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  1. Junifer
    February 13, 2015

    Philippines is in a funny situation. The government implemented an animal welfare law but excludes cockfighting.

  2. Molina
    November 29, 2014

    1- weapon not a gaff, it’s a tiny blade 1/8 or 3/32 inch on a flat deck called “zapata”
    2- best warrios kill in 3-5 minutes, those which can’t make it are called “porrocos”, (plymouth rocks)
    gretings from nicaragua

  3. John
    December 15, 2013

    I grew up raising and fighting these fine animals, It is truly an art meets science sport. I sure miss it.
    I wonder, has our nation improved under this new law to ban cockfighting ??? Not so much!
    Politically correctness is tyranny with manners!
    freedom is FREEDOM
    By law, I must pay for immorality through taxation but I can’t fight gamefowl!

  4. joseph
    September 25, 2013

    Hi. I’m a cocker, from the philippines and i’m into the sport of cockfighting. I agree with the views of the author about cockfighting. I would just like to comment on his statement about when the fight should end. Different countries have different rules on the game. Here in most part of the Philippines the “koyme” (referee) will be the one to facilitate the game. The winner will be decided in several ways

    1. If one of the cock dies, The survivor will win.

    2. If both cocks are still alive but cannot fight anylonger, the “koyme” will pick up both cocks and allow them to peck each other. Whoever does not peck anymore will be the loser. Two pecks is all you need to win.

    3. If the cock will run away from the fight , it will be declared as the loser.

    these rules are made so that the fight will be stopped if it is over….

    July 8, 2013


    • g. Mckenzie
      July 31, 2013

      i feel exactly the same/ our fathers were close to same time…whate state or states was he in? i am glad my father did not experience the total outlawing of this ancient sport in the u.s. he passed on.

  6. Erick
    July 5, 2013

    War between humans never ends. Bombs, and bullets. But people want to call cockfighting inhumane. I have always wanted to raise a rooster from birth to train it to fight

  7. Jimto
    May 9, 2013

    Excellent post you have here about cockfighting. This is the first time I had a glimpse of how cockfighting is played in Nicaragua. In my country the Philippines, this sport is also very popular so much so that every day there is cockfighting going on. You just have to choose the city where you want to go to see a cockfight and you’ll be able to watch one whatever day it is.

    I agree that the game was quite long lasting for 25 minutes. Here, the fight is up to 10 minutes only and upon reaching that time, if both roosters are still pecking, it will be declared a draw. But cockfighting in the Philippines rarely reaches 10 minutes because we are using the long knife. the fight can be over in just one strike in rare cases and up to two minutes generally speaking.

    This is already a long comment because I liked your post. More Power and keep spreading the news about this sport and tradition.

    • Matthew Karsten
      May 9, 2013

      Happy you enjoyed it Jimto! :) I think it’s wrong to judge how other cultures do things without knowing the whole story. There’s plenty of stuff my own country does that many people around the world consider “wrong”. Judging others is an arrogant activity.

  8. adam
    October 4, 2012

    cock fighting is a great sport for all ages and has been forever. if your not fond of it dont participate. its that simple.

  9. Jake
    July 1, 2012

    Where can I go see a cockfighting event in the US?

    • Matthew Karsten
      July 2, 2012

      You can’t, it’s illegal here. :D

  10. Davis Mann
    March 23, 2011

    Can’t argue with your logic here. This isn’t a dog fight, where each animal has a legitimate alternative to a gory ending…like bull fighting in Spain, it’s a spectator sport where animals domesticated by man (primarily for food) are slain in the act of a show or spectacle. After all, they are only allowed to survive based on their respective capacities to provide more utility(e.g. to grow, thus providing more meat, or to mate…). It ain’t pretty, but it’s also exhibited in shady, withdrawn locales, witnessed only those who choose to see it.
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  11. Bluegreen Kirk
    March 15, 2011

    It just amazing how peoples views are different from country to country in the US you would be arresting for cock or dog fighting or anything with animals killing one another.
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    • Matthew Karsten
      March 15, 2011

      Yeah, I’m amazed at how much I’m learning from traveling to these places.

      • gina
        January 11, 2015

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        (fake spurs)
        let me know if do you know where

  12. Dave
    March 2, 2011

    Fantastic photos and a great play by play. I would love to experience this type of thing. I’ll try anything once. Your photos are very artistic and very visual. While I may never get to see a cockfight in person, at least your photos captured the event and i felt like I was there. Great work! Now back to my regular scheduled program and my chicken nuggets!!

    • Matthew Karsten
      March 3, 2011

      I’m the same way Dave. Glad you felt like you were there, that’s what I was trying for. :)

  13. Stephanie
    March 2, 2011

    I would definitely have watched a cock fight if I had the opportunity. Although I haven’t watched one for myself, I have a feeling I would generally come down on the same side as you have. As someone who comes from a place where I have never had to worry about my next meal nor had to actually kill my next meal, I do not want to judge others for customs that have been created related their survival.

    Great photos (disturbing yes, but still great) and great writing!
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    • Matthew Karsten
      March 3, 2011

      I thought giving people the option to view the disturbing ones was best.

  14. Trish
    March 2, 2011

    Didn’t look at the warning pictures, can’t stomach animals being hurt by either natural or unnatural means, I turn the channel on the nature channel when the lion is going to kill the zebra. I think this is one experience I will gratefully miss. You do do a great job of explaining the experience and giving all points of view. I enjoyed the commentary

  15. David from Quillcards
    March 2, 2011

    First rate article. My first thought is to wonder what is does to the mentality of the people who watch cockfighting repeatedly? Does aggression make them more aggressive? Is that good because life is like that? Is it bad because life is capable of heading towards other directions?

    Again your photos are excellent –
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    • Matthew Karsten
      March 2, 2011

      I’m not sure. Blood sport has always been popular all over the world. The US even has it’s own version, it’s called the Ultimate Fighting Championship. :)

      I also know plenty of non-aggressive people that enjoy watching aggressive sports.

  16. Grace
    February 28, 2011

    Cockfighting is also very popular in my home country but I have never had the desire to watch it because I really don’t like to see animals die in front of me. Although you do make an excellent point about how they do die eventually and not from a natural happy death.
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    • masud rana
      May 15, 2013

      Thanks, Idont like the cockfight.because bloody game.

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