Airbnb Coupon Code: How To Save Up To $400 Off Your Next Stay!

Airbnb Coupon Code
Save Money with this Airbnb Coupon Code Discount
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Use my special Airbnb coupon code to get a big discount off your next vacation apartment booking. Save money & travel like a local with Airbnb!

I’m sure you’ve already heard about Airbnb by now. It’s the super popular vacation rental company that lets you stay in other people’s houses, apartments, or spare rooms at exciting travel destinations around the world.

I’ve been using Airbnb for years as a money-saving alternative to staying at expensive hotels, allowing you to rent a cool place directly from the owners.

To help you take the plunge and give the service a try, I’m sharing a big 10% Airbnb coupon code (good for up to $400) that you can use for your next booking to save some money!

I guarantee you’ll start using Airbnb more often after your first stay, but my promo code here should give you a nice little incentive — who doesn’t love a great discount!

Read on to learn how to redeem this free Airbnb credit for your dream travel experience.

Click Here To Save 10% Off Airbnb ➜

Airbnb Coupon Code – Claim Your 10% Discount Now

Airbnb Discount Page
The amount varries, but can be up to $400 off!

When you use this link, you’ll get a 10% Airbnb coupon code, after spending over $75 on your first booking.

My Airbnb discount code is currently 10%, but sometimes the exact amount can vary. Airbnb changes the figure from time to time, something I have no control over. So use it now while you still can!

Sometimes the discount is $30, $40, $55, or even 10% off your whole stay (up to $400!)

You can also save another $10 – $15 off Airbnb Experiences, fun tours led by locals in different destinations.

What If You Already Have An Airbnb Account?

This Airbnb discount code is for new accounts. Already have an Airbnb account? Don’t worry!

Maybe your partner or friend doesn’t have an account yet. You can help them sign up for one — using a different email address! Or, just open a new account using a new email address. It’s simple!

How To Claim Your Airbnb Discount

Claiming Your Credit

1. Access My Airbnb Coupon Code

➜ CLICK HERE to access my Airbnb coupon code. The only way to receive credit is to use someone else’s code! Yes, I’ll get some free credit too for refering you. We both win!

2. Sign Up For A New Account

This only takes a minute. You just need to share your email address, name, and birthdate (you must be at least 18 years old to create an account). You’ll need to create a password too.

3. Find A Cool Place To Rent!

The Airbnb home screen will take you to some featured destinations, properties, and Experiences. Just type your travel destination into the search bar at the top left. Italy? Mexico? Costa Rica? Where do you want to go?

4. Play With The Filters

Don’t forget to use Airbnb’s many filters to choose the number of beds, pet friendliness, hot tubs, wifi, and more. Good amenities can really enhance your stay. You can even filter property types — like castles or treehouses!

5. Read The Reviews

Worried about staying in someone else’s home? That’s where the Airbnb reviews come it. For your first stay, I recommend booking a place with TONS of good reviews — so you know you won’t be disappointed.

6. Book Your Stay & Confirm

Once you find the home or experience you want, you can apply your 2019 Airbnb coupon code and input your credit card information to make the booking. Try to use a travel rewards credit card to earn some points/miles.

Tips To Save Money Traveling With Airbnb

  • Staying long-term? Message the host to ask for an extended-stay discount. Sometimes you can save up to 25% if you book a place for a month or longer. A great option for digital nomads!
  • One of the nice perks of staying at someone’s home is access to your own kitchen. Rather than going out to eat every night, you can save a lot of money by cooking some of your own meals.
  • Beware extra fees! Some properties set higher cleaning fees than others. A $100 cleaning fee can make a big difference in the final price you pay.

Some Of My Favorite Airbnb Properties…

Cool Place in Costa Rica
Our Airbnb in Costa Rica

Alajuela, Costa Rica

We were looking for a place to stay near Poas Volcano in Costa Rica, so we could hike up early the next morning for photos. This huge ultra-modern 4 bedroom house was only $80 a night! Such a cool place.

Airstream Airbnb
Joshua Tree Airstream

Joshua Tree, California

Looking to do some star-gazing in Joshua Tree National Park, we stayed at this awesome 25-foot modern Airstream trailer in the desert. It came equiped with a full kitchen & bathroom! Perfect spot to base ourselves.

Hawaii Treehouse
Unique Big Island Airbnb

The Big Island, Hawaii

While road tripping around the Big Island of Hawaii, we spent a few nights at this cool treehouse (more like a house on stilts). They had a giant hammock, outdoor shower, and great views over the jungle!

I'll Stay in These One Day!
I’ll Stay in These One Day!

My Airbnb Bucket List

I’ve also been saving a bunch of cool properties on my account, hoping to stay there someday in the future. Here are a few of the craziest ones I’ve found!

Enjoy Your Airbnb Coupon Code!

Have you ever wanted to stay in a treehouse? How about a cave? Maybe you’d like to be a princess for a day, living in a castle? Or high above the clouds in a remote mountain cabin?

Well, now you’re one step closer to making that dream come true. Book something super cool and save some money on your next vacation with Airbnb! ★

Click Here To Save 10% Off Airbnb ➜

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Airbnb coupon code discount! Learn how to save up to $400 off your next vacation apartment rental.
Airbnb coupon code discount! Learn how to save up to $400 off your next vacation apartment rental.


I hope you enjoyed my guide to Airbnb coupon codes! Hopefully you found it useful. Here are a few more wanderlust-inducing articles that I recommend you read next:

Any questions about using your Airbnb discount code? Where are you planning a trip? Drop me a message in the comments below!


Hi, I’m Matthew Karsten — I’ve been traveling around the world for the last 10 years as a blogger, photographer, and digital nomad. Adventure travel & photography are my passions. Let me inspire you to travel with crazy stories, photography, and money-saving travel tips.
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  1. Hi , thanks for the article but I can’t find the air bnb for playa del carman. Is there a link for them or is there any that u would recommend ? It is our first time down in that area and we are planning on staying 7 nights in Mid January?
    Any thoughts or ideas guys??

  2. I practically live in Airbnbs. Seriously! They’ve allowed me to live like a local in ways a hotel just couldn’t. Thanks for this article!

  3. airbnb is the BEST. stayed at some awesome spots in the UK last time we went to Europe…one was just a mile from JK Rowling’s house in Edinburgh. Our kind host drew me a map and I went over and dropped off a note & small gift (PortaPocket wearables, ‘natch!) for my favorite author …such fun!! Had to share: my mom saw Jo deliver the keynote speech for the ’08 graduating class at Harvard, too…she’d just happened to be there for her 55th reunion at the time. Priceless.

  4. I love using Airbnb! My partners and I found a gorgeous place in Morocco last winter and booked it for a month. We requested a discount because of the long stay and the owner took off about 30%! It was fantastic!

  5. Matt –
    My wife and I do a lot of international adventure travel and some more relaxing travel, and have used Airbnb domestically and in many other countries for several years. While I have really enjoyed your website and online presence, and your sharing of your passion for travel, I was disappointed in this latest offer you made regarding Airbnb. The first page of your email stated “. . .a free AirBnb discount code that can also help you save up to $400 off your first (OR NEXT) stay!” (Capital letter emphasis added.] Clearly this inferred that as current Airbnb members we could “save up to $400 off [our] next stay.” But as I found out the next page limits the offer to “new” Airbnb customers only. This doesn’t feel like you were in full integrity here, and I would support you to clean this up.
    Thanks for “hearing” me.
    Best regards, Steve Rein

    • Steve, you need to read between the lines a bit. I thought I made it obvious, but maybe not.

      Just use a different email address. For example, if your current account is under your email, sign up for a new account with your wife’s email. Or just a backup email address you may have! It doesn’t cost you anything extra to have a 2nd account. :)

  6. The places are very beautiful, a moment in these places would be unforgettable, especially observing the stars in a silent night would be like self-reflection and leaving a moment of daily occupations, since enjoying the moment would not be the same as seeing the places on a laptop.

  7. Have been looking at AirBnBs for our next trip but seemed like they all had ridiculous fees (like really, does it cost that much to clean?). Hopefully find something eventually!

  8. Hey Matt!
    Until a few years ago, I had never heard of airbnb, but now I use it almost every time I travel vs a hotel. It’s been fun trying to find unique places. I’m hoping to stay in a treehouse this fall! Keep up the great content!

    • It was. Pretty close to the park entrance, and located in a very quiet area of town. The owners were very nice too! One of the coolest Airbnb properties I’ve stayed at.