Best GoPro Accessories For Traveling (Ultimate Guide)

Best GoPro Accessories
Ultimate GoPro Accessories Guide 2020
Travel Photography Gear

I’ve been traveling with a GoPro camera for 9 years. Here are the best GoPro accessories & mounts to help you share unique travel adventures from around the world.

When I left for Latin America to begin a new lifestyle of long-term travel, the original GoPro Hero camera was packed in my backpack.

Since then I’ve owned all versions, including my current GoPro Hero 8.

As a professional travel blogger and travel photographer I’ve been using a GoPro to record travel experiences in all sorts of crazy situations where a regular travel camera just won’t cut it.

My adventure travel images have been featured by GoPro on their social media accounts a number of times, and I seriously can’t imagine traveling without it!

Today I wanted to share a behind-the-scenes look at some of the best GoPro accessories and custom mounts I use to make the most out of traveling with this amazing little camera.

Best GoPro Accessories (2019)

GoPro Travel Accessories
RAM Socket Arm & Clamp
GoPro Accessories Fiji
Off-Roading Fiji

RAM Mounts

GoPro has its own selection of mounting accessories. However, I’ve found that some are not ideal for many reasons. The little plastic arms are a pain to adjust on the fly, and limited in their movements.

There are better options out there. Like a RAM mounting system.

RAM mounts use a 1″ rubber ball & socket system for super quick, easy, and secure adjustments on the fly. You can interchange the pieces to mount your GoPro in any way you could imagine! I’m a minimalist, and only pack accessories with multiple uses.

My RAM System:

This amazing clamp & suction cup setup allows you to attach your GoPro to pretty much anything. Tree branches, chairs, fences, doors, windows, cars, water guns, motorcycles, bikes, luggage racks, etc.

GoPro has their own clamp & suction cup mounts, but I prefer this RAM system. It’s cheaper, lighter, and more secure!

GoPro Accessories Diving
Scuba Diving with GoPro

Red Underwater Filter

If you plan to do any SCUBA diving or snorkeling with your GoPro, I highly recommend picking up a red filter from Polar Pro. With the new GoPro Hero 8, they only have one for use with the Underwater Housing.

Why a red filter? The color red gets absorbed underwater, so these filters help bring back some of the red, orange, and yellow hues. It makes your footage less “blue”, and more natural looking.

GoPro in South Africa
Would You Jump?
GoPro Sticky Mounts
Whitewater Kayaking in New England

Sticky Mounts

I always keep an assortment of flat and curved adhesive mounts in my kit too. They work great as disposable mounting options for kayaks, helmets, and more.

After attaching one, technically you should let the adhesive set for 8 hours. But they’ll also stay put after only 1 hour — depending on how rough the activity is.

USEFUL TIP: Sticky mounts are easily removed with a hair dryer & credit/id card.

Safety Leash

A small GoPro camera can cost $300-$400. It’s not something you want to lose. Which is why I always attach a safety leash of some sort. A standard point & shoot camera wrist leash with the ability to cinch shut works great.

I recently used this type of leash to capture some great shots while rock climbing in Thailand. But when extra length is needed, you can also attach thin (but strong) 3mm accessory cord.

GoPro Camera Extender
GoPole Evo for Shark Selfies
GoPro Arm Extension
GoPole Arm Extension on Helmet

Camera Extender (Selfie Stick)

Another useful GoPro travel accessory worth carrying is a hand-held camera extender (aka the selfie stick) which allows you to capture video or photos of yourself from hard-to-reach angles.

There are a few different GoPro selfie-stick brands out there.

Personally, my favorite is the SANDMARC 17-40″ Extension Pole. It’s very sturdy, lightweight, and can extend really long if you want it to (think, getting your whole body in the frame if needed, like for snowboarding).

Another one I own is the GoPole Evo. This smaller telescoping selfie stick is super lightweight, portable, plus it floats in the water!

GoPole makes a pretty cool 2 piece extension arm that can produce some very unique angles if attached to a helmet or kayak.

Now, GoPro has their own 3-Way Extender too, and while it folds up super small, it’s not as sturdy as the others (the arms often bend when you don’t want them too) and the elbow screws seem to go missing, I’m not sure why.

GoPro Surf Mount
Surf Mount & Anti-Fog Inserts
GoPro Accessories Surfing
GoPro FCS Surf Mount

GoPro Surf Mount Accessory

If you plan to do any surfing or paddle boarding, GoPro Surf Mounts are a good investment. However you can also find them for sale in most surf towns, along with the Floaty Back Door.

On a recent surfing trip to South Africa, I installed the more permanent FCS surf mount on my board for about $15. This is great if you own the surfboard yourself, and keeps it nice and low-profile.

Anti-Fog Inserts

The last GoPro travel accessory I want to mention is the anti-fog inserts. These are a must if you’re planning to use your GoPro in or around water.

The special GoPro ones seem to work best, but it’s also possible to fashion some DIY versions with slivers of toilet paper or grains of rice…

GoPro Chest Strap Mount?

While the GoPro Chest Harness is great for all kinds of adventure sports applications, I don’t usually carry one with me on the road. It’s kinda big, and I wouldn’t use it enough.

However there is something smaller and more useful for me, the POV Action Mount which attaches right to a backpack strap.

GoPro Accessories Hiking
Extreme Hiking in Spain

GoPro Tips & Tricks

After 8 years of experience filming with a GoPro, I’ve learned a few things that will improve the quality of your videos & photos.

TIP #1: Keep it steady! Because these cameras are so small, it’s easy to move it around wildly. But slow and steady shots make the best videos. Try to hold on with 2 hands if possible. Always remind yourself to move slow & smooth.

TIP #2: Practice shooting “from the hip”. For example, if I want to shoot a selfie of myself, I know that aiming the camera at my chest rather than my face will result in the best composition due to the wide angle.

TIP #3: Use the Time-Lapse mode to capture great selfie photos. This mode automatically takes a photo every .5 seconds after you press the shutter. You can now move the camera around or change your expression, continuously shooting photos. You’ll end up with way too many — just pick the best and delete the rest.

TIP #4: Just because you own a GoPro does not mean your photos & videos will look exactly like professional ones produced by the company. However, you can now learn their specialized techniques with the release of an amazing new book called GoPro: Professional Guide to Filmmaking.

Have fun with your GoPro, it’s one of the coolest travel cameras available!

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I hope you enjoyed my guide to the best GoPro accessories! Hopefully you found it useful. Here are a few more wanderlust-inducing articles that I recommend you read next:

Have any questions about the GoPro accessories I use? What about other suggestions? Drop me a message in the comments below!


Hi, I’m Matthew Karsten — I’ve been traveling around the world for the last 10 years as a blogger, photographer, and digital nomad. Adventure travel & photography are my passions. Let me inspire you to travel with crazy stories, photography, and money-saving travel tips.
Matthew Karsten
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  1. Question I bought a new Go pro 8 black with under water diving housing I now purchased a sidekick duo underwater light with Side kick dive arm flexible. Problem it comes with a long extension screw . Problem the fixed nut on the base of the where the flex arm attaches has to be removed . It’s factory attached . There must be some new base so that the flex lock line can be installed? Any help would be great thanks

  2. Nice man this is very good thing for Go Pro. I used many of these products. Are they really worth of money?? By the way thanks for such a overview.

  3. What is the best Go Pro mount to have when renting scuba gear? I am planning on taking my Hero 8 to Mexico for my PADI cert and I don’t know what to expect in terms of gear and what mount will work best.

  4. Hi Matt,

    I recently got a GoPro, and I was wondering about the super suit. Would you go with the GoPro brand super suit or with a third party one like Kupton? I am about to go to Fiji and do some Scuba Diving, but was wondering the thoughts about different super suits. These other tips are great. I am going to check out your book as well. Thanks!

  5. Hi Matt
    I’m planning a 20 days trip to Thailand in the last week of November. I want to explore Bangkok, Phi Phi, Krabi, Phuket, Chiang Mai and Pattaya on my trip. I want to buy Go Pro Hero 6 to capture my travel but I’m not sure of what accessories I should opt for. I want to keep it minimal so that it does not disturb my budget but at the same time I want to opt for something that will be really helpful for capturing my travel. Can you please suggest me something in this regard as I really like your photography and how flawless your captured images are.

    • Hi Rachana! If you want to keep it easy, my top two choices would be a selfie stick like the Sandmarc Pole and the GoPro head-strap (for hands-free filming, like kayaking or SUP). Just remember that if you do any cliff jumping with the head strap, that it will probably come off if you’re not holding it on your head with one hand!

      Maybe bring a few sticky mounts too (to stick on your rock climbing helmet in Krabi for example).

      With those two, it won’t take up much space. Have fun!

  6. Had been wanting to get myself a GoPro camera before I embark on my travel. Thanks for your information on the accessories! Really helped me at some point.

    • Oh no! That sucks! Sometimes no matter how many precautions you take, you’ll lose a camera. That’s why travel/camera insurance is a good idea.

  7. I’ve decided you’re the evil angel on my shoulder. I had a whole list of accessories scoped out and thanks to you I need to add to it. .
    Great advice!
    Thanks for the tips!

  8. Hello,

    I just bought an gopro for my 4month trip to South Africa. I want to go surfing, diving and maybe bungeejump. I will rent a surfboard, do they have a problem with it if you attach a surf mount to the board? If yes, what will be another option to film myself, trying to surf? Also, is a wrist mount the best thing to film a bungee jump? This will be an amazing experience for me and I want to film it as good as possible.

    • Hi Gwen! In my experience, most places don’t care if you attach a GoPro mount to a rental surfboard, but just keep in mind that it needs a few hours to set, otherwise it might come off while you’re surfing (I’d use a floaty-backdoor just in case)

      Often the surf shops already have some boards with mounts attached, and you can just ask for one of those if they have it.

  9. Hi Matt, I’m focusing here on the GoPro HERO5 Black and HERO4 Silver (for reasons I explain further down this post), but in many respects, the same principles apply for any of the GoPro cameras.

    I should also make clear that I’m talking here about non-professional travel photography. That is, when you aren’t creating the photos for clients, editors, or stock agencies. All of those have a different level of quality and technical requirements that GoPros mostly can’t meet—at least, not yet.

  10. Hi Matt,
    I enjoy your posts each time, they are always filled with truly useful information, so many thanks! One question on Gopro: I am looking to video a walk in Japan. It is not an adventouros walk, just an ordinary one. I am looking to use it to post some content online on travelling to Japan. Would this Gopro be suitable if I attach it to my backpack strap?

    Thanks a lot!

  11. Great overview! The red underwater filter is my forever favourite GoPro accessory! I forgot it once on a dive and the footage was terrible compared to all the other videos I had taken before :)

  12. These are amazing, and very handy. I have to get some of these! I actually just got my first GoPro camera, and I am very excited. I all ready learned some editing tricks from this: and I am shooting and editing like crazy! Now that I saw some of your gadgets, I am thinking I should get some of these for improvement, and I see it is easier with those :))

  13. Hey Matt. Great list. I am a little more minimalist and carry a Go Pro Session. The only mounts I carry are a backpack clip mount and a headband mount. I will probably pick up more along the way, but that suits my needs now.

    • Hi John – do you have a reliable backpack clip mount you can recommend? And is it safe to use – I just keep thinking how your gopro might just fall if going up a mountain or something. WOuld love to hear more about your experience. Thanks

  14. Great list! I have tried a lot of these products. I am very rough on GoPro poles–I use them for freediving, spearfishing, snowboarding, etc. The best pole I have tried so far is called the ASC Pro pole. It’s lightweight (All-Aluminum), waterproof, rustproof, and rigid even when extended. Basically the GoPro reach you mentioned with better functionality in the water.

  15. Hey Matt, I took your advice and grabbed the Ram Mounts gear that you suggested but instead of getting the GoPro tripod mount I opted for the proprietary ram mounts GoPro mount.

    I’m writing this as a heads up to others not to buy the GoPro mount and maybe you can edit you article to advise readers against it.

    There is a visible size difference between the GoPro mount and the ram mount for GoPros and the Ram Mounts version just doesn’t hold the camera securely. No matter how tightly I do up the mount it rocks it moves with vibration.

    I’ve contacted Ram Mounts directly about it and they said they’re getting a number of complaints, and then proceed to suggest that i use epoxy or rubber glue to hold it in place. Not the answer I was expecting!

  16. Kia Ora from Aotearoa,

    I have been an avid follower of your blog for quite sometime now, I frequently check in here to see what new GoPro toys you have acquired. After reading about the Peak Design P.O.V Kit Action Camera Mount for Capture Camera Clip, I could not resist it. It arrived today, can’t wait to hit tracks and test in the the wild.

    Have you considered doing a tiki tour of this neck of the woods?

    Keep up the good work !

  17. You have captured some awesome moments with your GoPro! The one thing I dislike about using mine is carrying around all of the attachments. It’s always worth the video that we get, but lugging a small bag full of equipment can get old! Guess I just need to suck it up!:)

  18. Hey. Answers from anybody is appriciated.
    Im want to by the gopro 5 and start doing some backpacking. I would like to do many activities like skydiving, rafting, scuba diving etc.

    If to choose only 2 or 3 mounts/accesories. What should they be ?

    Thanks !

  19. GoPro is still my favourite camera to travel. It’s light and the pics are always good. I like to take with me the “helmet” accessory because I can use it in different occasions.

  20. I was curious if these go pro kits are waste of money. They run from 15 to 25 bucks and seem to have quite a few accessories but I’m looking to buy a quality gift that will last.

  21. I’m too nervous to use the surf mounts since I’ve had many friends lose their GoPros while using them. I do think the chest mount with the blackout housing is my favorite. Keeps everything hands off and if you wear a black shirt you won’t look like a complete idiot. When it comes to a selfie stick I think gopole charges too much for what it is. I bought the Action Sports Pole through amazon for much less and is built a lot better imho. Lastly if you do any sort of diving filters are a MUST but you need to pay attention to where you are diving and what color water you’re going to be diving in and use the correct filter. I’ve seen many people just buy one filter and think it’s the end all and their videos come out looking off. Just my two cents. Great post!

  22. Thanks for the post tip, it’s userfull information, Matt !.
    I’m planning to buy a GoPro 4, but there are suggestions that it does not really stable compared to the previous generation product. Can you help me few suggestions ?

  23. Hi, I see you have a good experience with your go pro hero 4 silver. I have one but have not used it much. im going to Europe. Nothing extreme during the trip. I was wondering what accessories I must take that best used or buy before the trip. Or should I take my regular canon EOS 2ti for the panoramic pictures . Please advise.

  24. I am going on a white water rafting trip soon. What mount would you suggest? Also what setting would you use to capture the trip– video or time lapse? Should I do anything else to secure my gopro besides using a mount of some type…?

  25. Why do you prefer the red filter from Polar Pro over the red filter from SRP? I am going snorkeling for the first time in San Diego in a few weeks, and I am torn about which one to get.

  26. Hey Matt,

    I’m preparing to do some alpine slides and a “flying fox” zipline in Germany, particularly at the Olympiastadion in Munich. Their requirement for GoPro cameras is simply that “it cannot be able to fall.” I want to be able to get some video of myself while on the zipline from different angles along with the view itself — what kind of mount do you think is best? Thanks!!

  27. Can you add a little more detail to how you are connecting these pieces together at the top? It seems a little unclear. I have a GoPro 4 Session …. and currently no additional attachment pieces….. so I am really at the beginning… and I think your blog really assumes a lot of knowledge! It might be useful to more people than just myself if you had more explanation of how to utilize your configuration. :)

  28. Hi Matt,
    I am new to the GoPro, got the Hero4 Silver, and have no clue on what mounts to use for white-water rafting (Class 1-4). My wife will be going down the rapids for the first time, so we will stick to class 1 and 2. What mount would you recommend to use for this event? A Head Mount? Chest and Shoulder Mount (velcro is what I saw on Amazon)? The Strap, by GoPro, and placed on knee? I really want good video from this, and going down rapids is really a one shot deal. Looking forward to this.


    • Hi Michael! I’ve used my GoPro for whitewater rafting a few times, and I’d recommend either the Chesty or just a regular curved adhesive mount on your rafting helmet. The rafting company might already have a few helmets with the mount ready, just ask when you get there. Or you can mount one yourself right away.

  29. Hi Matt,
    Thanks for this so good web page :) I like it so much. very useful.
    I want to ask a question. I am using a iPhone 6 plus for travel photography.
    But I don’t know is this enough. I don’t want to have heavy camera. I used a canon eos 550D but it is heavy. I want to buy a go pro hero4 black but I don’t take video so much. I usually take photos. I don’t know is it enough for photo.
    what do you suggest me?


  30. I’m going the Inca Trail in a few days time and want to get a GoPro ASAP but a little overwhelmed by all the options. I’ve never hiked before and I’m not into gadget so want something simple, user friendly and lightweight. I’ve spent a fortune on this trip already so don’t want to get the most expensive as I doubt I’ll be using it again. I’m a bit overwhelmed by all the options but was thinking GoPro Session with the Peak Design Camera Mounth and Camera Clip. Would this be a good choice?

  31. oh WOW

    the selfie with the sharks is amazing Matthew,

    i did by some accessories for my go pro, but got from Lazada,,, (asian version of amazon) and most of the things broke after a week

    i totally agree with the anti fog inserts,, that’s a must

    Great list,, i’m actually replacing my accessories i already have, so will use your list to make sure i have every one

    very helpful indeed,,, thanks a lot

  32. Recently I lost my gopro because I did not have a float-able body and it got drowned. :/ I gotta stack up on some of these accessories for my next GoPro for sure.

  33. Hi.

    I bought gopro 4 silver but my computer it’s too old. I don’t understand too much about computers and i want now what computer do you use to gopro studio and if it’s possible work gopro studio on netbook. I have to buy something…cheap.

    Thanks and congats for this page!

  34. This was a great post! I will be traveling to Peru for a couple of weeks and will be doing a lot of hiking, rock climbing, and swimming. In general I was wondering which GoPro and which accessories would be best to capture all of the incredible moments and views I will be seeing. Any advice??


  35. Hi Matthew,
    Possibly a stupid question. I will be doing some travelling in the next few months and just got a Go Pro HERO3. Of course, there will be lots of selfies. If I have a stick, I will need to purchase a remote as well to take the picture correct? Is there one you would recommend?


    • Hey Holly! No you don’t need a remote, GoPro has a “time-lapse” setting that will automatically take a photo every half second after you press the shutter. Once it takes like 10 shots, press the shutter again to stop the camera, and pick the best photo later.

  36. Hey Matt,
    i’ve got a question about surfing and the GoPro. If you rent a board, do you use the sticky mounts? Because they need rest 8 hours? Are there alternatives?


    • Hey Lucas! Yeah if I’m only renting for a day, I’ll try to find a board that already has the attachment. Many do these days.

      Otherwise I’ll rent first thing in the morning, put one on myself, wait an hour, then take my chances. Maybe ride a few waves without the camera on first. Haven’t had a problem yet…

      However the best option is to rent the same board for a few days.

  37. You’re my inspiration right now….I’m in a transitioning phase and i know i wanna walk in your footsteps…….Thanks for sharing….

  38. Killer post, mate! Thanks a ton for sharing. I just bought my first GoPro recently, and am really looking forward to using it and sharing what I capture. What programs do you use to edit and such?

  39. What a great resource for GoPro you put together, Matthew! First time reader and commenter here – I don’t usually leave comments but the effort that goes into this page really deserves proper appreciation. Great job!

  40. Thanks for the great info Matt.

    I’m about to purchase a GoPro 4 Black for a racing drone and have gotten very excited about travelling with this new little guy.
    My work takes me around the world and I end up in some pretty unique places, specifically in Africa and the Middle East. Aside from filming the usual adventure stuff, I am curious if you have been filming in unique social/cultural situations where you may want to keep the camera a bit concealed as there is a good chance someone will grab it and run off! I saw the blackout housing, which is definitely a good thing…any other recommendations?
    Many thanks,

  41. Thank you so much for your post! I have purchased many of the GoPro accessories already; however, i have a couple of questions that I was hoping you could help me out with. I am going to be traveling around Europe for four months and have been practicing taking shots with GoPro Hero Silver 4. My shots seem to come out blurry, day or night. Do you have any tips for me as far as settings on the camera? I would like to be able to pull it out and take some good shots without adjusting the settings every time. Also, what do you recommend for gloomy/night settings?

    Thank you :)

  42. Hey Matthew!

    Thanks for some amazing accessory tips! I have definitely stocked up on some of your suggestions. One questions that I do have that maybe you have mentioned elsewhere that I have is is about memory card suggestions? HELP please!! So many options…what is the best!?! Looking to film and take a lot of pictures on an up and coming trip and want best quality and amount of space and brand that I should purchase even if I have to buy a few :) Thanks!!

  43. Hey Matthew,

    Loved the article, it was very informative! We are just starting out as new travel bloggers and considering getting a GoPro to film all of our adventures abroad. You may have already answered this in previous comments, but I am wondering which version of the GoPro you would recommend for someone just starting out with travel vlogging? We do a lot of activities like snorkeling, cliff jumping, off roading, etc. I know the version that was released most recently is probably the fanciest with the most features, but is it worth the money for someone just starting to film moreso than one of the more basic versions? Any insight or response would be greatly appreciated, thanks so much!

      • Thanks a lot sir! It has always been my dream to be a photographer and to travel the world. I started following you on instagram since i saw this. Love your shots! Hope i can have a followback. :) IG: ninaannmariel

  44. Hey Matt,

    I just found your blog and LOVE it. I definitely want to record audio and was wondering if the GoPro Frame provides any kind of protection should the camera fall off a bike?

    • No, it really doesn’t provide any protection. Although it does come with a clear cover for the lens to prevent scratching. If there is a good chance you’ll crash the bike, I’d probably use the open back on the normal case. The audio isn’t quite as good as with “The Frame”, but it’s not bad either.

  45. Great list. Obviously you prefer the ram mounting system but have you tried the Joby action arm, clip and suction cup? How good is that system compared to RAM?

  46. Hi Matt!
    Looking at your crazy travels, I’m starting to search my own travels hopefully!

    Wanted to ask please as I can’t seem to find this information anywhere… Is the GoPro Hero 4 Silver waterproof only? Any information on whether it is shockproof and freeze-proof please? Thanks a lot! And looking forward for more!

    • I don’t know the exact statistics for shock & freezeproof-ness, but I’ve dropped my GoPro from 20 feet onto rocks before, and snorkeled with it in just-above-freezing glacial water in Iceland. No issues.

  47. I loved the go pro camera and I didn’t know that images would appear with this great quality! Thanks for sharing this information and I wish you a lot of success in your future adventures!

  48. I love the gopro camera. Especially the Gopro hero 4 black. With some handy mounts, you can use it anywhere!

    Thx for this great post!

    • Swimming around with those sharks was a crazy cool experience. It’s called Protea Banks in South Africa.

  49. Hello Matthew,
    I’m getting Gopro Hero 4 Silver soon. And I want to use it for snorkling, but I don’t know which accessories that I need to have. So could you give me any recommendations? Thank you.

  50. Great information and pictures Matthew! Question: I’d like to use a Gopro for hiking, and like the idea of the Peak Design POV system for the shoulder strap, but I’d like to also be able to quickly transfer the GoPro to a trekking or ski pole for selfies. Any recommendations on which mounts would be best suited for this? If it matters, this would be with a GoPro Silver.

  51. Great stuff Matt, have enjoyed reading your site. I to love my GoPro cameras they are amazing cameras some of the best stuff I have got was just trying something different. GoPro cameras are such a versitle device I see people coming up with new shot ideas all the time. I really like your extreme hiking in Spain pic, thanks for all the great tips.

  52. What do you recommend for a travel-size flying camera mount. Phantom seems like it would be too big for international travel. Anything out there that’s smaller? Thanks!

  53. What do you recommend for a zipline ride?

    I’ve owned a GoPro H3 Black for 2 1/2 years and travel extensively with it. One of the best all-around mounts I own is a little fold-up REI tripod made by Pedco (UltaPod II, I think) with the extra U-joint and a GoPro tripod adapter. It has a Velcro strap attached and its the most versatile mount I own.

    • Thanks Chanel! GoPro’s can capture some unique moments & angles that just aren’t easily possible with other cameras. Especially with some good accessories.

  54. Matt,

    We live in Guatemala and travel around the globe with 3 young children. While on jet skiis off the coast of Colombia, I decided it was time for us to get a Go Pro. We’re getting the Hero 4 black. I’m trying to figure out accessories, too. An extendor, definitely, I think the RAM attachment you suggested, and extra battery and chargers. However, I am concerned about the disposable connetors as I am not a fan of one use items from an environmental standpoint. Can you better explain what these are? Are they just like glue discs or are they more extensive?


    • They are just super strong adhesive mounts. Permanent if you want them to be, but you can remove them if required with a hair dryer (for example when renting gear). But most rental places leave them on for future customers anyway.

  55. Dear Matthew,

    Super experiences and great tips & tricks! But don’t you have a huge problem with CONDENS?! You write pretty cool about it (even DIY solutions like silver tape and rice should work). But to my experience the GoPro is practically useless in watersport conditions. I use a GoPro HDII for windsurfing and catamaran sailing in The Netherlands. After 10 minutes the images are ‘foggy’ and more or less useless. Do you have a sound solution for these problems. I stick my GoPro HD II full with at least two anti fog inserts per sessions but it doesn’t seem to work. I can’t get any good solutions from the official GoPro organisation.

  56. Hi Matt—I took your advice and got the GoPole 2-piece arm, but got the GoPole Bobber grip instead of the grenade grip you suggest, as I will be using the camera on the water a lot. I noticed that the connection between the arm and the grip isn’t incredibly sticky. I have the but fastened tight as it can go, but the arm still moves with a flick of the wrist. Have you run into this issue? If so, do you have a suggestion to combat the movement? Thanks!

    • Hey Collin, yeah I’ve noticed this too. If you whip it around it’s not the strongest with this setup and will move a bit. For 75% of the activities I use it for, it’s fine. But if you are going balls-to-the-wall you may want the more sturdy GoPole Reach or Evo.

  57. GREAT article Matt, beats any others I’ve read, gave me exactly the info I needed. Especially as I am using the same GoPro as you. I have just got a job as a Dive Master and will be using the GoPro daily, any other underwater hints and tips? I’ve got the red filter. Thanks. Love the site. Keep travelling

  58. Hi Matt, thank you very much for the informative post! I’m building my collection to match yours almost to the letter. I’m just wondering about the GoPole Extension arms and how rigid they are. I read that they’re made of plastic and I’m curious about what you think of their stability.

    Thanks again!

    • The GoPole Extension Arm is awesome for kayaking. Use a sticky mount up front or in back of you, and use 1 arm extension to raise the camera up to your level for great shots. Another good spot is to attach both extension arms to your helmet, facing back at you.

      Multiple camera angles make for the best video, so maybe try both over the course of your paddle if you can.

  59. Hi Matt, great article and it has really inspired me to start traveling (subscribed to your channel for further inspiration!). I have just bought the Hero 4 Silver Edition and going to use it in Bali on a surf trip. Just wondering what experience you have had with cheaper aftermarket GoPro accessories.

    I am nervous to buy something sub-par that leaves my camera at the bottom of a cliff/ocean but gopro accessories seem insanely expensive for what they are. Is it worth paying that much extra for piece of mind?
    Thanks :)

  60. Hello, I’ve just purchased the Hero 4 silver edition mainly so I can use it on holiday in Nerja, Spain. We are going kayaking and go karting. I was just wondering how or would it work to use the adhesive mounts if I won’t be able to stick them on prior to the activity? (I know you mentioned going a day before but that I might not have that option). And how will I get them off if they don’t have a hairdryer handy? Thanks a lot!

  61. Hi,

    Loved your advice. All the different accessories/mounts are overwhelming. I was told by someone to get the Hero 3+ Black because it’s just as good as the 4 with the remote. Is that your opinion as well?

    Probably will use on vacation (beach), snorkeling and maybe skiing. I saw your recommendation about the grenade grip pole and the extender that you like better than the retractable one. What else are must haves in your opinion. Not sure what to use for skiing. Thanks!

  62. I have had a go pro sticky mount stuck to the front of my stand up paddle board which is a 7.4 starboard pod and it has literally stuck like glue. Best sticky mount you can get


  63. Just got my first Go Pro for my next journey.. No accessories yet though! Where do you purchase these third party accessories? Online or in store?

  64. Hey there,

    I’m traveling to Australia and Southern Asia next month for 10 weeks and am wondering what you recommend loading the sd card onto after using the go pro. I don’t really want to bring a computer as I would be too nervous leaving it while going on adventures but also am nervous about carrying around too many sd cards. Do you recommend a bigger sd card or is there something to upload it to every night? I have the gopro 4 silver edition. Thank you much!!

    • You could get a small (cheap) netbook for less than $300. Buying a bunch of SD cards will be cheaper though. Not sure where you plan on staying, but most hostels & hotels have safes/lockers to store expensive stuff. I carry thousands of dollars worth of electronic gear with me.

    • No sorry you can’t. It says specifically on the website that it does not have ‘wifi’ capability, meaning that it can’t use a remote or your smartphone.

  65. Great post! I’m still figuring out how to use my gopro hero 3+ (black). I’ll be going to Switzerland in February and I’d like to try out paragliding. Any tips on what accessories to use for my gopro to take videos + pictures?

  66. hey. I’m new to the GOPRO world. I vacation at least 8 times a year and was wondering about the coolest accessories to help me take awesome photos and videos. looking for the best pole as well for my go pro 3+

  67. this may be a silly question, but i will travel for one month to europe next year, so how much gopro batteries do you think i should prepare? head mount and chest mount, which one is good for the trip?

    • I like to have at least 1 spare battery, so 2 total. As for which mount, it really depends on the activities you’ll be doing. If you’re biking with a helmet for example, you could easily just use a sticky mount on the helmet.

  68. This may be a silly question, but since the GoPro Remote (and cell phone for obvious reasons) cannot be used underwater and I have heard that wifi doesn’t work underwater, do you just manually start your camera recording by pressing the button and then jump into the water or what’s the best way o get video rolling? Also, have heard (and GoPro’s Manual recommends) use of Rain-X or another solution to prevent water spots on the lens. Is this useful?

    • Hi Scott, yeah I just press the buttons underwater to start or stop recording. You can change settings under there too (like switching from video to photos, etc.)

  69. Hi,
    I am going on vacation with my family to Punta Cana, DR in a couple weeks. I have a friend who has a GoPro and loves it, so i figured that this would be a great item to use on the trip. I am not sure which GoPro would be the best option for me to buy. I’m not looking for anything too fancy, but something that still will capture great pictures/videos. What top 5 accessories would you recommend as well as water accessories specifically would you recommend because we will be in the water at times? Any other things that you think I should be aware of before narrowing down my options as to which GoPro to buy would be helpful.

  70. Hey Matt, first off love your site, keep up the great work! I just got a Hero 3+ Silver the other day and was just wondering what kind of case do you use for carrying the camera and/or accessories in? Thanks for any and all help!

  71. Great review of accessories. I noticed in your vid with the sharks you were using an extension pole but it does not look like any of the accessories you mentioned above. I am debating between getting a Go Pole Reach or what you recommend – the 2 arm piece extension and a handle since I like that the 2 pieces can give you more angles. I am mostly going to be using it for water shots, snorkeling, swimming, paddle boarding. What are your thoughts?

    • The shark cage diving? I was using the top section of my normal camera tripod in that one. Didn’t have the GoPole extension yet. The GoPole reach is also a great tool though. I think you’ll be happy with it for water sports.

  72. Hi Matthew!

    I’m leaving for a travel of 5 months at the end of december and I’m thinking about buying a GoPro (probably the 3 white, the only one my budget will accept). I’ve seen the 3 way arm on the GoPro website and I was wondering if it will be a good choice. Have you tried it?

    Thank you :)

      • Thank you for the quick reply! I will try to figure out which one is better for me. I was attracted by the tripod inside the grip of the 3-way arm but I think it looks unsteady to me for some reason. Maybe it’s thin «legs».

  73. Hi Matthew!

    I don’t see you have a case for your gopro, do you think is not necessary? I am deciding if buying a bundle with a case or not for the Hero4 silver edition.

    A silly question….are sharks curious about the silver color of the camera?



  74. I have been using a cheerson cx-20 with a brushless gimble mount. Its an easy quad to fly as it has stability mode, will return to land when out of range and the arial footage is fantastic allowing you to set the scene from the air. In a flight case it is a bit bulky so depends how light you travel and the gimble only carries the naked go pro. I’m currently looking to put a Bluetooth module in it to enable “follow me” with a mobile phone. Great article! Given me loads to think about along with a not-too-hefty eBay bill :)

  75. Hi!

    I’m going to Australia & New Zealand with a backpack real soon. Bought myself a GoPro 4 Silver Edition (For the built-in LCD) and started to look at accesories & mounts. Any thoughts on what would be some of the best options :)?
    Activities will include parachuting, bungee jumping, skateboarding and whatever else I can find of cool stuff to do down there, except for underwater activities:) (Can’t swim)

    By the way sweet blog, gonna read through the lot of it next couple of days :) My first time going backpacking and I got no clue what I’m going into ;)!!

  76. Great post. How do you manage sticking it onto a helmet or stuff when travelling, as you’re not there 8 hours before hand at the company lending you the equipment?

    • Usually they’ll already have a helmet with a mount, and I ask for that one. Otherwise I’ll attach one ASAP, and it’s pretty secure by the time we start the activity. For kayaks, I’ll prepare in advance and visit the day before if possible. Either way, attaching a safety leash/cord will ensure you don’t lose it.

  77. Thanks for the tips! My dad got me a GoPro over a year ago to take on the Camino de Santiago, but I decided there were far too many accessories for an already overweight bag. I’ve gotten a few accessories on Amazon that are compatible at a far lower price, but had no idea so many more existed!

  78. That’s cool Matthew. I have been using a Cannon SLR and have been thinking of buying a GoPro and was just being discouraged by fellow travelers, here in India ( they think it’s overhyped) to use it. But looking at the ways you have used it to take pics, I am now thinking again. Hmmm

  79. Hey! Love the website. I travel whenever I can and hope to travel full time the way you do one day. I was wondering if you knew if your RAM system is compatible with the Go Pro 4 or not. That clamp is perfect and affordable. I will be making my first blog while I am traveling attempt at the end of this month. Wish me luck!

  80. I love traveling and I have always thought about getting a GoPro. Which one do you recommend? I know there are several new ones that came out but some are specifically meant for surfing or music, etc? Help!

  81. Hey Matthew,

    I will be traveling to London and Ireland for a month and wanted to take great pictures and video’s. I was looking at the Go Pro 3 “white” edition because it is only $199 vs. the newer more expensive models. I am worried about the weather possibly affecting the quality of the pictures and video’s since it does rain a lot and is mostly gloomy. Is the “white” edition a good call and for walking around and taking pictures do I need any accessories?

    • The GoPro White only takes 5mp photos, if you’re worried about quality, I’d get a Silver Edition. It will work better in low light too (gloomy weather).

  82. Hi could you please advise are you using cheap alternative of accessories or original go pro? Or a mixture of both and if so which ones would you pay more for ?

    Thanks a lot Peter

    • Hi Peter, I’ve listed all my accessories above. It’s a mixture. The RAM system I use is cheaper. I also really like the products from GoPole.

    • Nope! GoPro has a “time-lapse” mode that will automatically take a series of photos. You can set the delay, I usually have mine on .5 seconds. So it will take a photo every .5 seconds. Then just pick your favorite later and delete the rest.

  83. hi im going skiing and wondered which cam i should get i dont know the difference between hero three and four etc also which attachments would you reccomend? i would like an attachment which enables me to attach it to my actual ski . Suction cup???

    • The flat adhesive mount would be best for attaching to your ski. From what I hear, the GoPro 4 has better low light capability and lens clarity, higher frame rates (for better slo-mo footage). The GoPro 4 Silver also has an LCD screen on the back, very helpful for seeing what you’re shooting.

  84. Great article, I will definitely be purchasing at least 70% of this equipment! The GoPro is truly amazing, I have been using the Hero 3+ for the past 6 months, and I’ve been able to capture some great shots and create pretty cool time lapses. But besides the suction cup attachment for my car, I haven’t bought any other extra equipment, and I really would love to expand the range of what I can capture with my GoPro. Happy and safe travels always!

  85. Hi all,

    I’m looking to buy a gopro. What is the difference between the silver+ and black+ ?
    Can I ask how this will work if I leave for 4 months travel – how much storage will be enough? If I use my android should I buy a memory card to store pictures on? I won’t have a laptop to edit the videos, does the gopro app allow you do play around with videos on your android?
    Last but not least, is it worth buying the screen?

    Thanks :)

    • I can’t guess the amount of storage you’ll use. Personally I suggest backing up your photos & video onto an external hard drive, maybe at internet cafes if you don’t bring your own computer. The GoPro app will let you transfer photos and video to your phone via WiFi, which you can then edit with any number of apps.

      As for the screen, it can be pretty frustrating to use a GoPro without a viewfinder at first. But with lots of practice you can “shoot from the hip” and get a feel for what the video/photos will look like without it. It won’t happen overnight though. You can also use the GoPro app to preview the scene on your phone, which is good for practice too.

  86. Thanks for this amazing post Matthew. I’ve recently bought my very first GoPro camera
    and I’m super excited about it. I along with my friends have planned a trip to the
    Narrows in Zion National Park next month and I’m planning to take my brand new
    GoPro camera. What was bothering me for so long was which accessories should I pair the camera
    with. Your article not only provides a valuable insight into the essential accessories,
    but also illustrates their uses in detail. I sincerely appreciate your effort. Cheers!

  87. Hi, I just purchased a Go Pro and I want to go body boarding in Indonesia but I will be getting a rental . What would you recommend I should use?

  88. Hi, I want to go bodyboarding in Indonesia but I will be getting a rental . What would you recommend I should use?

  89. Just got 3+ Black for an 8 day rafting trip in the Grand Canyon. Any tips on the best settings or anything else? Thanks!

    • I like shooting in 1080 60fps. Make sure to have at least 1 spare battery, and charge them all the night before! Pack the anti-fog inserts too. Sunshine and cold water can fog up the case pretty quickly.

      Remember to take photos with it too! Especially with the 3+, still images are surprisingly good.

  90. Hi Matthew, I am purchasing the GoPro 3+ Black today for my trip to South America next week and I am concerned about losing the camera when zip lining or snorkelling, can you recommend where I can purchase a safety leash? Is there a specific one for the GoPro? Thanks!

  91. Hi Matthew, I’m sitting here debating if I should buy one. I travel a little bit generally overseas 2 -3 times a year and dive also but I am wondering if it’s worth the money. Do you find you use yours a lot in day to day use not just adventure activities? Also what mounts do you use when scuba for the best view?

    • I don’t use it day to day, as I have another camera for that, but I know others who do. For me it’s just for adventures.

      For scuba I use a selfie stick to get the camera out in front of me. The GoPole Evo works great.

  92. great article…. not sure if you still monitor comments or if you answered this before… what kind of bag/case do you use for everything? most of the cases i’ve seen are designed for the smaller gopro brand mounts and things

  93. Just bought a GoPro for our driving tour of Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands. Any recommendations on Car mounting and then how to use while on foot for sight seeing, so I don’t have to hold onto it, but not look like a total tourist?

    • The suction cup mentioned in my RAM system works great on vehicles, but always use a leash along with it, just in case. For added security, you could build a system that uses 2 of those suction cups.

  94. Hey Matthew,

    Just brought a GoPro and going abroad for a while. What kind of bag or case do you carry to bring all of your GoPro gear and which one do you recommend?

    • It helps, but no you don’t need a remote. GoPro has a “time lapse” mode that will automatically take photos every half-second, all you need to do is choose the best one and delete the rest later.

  95. Great blog post, Matthew. Recently took my new GoPro Hero3+ to Bonaire for some U/W video – I found the results to be amazing. I have developed a handy little laser-engraved name tag that fits inside the housing to make it easier to identify should the unthinkable happen and you drop/lose/it gets knocked off and someone else finds your camera. Useful?

  96. Great info, got a GoPRO Hero3 on sale on Amazon and now looking to get full usage out of it!
    Living in Costa Rica now , hopefully you made some stops here!

  97. Just got a GoPro and my wife bought me all of the accessories you recommend for Christmas! I was curious if there is a certain type of computer you lean more toward for your editing as well as what type of software you use. Don’t want to dish out a ton of doe for a Mac if I don’t have to. :)

    • I enjoy using Mac, but you don’t need a particular kind of computer to edit video. As long as it has plenty of RAM (4GB or more). As for software, I’ve been using Adobe Premier, but am in the process of learning Final Cut Pro X.

  98. Hi Matt – glad I found your blog – good information about GoPro – I’m in the market for one. What case do you use to keep all your GoPro gear safe and secure in your travels? Thanks!

  99. i think that’s a bit too much, especially if you’re only carrying a small backpack. personally, the pole, head gear are the only one’s i feel are worth bringing. the rest come with the gopro package anyway. sometime, you just have to get creative with what you have.

  100. Hi Matt, great blog. I was wondering what your experience has been with batteries for your GoPro cameras. I have a GoPro Hero 2 (looking to get a Hero 3plus from Santa soon) and have not had good luck with the Techfuel or BasAcc products (trying to save $); any recommendations.
    Anyway, I really appreciate your sharing your adventures; keep it up!

  101. Hey, thanks for the post! I’ve ordered a GoPro Hero 3 (black) and the Bacpac, however I’m not sure if I’ll really need any of the accessories to go diving. As I’ve just bought it I’m a little reluctant to go crazy buying more bits and pieces (if I don’t need them).

    Will I be able to attach the housing to my scuba gear, or will I have to buy something extra? Time is running short as I’m heading on holiday next week :S any advice you could give would be greatly appreciated!

    • For diving, I recommend some kind of pole to make it easy to turn around and get shots of yourself. It also helps with keeping the camera steady underwater. But you don’t need anything fancy, even attaching it to a sturdy stick using the bike handlebar attachment will work better than nothing. Just make sure to always have a leash of some kind. A bit of cording and a cheap carabiner maybe.

  102. Hey Matt, great post! I bought a gopro recently in preparation for my first big trip. I am also looking at getting some of the accessories that you have mentioned.

    What do you use to store/ organize all your gopro accessories

  103. I love the gopro, and recently i found an even cooler way to love them, yet i never owned one, i have seen lots of them used by many people, i currently own a Lumix TS5 for all my adventure videos, while not as “indestructable” as gopro they are fast light, and extremely durable

    I liked this review though,

  104. I’m just about to buy one of these. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed on which accessories and mounts to get. Which would you recommend for starting off? Our first trip using it will involve snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, and SUP. Thanks, in advance.

  105. The thing about a toilet plunger, is that it can do double duty. Eat too many bad clams? No problem. Your handy dandy plunger is nearby. Help is on the way. Really, McIver would be impressed. How about a TV series?

  106. Great post! I was also curious about the weight of the GoPro and accessories. Your reply of 1.8 lbs sounds reasonable for us to add to our load of camera equipment, lol. Thanks so much for the great info!

  107. I was looking into getting one, but they are quite expensive. I guess you have to pay a high price for a good gadget. I think I get one if it came with a free Toilet Plunger Mount though!

  108. Just purchased my first GoPro two weeks ago after seeing how great your videos are! This little creation is pretty spectacular. Do you use the GoPro remote? Or the GoPro Cinema Studio program to create/edit your videos?

    • That’s awesome Morgan. I love knowing that my videos helped you make that decision. :D

      I don’t use the actual remote, but I use the iPhone app as a remote, as well as to preview shot angles.

      As for editing, I’ve been using Adobe Premier Pro. But thinking about switching to Final Cut X soon as I hear it’s quicker & more intuitive. Need to watch a few days worth of tutorials first.

  109. Matt, I am curious about the total weight of all of the GoPro and all the accessories that you carry. I like to be able to travel light, so I have to justify all the gear I carry in my pack (whether hiking or traveling). On my PCT thru-hike, each ounce was carefully justified and vetted. (I carried a Canon S100, case, a small Gorillapod, two extra batteries and charger on my 5 month hike.)

    Thanks for a great post. Has me thinking…

    • Good question Russell. I just checked, and leaving out the tripod section I use as an extender, everything weights 1.8 lbs.

  110. I have a mini-stabilizer that I lug around. It is quite combersome but really improves the shaky footage. I had an x-shot for a while but it doesn’t seem to care for salt water and the end where the camera mounts is coming apart as well. Luckily I just won a new one from Goscope. Claims to be saltwater proof. Only drawback is that you have to use a GoPro buckle instead of the 1/4 thread mount which reduces the versitility. I have also made some DIY mounts including a magnetic mount. Great article Matthew. Thanks for sharing

  111. I bought the XShot for my last trip, and it really helped out my stability while taking pictures and videos with my GoPro — much better than filming by hand. It also provided great views from above, below, or far away, more than my arms could have allowed.
    I also value my red flotation attachment for when I’m kayaking or sailing or just hanging out in the water. There’s no way I want to lose my GoPro in a murky lake!

  112. Awesome list! I also like the Quik Pod the most. Found the reach useful when diving. Need to get the skeleton and clamp. What software do you use to edit the footage? I found that’s the hardest part.

  113. I’m still torn on whether or not I should fork out the dough for a Go Pro.
    I sort of feel like I might be silly not get one because of how small and versatile they are.
    hmmmm decisions….

    • They’re an expensive toy Nick, and to make the most of them you’ll also need accessories. It adds up. But if you want to get creative with your videos they’re awesome for recording interesting angles and footage.

  114. Love the toilet bowl mount you made! I might just have to borrow that idea :) I carry just about everything you do plus the chest mount. I actually really like it and even wear it backwards to get some of the action that’s going on behind me. I agree with a safety tether. After losing my GoPro recently in Lake Ontario, I’ll forever be tethering my camera from now on!

    • The chest mount is great Arienne, but I found I didn’t use it enough to lug it around everywhere. Plus I’m usually always wearing a daypack, and strapping the bike helmet mount onto a shoulder strap works pretty well.

      I also know quite a few friends who’ve lost their GoPros because the weren’t tethered up! :D

  115. Thanks for another great post Matt!
    We have been looking to get a Go Pro for a while now!
    Sadly we havent gotten one in time for our upcoming trip which will including snowboard, helicopter ride and zip lining!! Would have been a cool view from a Go Pro!!! I didn’t realise you could get so many accessories for it!! thats crazy

    • Keep an eye out for them anyway Sam, more and more companies are offering GoPro rentals as part of an activity. Clamping one outside a helicopter would be cool!