even holding up my sign when Wendy & Christine pulled over in their Honda minivan 15 minutes later. I jumped in back and was attacked (with love) by their little dog Tucker and his hilarious underbite.

They weren’t going far, just up the road to Walmart to pick up a tent for the Faerieworlds Festival that weekend…

Oh, and by the way. Would I like to join them? It’s just a crazy 3 day party in the woods where everyone dresses up as faeries…

Now normally I’m pretty open-minded about stuff like this. But I’d have to commit to 3 days, and I’d just spent 4 days in Portland. My hitchhiking trip thus far was moving a bit slowly, and I was feeling a push to move faster.

So I reluctantly declined their generous offer.

Hitchhiking the United States

Ride #10: Nan the Gymnastics Coach

Ride #10: Nan the Gymnastics Coach

I walked out to the highway on-ramp in Lacey, WA and threw out my thumb once again until Nan stopped in his pickup truck after about 40 minutes of road-side rejection.

Nan is an ex-Marine who’s working as a gymnastics instructor and personal trainer. He spends his free time training in mixed martial arts. We had a good conversation about false first-impressions and what life in the military is like.

He dropped me off in Tacoma, WA. I soon learned how difficult it can be hitchhiking out of cities when after 2 hours of waiting I received no lifts.

A few different police cars passed me, some more than once. But none of them stopped. Eventually ,the sun fell below the horizon and I walked to the nearest local bus station. No one picks up hitchhikers after dark. So I purchased a $3.50 ticket to Seattle and spent the night at a hostel.

Hitchhiking the United States

Ride #11: Pam the Tour Guide

Ride #11: Pam the Tour Guide

The next morning I got some work done before meeting up with my friend Pam from Nerd’s Eye View for breakfast. She’s a talented writer and ukulele rockstar.

The ferry ride over the bay to West Seattle was beautiful. We chowed down in the sun at Ma Kai, a Hawaiian restaurant on the pier. My tasty Korean fish taco and a giant Spam Musubi hit the spot!

Then Pam was kind enough to give me a tour of the area on the back of her bicycle. She even offered to lend me her sweet-looking (literally) watermelon helmet. Safety first…

Ok, so we only traveled about 5 feet before we realized it wasn’t going to work. But hey, when you’re hitchhiking, every mile (foot?) counts.

Couchsurfing in Seattle

Who’s this Stranger in My Bed?

Couchsurfing in Seattle

All the hostels and cheap motels in the area were completely booked up that weekend for the Capitol Hill Block Party. While I’m a big fan of not over-planning your travels, sometimes it backfires.

No worries. Social media to the rescue! I jumped onto Facebook & Twitter to ask for a couch to crash on, as well as throwing up a last-minute couch request on Soon the offers came rolling in.

I decided to stay with an old friend from my college days in Montana. Justin is a talented breaks music producer and bartender in Seattle.

We spent the evening at a wild underground warehouse party, complete with 12-foot tall scantily-clad women on stilts before I finally crashed out on his couch for the night.

When I awoke, there was a complete stranger named Deja between my legs. I don’t remember exactly how she got there.

She left without giving me her number either… what a b*tch! ★

Have you ever been hitchhiking before? Have any questions about it? Let me know in the comments below!


Monday 22nd of January 2018

Wow amazing journey dude keep writing

Moris Deri

Tuesday 8th of March 2016

How easily did you get access to power sources to recharge your gadgets?

Matthew Karsten

Tuesday 8th of March 2016

I recharged with an adapter in people's cars a lot, and carried a backup battery pack.


Tuesday 10th of February 2015

That Ma Kai location has closed :(


Thursday 4th of September 2014

I know that warehouse party, how funny.

I haven't hitchhiked in years. I would love to do it again, this time being smart enough to realize women shouldn't really do it alone.

Do you find that couchsurfers works as an immediate need kind of thing? Or do you generally have to plan at least a few days in advance?

Loving your blog, I just came across it and am using it to fuel my dreams as a plan my escape. Thank you.

Maria Alexandra @LatinAbroad

Thursday 29th of August 2013

absolutely LOVING your stories! Bring me back to my days hitchhiking solo around Israel and the Middle East. Such an experience!

And speaking of Seattle & Portland, I'm heading there next month! Any tips on what I should see and do?! I am SO Couchsurfing there, btw. Should be wild eh?!

-Maria Alexandra

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