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Delicious Mexican Food From Mexico

Omelet Tolugueno Playa del Carmen Mexico

Omelette Toluqueño at Baremar Restaurant

Yucatan, Mexico

Omelette Toluqueño

This delicious looking omelet is full of a Toluqueno spiced Chorizo, local cheese, and the Epazote herb (aka Mexican Tea). Served over chopped grilled cactus with green chili sauce. You can order one of these for yourself at Baremar Restaurant in Playa del Carmen. Price: $6.50 US

Cochinita Pibil Yucatan Mexico

Especialidad de la Casa at Oasis Family Restaurant

Especialidad de la Casa (House Specialty)

This gigantic meal is comprised of Poc-Chuc (grilled pork), Longaniza Asada (grilled Spanish sausage), Cochinita Pibil (pulled pork), beans, guacamole, rice, salad, and French Fries! It’s the yummy house specialty at Oasis Family Restaurant in Valladolid Price: $6.80 US

Tostadas at Aguachiles Yucatan Mexico

Los Tostadas at Aguachiles

Los Tostadas (Fried Tortilla Tacos)

These colorful creations are Tostadas, kind of like tacos but with hard fried tortillas. One of them is Tuna and the other Mixed Ceviche, both topped with super fresh veggies. The two you see here were prepared at Los Aguachiles in Playa del Carmen. Price: $2.35 US (each)

Tacos al Pastor Yucatan Mexico

Tacos al Pastor at El Fogon

Tacos al Pastor (Grilled Pork Tacos)

This is what real Mexican tacos look like. Al Pastor means “shepherd’s style”, and it’s comprised of chile marinated pork flame grilled on a vertical spit. They are super cheap at only $0.60 a taco. Also pictured in this photo is a bowl of bean soup, and a Chorizo Taco. I was hungry that day at El Fogon in Playa del Carmen. Luckily it didn’t cost me too much… Price: $3.75 US (for everything)

Relleno Negro de Pavo Yucatan Mexico

Relleno Negro de Pavo at Cocina Economica Mi Ranchito

Relleno Negro de Pavo (Black Turkey Soup)

A true traditional Yucatecan dish, this spicy soup is full of turkey chunks, corn dumplings, and a hardboiled egg floating in thick black sauce made from mole paste & burned chiles. Always served with hot fresh tortillas. While it looks pretty strange, it tastes great! The dish can be found at Cocina Economica Mi Ranchito in Valladolid. Price: $3.90 US

Pulpo a la Veracruzana Yucatan Mexico

Pulpo a la Veracruzana at Club Nautico Tarraya

Pulpo a la Veracruzana (Octopus Veracruz Style)

Under the all those tomatoes, onions, garlic, and pickled chiles is some freshly caught grilled octopus. Served with rice and tortillas right on the edge of the beach. This savory dish can be found at the pirate themed Club Náutico Tarraya in Playa del Carmen, it’s actually the town’s oldest restaurant. Price: $4.60 US

Nopales Asados Yucatan Mexico

Nopales Asados on the Street

Nopales Asados (Grilled Cactus)

Cactus is actually a very popular vegetable in Mexico. After scraping away the thorns, you can grill it in oil with salt & pepper to use as a side dish, or in a vegetarian meal like this one. Cactus tastes like steamed green beans, but with an acidic kick. This snack was made using grilled cactus, radishes, tomatoes, onions, and avocado. Bought at a street cart in Playa del Carmen. Price: $2.00 US

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