Travel With Me To Sweden! (Win A Free Trip)

Travel to Sweden
Win a Trip with Me to Sweden!

Yes, you read that correctly. One lucky reader will get to fly with me to Sweden this summer for an incredible adventure travel road trip.

UPDATE: We Have A Winner!
Katie Gard has won a trip with me to Sweden.

Congratulations Katie!

My blog is nothing without you guys. So thank you for following along on my crazy adventures! I’ve already sent one reader to Fiji in the past — and now it’s your turn.

To show my gratitude for reading the blog, I’m giving you an opportunity to join me on a fun adventure in Sweden!

I’m traveling to Western Sweden & Gothenburg this summer with Volvo, and they said I could bring a friend. How would you like to join me? We’ll drive around Western Sweden in a brand new Volvo, stopping to do some hiking, camping, kayaking and more. It won’t be a typical vacation, as I’ll ask you to help me capture photos & video of our experience to share on the blog.

But you’ll receive some free photography instruction from me too!

Travel to Sweden
Kayaking Around the Coast Anyone?

Adventure Travel In Sweden

Expert Vagabond is an adventure travel blog, so we’ll be participating in outdoor adventure activities. They won’t be too hardcore, however a general level of fitness is required. Basic hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, and stuff like that.

Assume that you’ll probably have to share a room with me too. Don’t worry, you’ll get your own bed and I promise I don’t snore!

Our adventure will take place in Western Sweden, starting in the city of Gothenburg before moving on to other areas like the beautiful island archipelago of Vrångö, the colorful fishing village of Smögen, and wild forests of Dalsland. It should be a wonderful journey!


ELIGIBILITY: Ages 21+ United States ONLY!
Promotion is open and offered only to legal residents of the 50 United States and Washington, D.C., who are 21 years of age or older at the time of entry. Personal travel insurance and a valid passport will be required (you won’t have time to get a new passport, as tickets will be booked soon).

Early July 2015

The winner will receive 1 round-trip airline ticket from the closest major US airport near them to Sweden. One week of accommodation in Sweden plus some activities & meals will also be covered.

How To Enter Contest

Log into the Rafflecopter widget with Facebook or your email address and follow the instructions below. The first step is mandatory, but the others will give you extra contest entries (and more chances to win!).

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Good luck, and I look forward to traveling with you in Sweden! ★


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Why would you like to visit Sweden?


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Comments (153)

  1. Why do I want to visit Sweden? Because the only thing on my bucket list is to visit every country in the world, and I still need to check this one off! Thank you for the opportunity!

  2. Road trips are my favorite! To get to go on one in such a wonderful country, and with such an experienced traveller would be great!

  3. I haven’t been to Sweden before, but Sweden is definitely one of the destinations I would love to visit. I’m on a backpacking trip in Europe at this moment, but Sweden isn’t on my list of destinations right now. :(

    I’ve looking into how a deaf traveler like myself (or someone with a disability) can also travel the world just like anybody. So far, I have been un-covering a massive amount of tips and ideas from my experience that I couldn’t find anywhere else in other blogs that I really want to share with the world. My photography and outdoor skills aren’t up to par 100%, so this could be the chance to undertake this initiative to achieve something worthwhile.

  4. This is such a cool idea! I’m a tour guide in the U.S. So I spend my time hiking, camping and sightseeing with people from all over the world. It would be great to explore another country and not be in charge of every detail of the trip!

  5. The Swedes do it right. Intellectual innovation, social/gender/political rights, sports, everything.
    I am also 50% Swedish, but have never had the chance to visit. My grandfather, whose father was born in Sweden but who never got a chance to visit his home and his family would love to go but is too old to travel. I know if I could visit the homes of his ancestors it would make him happy beyond measure.

  6. Oh wow. It’d be a great opportunity to go to Sweden since it is one of the more expensive countries to visit. But I’m happy to travel anywhere, especially with someone that I could learn so much from! I’m a graphic designer slowly working on preparing for travel; the hardest part is overcoming the initial fear!

    Also, I’ve been meaning to leave a comment about this, so while I’m here: this is one of the most nicely designed travel blogs that I’ve seen! Fantastic job.

  7. A chance to see Scandinavia would give a chance to see where my roots came from. Ya sure you betcha!!!!!!………. I’m a Minnesota transplant, living in California, and would love to spend some time a more northerly latitude. So beam my up Scotty and lets get taste of some lutefisk.

  8. I’ve actually been to Sweden, but not to any of the places on your itinerary. It’s a beautiful country and I’d love to join you on this adventure!

  9. Traveling is one of my life passions. I’ve never been to Sweden but it looks beautiful and I would love to go on this trip. Either way, I hope you have an amazing trip!!

  10. To immerse yourself in a new culture is the best way to have a memorable adventure! Meeting new people, eating new food, and learning a new culture would seem like a dream to make it happen Sweden!

  11. This trip sounds epic! Photography plus adventure…sounds like my favorite kind of trip! I’ve never been to Sweden but I’d LOVE to go there.

  12. This sounds like a dream adventure! I am part swedish too. I hate sitting in an office every day dreaming about traveling! I would s–t if I won!

  13. Three of my great-grandparents were from Sweden, one from Gothenburg, and it is a country that I have still not visited. Hoping one day to go and would love to share the adventure with you. As a healthy, active senior I could add a different perspective to your trip but I can’t guarantee that I won’t snore!

  14. Sweden is a country I have wanted to visit for a long time, and I think it would be amazing to have such a good travel buddy there! I would love to have the opportunity to go on an adventure in Sweden and learn from Matt, it would make for some amazing memories (and that is what travel is all about, right?:))

  15. As a fellow photographer I would like to visit Sweden for the amazing scenery, the beautiful people and the adventure of driving a wicked sweet Volvo around the country! It doesn’t get any better than road tripping/adventuring in a new country.

  16. That would be SOOOOOOOO much fun! I would totally do it but I’ll be in Singapore during that time. I hope you have a great time, I want to go back to Europe so bad lol. I’ll be looking for your Sweden blog/pics :)

  17. I want to travel to Sweden because I’ve never been before, it looks beautiful, summer is the ideal time to visit because of the weather, and, this is kind of strange, but I’ve always fantasized about being somewhere where the sun never sets (like Alaska during the summer). I hate nighttime, and wish it could be daylight all the time. It would be amazing to finally experience the Midnight Sun!

  18. Looks like fun! May not be as exciting as driving an autorickshaw across India, but Sweden is on my list of countries to visit!

  19. Well I am Swedish but have been living in NYC the past few years; would love to discover some new things about my home- of course I can also help with tips and translations!

  20. I would love to visit Sweden, the home of the Vikings, ABBA, a long human history, and beautiful architecture. People from Sweden seem very friendly and welcoming. The culture and landscape is unlike anything here in the US! I just started a blog (today actually) and I would love some tips on photography and blogging from an experienced traveler, photographer & blogger like you!!

  21. I’ve never been outside Stockholm. The awesome scenery aside, learning some photography tricks from a pro would be amazing!

  22. I’ve always wanted to visit Sweden anddd I am going through the process of cutting put things in my life that have prevented me from truly living the past two years. My goal is to start to truly experience life through traveling. This trip would be the absolute perfect start :)

  23. I want to visit Sweden because I would love a hands on photography lesson while exploring a part of the world that I’ve never seen before with an expert traveler.

  24. Because Sweden is my dream country. I have a few friends from Sweden and study the viking age, BUT have not had a chance to experience the real Sweden yet!

  25. Scandinavia has been in the top of my list and I was actually think of beginning my RTW trip in Norway in July of this year. Camping is definitely the way to go. I would love to experience the natural beauty of Sweden.

  26. As an aspiring photographer, backpacker, and writer (of short fiction) I’d be so thrilled to join you on this adventure. I haven’t yet been to Scandinavia but have heard only amazing things from the people I’ve met from the region. I’d especially love to meet the Sami reindeer herders! I also plan on undertaking my first ever solo backpacking trip in 2016 (hello South America!), and would love to talk with you about tips and tricks.

  27. Why only Americans?

    I was so fired up for this contest… I never been to Sweden before, even though I know it is amazing country, I have a few friends there. I always wanted to travel around Nordic countries. There is everything amazing about them – nature, history, education, music, architecture… oh.
    Well, maybe next time you think about non-american fans, too. :)

  28. Visited Iceland earlier this year around the same time as you and had an amazing time – would love to go back and see more of those Scandinavian countries!

  29. I have a thirst for traveling and learning about new cultures, although I’ve never been abroad. I spend hours reading blogs and travel websites (including Expert Vagabond!) dreaming of the one day I’ll get to actually visit these places myself. It would be a dream come true to go to Sweden!

  30. Our passions, enough said! This would be a awesome opportunity to learn from a true inspiration.

  31. I have a fancy camera (Rebel Xs) but don’t know much about using it, please give me the chance to get my travel on and capture some awesome pictures with you!

  32. I don’t actually know a lot about sightseeing in Sweden, which is the way I prefer to plan a trip (leaves plenty of room for surprise). I’ve met so many Swedish backpackers around the world, I’m curious about their culture. And food, I’d want to see how the Swedes eat. I imagine a lot of seafood given the length of their coastline.

  33. I need some photography instruction for my rtw trip in August! I won’t be able to go to Sweden then so this would be perfect!

  34. I spent three years living in my car so I could adventure travel around North America. I went nearly everywhere you could go by car, and from there, I hiked, biked, kayaked, skied, and climbed. I have never been overseas as my income from founding a nonprofit organization doesn’t quite afford it, but I do feel ready to see more of the world now that I have experienced so much of my own home turf. If it helps, I come with roughly 60k adventure travel enthusiasts who follow me in social media to help share the experience! :)

  35. Can’t even tell you how necessary a trip is, haven’t been able to get away in a while after years of nomadic movement.

  36. I would absolutely love to be a part of this amazing opportunity! I have begun planning my around the world trip for later this year, and have been wanting to become better with sharing my experiences with the people close to me as well as potential new friends. This experience would not only fill my yearning to travel more, but give me a learning experience to be able to help document such a cool project and become a better photographer and traveler!

  37. I would love to see the Mid-Night Sun!!! You also mentioned free lessons on photography. I still use my iPhone to take pics because I cannot make up my mind about which camera is best and why…

  38. I would love to go to Sweden. I actually work in the travel industry at a CVB and am looking to get more involved in international travel – it also helps that I am Swedish!

  39. What an awesome trip, Matthew! Thanks so much for sponsoring this. I would absolutely love going to Sweden with you. As an adventure traveler and amateur photographer who was bitten by the travel bug at an early age, I dream of trips like this, especially when somebody else is planning them :). I’ve traveled all over the world, but never to Scandinavia, which is very high on my bucket list. Hiking and biking and kayaking, oh my!

    Count me in!

  40. Visited Stockholm over ten years ago. Loved it and definitely want to return to see and explore more of Sweden. It’s a beautiful country and the Swedes are wonderful people. Love to join you on your trip – – – sounds like an amazing adventure. Fingers crossed!

  41. I’m in love with the Nordic countries and have had my eye on Sweden since I started traveling… I tell you what, let’s hit up Norway and Finland while we’re at it :D

  42. The better question might be….why would I not?! ;) The closest I’ve been is northern Germany! I *LOVE* to seek adventure and travel! I believe in having constant curiosity and seeking to learn as much about the world around you as you can! This would be SO wonderful…an “all by myself” adventure to Sweden! I would love to see the Swedish beaches and eat Swedish cuisine and talk to Swedish locals! Sounds like fun to me!

    • I have to correct myself…this is not an “all by myself” adventure but…I can go with a total stranger…sure…I mean…why not?! ;) #strangersarefuturefriends

  43. How I would love to visit Sweden!

    I’m an experienced backpacker (SE Asia, India, & Central America, lived in Italy before), couchsurfer, and am an acro yoga practitioner and teacher — think of all the cool flying photos you can get! I teach “regular” yoga as well so you can get your stretch on…

    I once hiked to Everest Base Camp with an outstanding Swede named Johan and I would be oh so happy to possibly see him again. He taught me a phrase, “jag vill summa i dina open,” and I’ve not yet had the chance to use it!

    I also have the hair of a Swede already, and am constantly being likened to Thor…don’t know of any Swedish roots in my family but my pronunciation of “skoll” is excellent!

    I drive stick no prob and own a Volkswagen here in the States, can share in driving.

    I am so your man for this ADVENTURE!
    Tack tack!

  44. What an amazing opportunity! I shared on Facebook and Twitter, but I can’t seem to verify to get the extra points with the “share with friends” Rafflecopter option. I’m pretty sure I’m a shoe-in anyway, so no worries. :)

  45. Matt, I would offer a ride but it sounds like you already have the transportation covered. If it helps, I may or may not have a sixth sense for meeting Swedish woman who like men in Volvos. Just sayin’.

  46. My philosophy is that life is like a book, if you never travel it’s like only reading one page. My desire as a traveler is to share my life and my culture with those I meet on the road. And of course I love learning a bit more each day about the world and people around me. Every new experience and conversation is a cherished gift. The moments I collect will be shared through photos, stories, smiles and laughter, hopefully inspiring another person to travel beyond their backyard and embrace the world with a new perspective. Travel is my life and collecting moments is my passion. Being in Sweden will add another chapter to my book to be shared.

  47. Have always loved your site Matthew!!! My wife and I are getting ready to start our own adventures and would love to put Sweeden on our list of places to visit. Hope to see you soon

  48. I’ve seen photos of Sweden and it’s a place that has an amazing natural beauty and a culture I know too little about. It’s on my list as a place I want to visit as both a photographer and a traveler. Those colorful houses are an excellent background for everything…also the forests and waters of Sweden look like something out of a fairy tale.
    To make it even better the trip you’ve planned is something I couldn’t have done better myself. When I travel I try to strike a good balance between cities and outdoor adventures.
    Another bonus is as a soon to be college graduate a trip to Scandinavia is a little daunting due to the cost. This is the best way for me to get to see northern Europe, and I’m hoping this trip can be a bit of a jumping off point.
    That seems to be how travel works for me, I went to Morocco for a study abroad and ended up traveling Europe for two months after that. Maybe Sweden will just be a starting point to another two month, or two year adventure!

  49. Developing countries are usually more to my tastes, so this trip would certainly make for a great change of pace!

  50. What an incredible opportunity! And so generous of you to offer it to your readers (of which I have just become!). If I am meant to supply you with endless reasons for why I should go, then how about that I’ll work my a** off taking photos? Cuz that’s what I do best! But seriously, (though I was already being serious) it would be so cool to adventure around Sweden with you, snorer or no! Best of luck to everyone else, but I’ll cross my fingers that it’s me. :)

  51. I love your blog, and it has been EXTREMELY helpful in terms of researching my own trip.

    I plan on backpacking Europe by the end of this year or Spring of next and so far my excitement, muddled with certain levels of anxiety and uncertainty, have me infected with the travel bug more so now.

    It would be fantastic to be able to travel with you in Sweden for a week to gather some real travel experience before I set out.

    In either case, good luck to all the entrants! Even if I don’t win, I’ll be keeping this blog in my back pocket when I go out as an Amateur Vagabond for a month.

  52. Why NOT visit Sweden?! I am a full-time employee and part-time student that lives to travel! I would love to experience an international trip with another “active” traveler and just have fun.

  53. I love to explore new places, but have been limited in my travels lately due to grad school. I am a geologist (so I love hiking and camping) and have always wanted to visit Scandinavia! You can provide tips on capturing awesome photos and I’ll provide tidbits on the geology of the area!

  54. My great-great grandmother emigrated to the United States when she was 16. I have long wanted to travel to the country of my ancestors to learn more about my heritage and the land they come from.

  55. Since I began teaching in a small, low income, and rural area of the U.S. this year I have been shocked by the absence of world awareness in these kids. Even living an hour from the coast, some of them have never had the opportunity to see the ocean for the lack of means. I hope to begin traveling around the world myself in an effort to give my students a connection to the world around them. Sweden would be the perfect start!

  56. Sweden has been at the top of my list (well, top or number two – I keep alternating it with Patagonia) since September of last year after I completed the last #1 choice (Iceland). I’m a pretty experienced traveler and have camped in the Outback, hiked around lava flows and volcanoes, and have run around Indonesia, but thus far the excitement of Scandinavia has escaped me. Having seen photos from friends that I am positive do not do it justice, and hearing about warm people and wonderful food, I just keep feeling invisible strings pulling me there. I’ve spent the past couple of months regularly looking at flights, almost wishing for a sign to push my towards and impulse buy. However, I guess I’m waiting for a friend to join up – despite traveling alone multiple times, it’s always nice to have a buddy and much easier to experience nature. Seeing as how you would constitute a friend that likes nature, and Sweden is involved – this is totally my speed. I also have an (extremely) amateaur love of photography, and despite growing up in the flatlands of the midwest, have developed a love of hiking. Finally, I’m clean, kind, and fairly witty (or so I am told), so I’ll be at a very minimum decent company. My only demand is we at least acknowledge my birthday (July 11th). Hope to see you there.

  57. Howdy!

    This Wisconsin cheese head is looking to leave her comfort zone and experience all that Sweden has to offer! While this trip would be an incredible professional development opportunity, it would also be a chance to try something new-like all the outdoorsy things I’ve never done, but want. Oh and did I mention I’m a GREAT travel partner?!?! When it comes to new experiences, I always say YES… because life’s too short not to!

    See you in Sweden!

    – Pouneh

  58. That’s an exciting contest! I wish good luck to everyone, also to you Matthew not to get someone strange to travel along – can you imagine having someone that brings Spice Girls music or something… :D

  59. I would love to take a trip to Sweden but couldn’t be away from my son(would only be 10 months old) and wife for that long. Good luck to everyone.

  60. I would love to adventure my way through Sweden because I live for exploring new places and taking in new experiences. I can offer poor singing in the car and enthusiastic dancing anywhere and everywhere. :)

  61. I want to visit Sweden simply because I want to do something awesome this summer before I start graduate school. Plus you’re into photography and outdoor adventure activities and I am too! This trip will be nothing short of epicness!

  62. Nice that you give back to your readers like that! I’m sure it will be an amazing. Scandinavia is high on my wish list, and I’ll be hitting up Norway later this year. Sadly I cannot enter the comp as I am an Aussie, but looking forward to living vicariously through your adventures with the winner!

  63. Oooh! Now this is a giveaway I can enjoy!
    I have always wanted to go to Scandinavia, but boyyyyy is it expensive.

    Good luck to everyone involved.

  64. I am very interested in this trip and blog because you have to much knowledge about traveling, people and photography that I know would be a huge benefit to me! I have traveled around the world and been to about 12 different countries. My favorite things about traveling are definitely getting to know the culture and having the most wonderful experiences possible. Ive always wanted to have a guide like you to show me new things. I really hope you consider me! Im 21 and I can honestly tell you that id be the best companion on this amazing trip!

  65. Reasons that you will want to choose me.

    I am a Swedish American. ( My Maternal Grandmothers parents are from.)
    I speak Swedish. ( I can say “Thank you”.)
    I drive a Volvo. (OK…it’s a Ford.)
    I am an avid hiker ( Well, I am good for 4 or more miles with no hills.)
    I am a kayak racer. (OK…I am a strong swimmer.)
    I have experience with Mountain biking. (As long as there are no real mountains involved.)
    I have followed your blog forever. (Well, since the hike across America,) I did offer to put you up in Columbus Ohio and feed you.
    I am a researcher of travel destinations. (Truly, I could give the tours.)
    Strangers open up to me. (They do! Often I hear “I can’t believe I am telling you this.)
    I am a Couchsurfer. (Could line up some sweet places to crash and a few events.)
    I have photographic and photo editing skills.
    I am an above average writer. (As long as spelling and punctuation don’t count.)
    I see beauty and good in everything and everyone and I am an ambassador for the belief in the kindness of strangers.

  66. I went to Sweden in 2010, mostly Stockholm so I would love to explore another part of the country!! I’ll bring good music and a good attitude!!!

  67. I’d love to go to Sweden! In September, My fiancé (wife as of August 8th!!) and I will be leaving for a world-wide trip to Asia, the South Pacific and South/Central America. The trip would be a great opportunity to pick your brain about how to extend our time abroad!

  68. I love Scandinavia and traveling and exploring Europe I do a lot of solo travel and I have been been to Sweden and I would love to opportunity to explore a new country and help blog and photograph it!

  69. What an awesome giveaway! I’m Swedish and have family over there. I’ve always wanted to visit. I’ve heard it is so beautiful. Who ever wins this is one lucky duck!

  70. I’m ready for Sweden! I’ve been following your blog since I met you at the World Domination Summit. The photography is amazing and the adventures exciting. But best of all, it’s the spirit of living fully that comes across in all your posts. Travel x Expert Vagabond = Happiness!

    Sweden would mean an adventure, capturing a moment(s) in a photograph, a poem, a blog, a trip of a lifetime! Count me in. I’m ready and to dive in!

  71. There’s a slight probability you’ll get stuck with some weirdo roommate in Sweden. The only way to avoid this is if Rafflecopter picks me. Good luck!

  72. In 2012, my perspective of the world changed when I went on my first out-of-country adventure to visit some friends in Germany. Since then, I have realized that there is a lot more to the world then what we see around us, and the only way to experience this beautiful planet we live in is to take the initiative and, as Nike says, “Just do it.” Though I’ve been to Europe twice, I have never gotten the opportunity to visit Sweden. It’s picturesque villages and easygoing citizens have made me put it towards the top of my bucket list!

    Another reason why this trip would be so special to me is because I would be traveling with no other then the man who has inspired me to live the life I want to live, you!! Your passion for travel, photography, and trying new things is near and dear to my heart. I would have a blast traveling through Sweden with you :D

    I really hope that this turns from a mere dream into a reality.

    Safe Travels,

  73. I would like to visit Sweden with you so that I can have that chance to take a leap into what i want to do with my future. I have been dreaming of traveling and adventure all my life and after beating Breast cancer I want to make that dream happen!

  74. Hiking the 275 mile “The King’s Trail” in Kungsleden, Sweden has been On my bucket list since 2009 when I was diagnosed with cancer. I have been slowly completing that “When I Kick Cancer” Bucket List ever since I was diagnosed cancer free in 201. I would love a chance to photograph the colors and fluid changing landscape of the Artic landscape up the almost 7000 ft mount Kebneskaise. To camp in vastness of the tundra would be to have my soul breathe free. Safe travels my fellow explorer.

  75. I want to go to Sweden because my sense of wanderlust is becoming unbearable! I need to see more things and continue filling my passport. I want to inspire others to travel and follow their dreams!

  76. I would love to visit Sweden because I’ve never been there and have heard great things about it! I would love to explore the whole country and not be locked down to the capital (which happens a lot with me in European destinations). I would also look forward to many outdoor adventure activities and some photography lessons!

  77. I lived in Germany in 2013. Due to financial limitations at that time, I never made it to Sweden. This would be perfect thing for me to do in the summer break. Plus, all those things you have listed: Hiking, camping, Kayaking.. that is exactly what my trip would sound like!

    I have been following your blog for a while now, our posts were very helpful when I went to Guatemala last summer.

    I live and study in US now. Hopefully that meets the requirement as being the resident in this country.

    What can I bring to this trip?
    Saying yes to all kinds of travel experiences: from Jitneys to Jets and sleeping bags to sleeper coaches!

  78. Mostly so I can learn photography tips from YOU, the expert! i love the Scandinavian countries and have been to Norway and Finland several times, but have not yet made it to Sweden and would love to go!

  79. I want to go to Sweden because I am in DESPERATE need of a new and epic adventure and I actually have the time this summer! I’m finally getting my first degree in June so will have the whole summer off. I am also part Swedish if that counts lol. I moved around a lot as a kid and have traveled some of Europe and a few other remote parts of the world due to my military experience, which only confirmed that I am ABSOLUTELY a wanderluster. I am no expert photographer but I do love photography…I took it all four years in high school, however, that was almost 12 years ago haha. I have a Canon Rebel T3 that I use all the time. I have to admit, I am a lot better at taking pictures of people than I am of scenery so it would be great to get some pointers. I live near Seattle, Wa so it would be nice if I could take better photos of my surroundings. Traveling with you would also help boost mine and my husbands confidence about me traveling (he’s in the military and cannot travel with me)…to actually travel WITH someone…it would be perfect! My hope is to pack it up next year and travel like you and so many others. This would be a PERFECT way for me to dip my toe in the water to get a feel for how it’s done in reality…it is scary thinking about giving everything up when everyone else is telling you it’s a bad idea…and I definitely have concerns of my own. It is somewhat scary to quit your life for something that is a little dangerous and very unconventional but most especially, for a woman to travel alone. No one thinks it’s the right life choice to simply travel but it’s not a choice for me, it IS me. I don’t think anyone in my family understands that. They think I’m just crazy haha…well I am going CRAZY…by not traveling lol. Their doubt and mine sometimes makes it hard for me to try and break away. Finally, I travel because I love people and new adventures…I love meeting people and hearing THEIR story. So, thank you again for giving me hope. I feel that this is somewhat like winning the lottery so at least for a little while, I can hold on to the hope that MAYBE I will win and get the ball rolling for me to finally make this a lifestyle and live the life I was meant to lead.

  80. I’ve only been to the city of Stockholm, but would be thrilled to explore the countryside more! (I just request no tipping of the kayak please.) Plus, Volvo is one of my favorite cars (my mom has had them for years) and I can’t wait to see what kind of adventures you can get into with them!

  81. Visiting Scandinavia, specifically Sweden and Norway, have been a dream of mine for years. My great grandmother was directly from Norway…so being able to visit her area of the world would be amazing! Plus, traveling countryside by Volvo??? EPIC ADVENTURES FOR SURE!

  82. This would be too unreal to win. Been dreaming of going on a trip like this and you’re definitely the dude to go on it with!

  83. Oh no! I was too eager to join that I didn’t read the rules proopery. Not from the States :(
    Good thing I actually live here though, so I’ll just do it on my own :D

      • The best area for beers(we have a lot of good local beers from microbreweries) is on a street called “Andra Långgatan”. Good people, good beer.

        You will find the best burgers in town at 2112.
        Believe me, I know what I’m talking about. I’ve done a project to hunt down the best burger in Gothenburg. The “smoke on the water” burger is absolute heaven.
        Fun fact: the restaurant was opened by, and is owned by two members of the metal band In Flames :)

        And for hikes, the Bohus Trail that runs all the way from Lindome up to Strömstad.

  84. Entering a competition to explore my own city haha, but why not!
    I’ve kind of taken this city for granted and haven’t explored it nearly close enough as much as I should’ve.

  85. Sweden and Scandinavia have been on my travel bucket list since I was in middle school after doing a report on Norway. The beauty of the land is unmeasurable to anything we have in the USA.

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