South Africa Photography: Amazing Rainbow Nation

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Zulu Medicine Woman South Africa

Zulu Medicine Woman

South Africa

Traveling to the rainbow nation really surprised me. South Africa is incredibly diverse. Friendly people and stunning landscapes inspire some powerful photography.

South Africa’s landscapes are as varied as its famous wildlife. Local South Africans are generally friendly and welcoming, while modern cities like Cape Town balance out more rural areas like St. Lucia.

Below you’ll discover my favorite photos after 2 months traveling through different parts of South Africa.

Marvel at exotic wild animals on safari, fly over the coast in a microlight, or learn your fortune from an indigenous medicine woman.

Cook home-made bread over an open fire with new friends, wander through luscious green vineyards, inhale aromatic spices at an Indian market, hunt for shooting stars deep in the bush, and share lunch with locals in a township.

These are just a few experiences you can have in South Africa. Enjoy!

Young Cheetah Hunting South Africa

Young Cheetah on the Hunt

Wildlife In South Africa

Stick Bread Braai South Africa

Stick Bread at a Braai

Traditional Braai

Penguin Boulder's Beach South Africa

African Penguin at Boulder’s Beach

Warm Weather Penguins

Night Safari South Africa

Night Safari Under the Stars

Breathtaking Landscapes

Zebra South Africa

Zebra Trying to Hide

Diverse Wildlife

Delaire-Graff Wine Vineyards South Africa

Delaire-Graff Wine Vineyards

Wine In South Africa

Indian Woman Durban South Africa

Indian Woman Selling Spices in Durban

Indian Community

Game Drive South Africa

Phinda Safari Game Drive

South African Safari

Hippo Charging St. Lucia South Africa

Hippo Charge in St. Lucia

Most Dangerous Animal

Microlight Coastline South Africa

Microlight Flight over the Coastline

South Africa From The Air

Orphan Boy South Africa

Young Orphan Boy

Poverty In South Africa

Elephants and Giraffes South Africa

African Elephant & Giraffes

National Parks

Nile Crocodile South Africa

Nile Crocodile at iSimangaliso Wetlands

Protected Wetlands

Township Family South Africa

Family Living in Khula Township


African Lion South Africa

Large African Lion Missing an Eye

Big Cats & Predators

More Information

Location: South Africa
Accommodation: Click Here For Deals in South Africa
Useful Notes: South Africa has great weather most of the year, however there’s less rain in the winter (June – August) which is a good time for viewing animals on safari as they flock to watering holes.
Recommended Guidebook: Lonely Planet South Africa
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