YouTube Travel Videos: 17 Best Channels To Follow

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Youtube Travel Videos

Great Travel Video Channels on YouTube

Check out these amazing YouTube travel videos from around the world. YouTube’s best travel channels will inspire you to explore new countries and cultures.

Travel videos are a wonderful diversion during a boring work week. Forget the typical stuff you always find on TV, and tune regularly to watch these funny & inspiring YouTube travel channels!

The following channels (listed in no particular order) are some of my favorites. They are run by individuals for the most part, not big brands. Although there are plenty of cool travel YouTube videos produced by large companies too.

Notably from Lonely Planet, Trip Films, and the Travel Film Archive.

I hope the short travel films you’ll find on these channels will encourage you to start planning your own crazy adventures around the world.

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Best YouTube Travel Channels (2018)

Expert Vagabond

Yeah, that’s me! Before I share my favorite YouTube travel vloggers, I wanted to introduce you to my channel first. Shameless self-promotion.

Do you love epic adventure travel from off the beaten path?

Well you’ll love my channel! I’ve been traveling full-time for the past 7 years — doing things like hitchhiking across the United States, scuba diving around the world, trekking in Afghanistan, photographing northern lights in Iceland, and more.

Watch Expert Vagabond on YouTube »

Best Ever Food Review Show

Sonny is traveling the world searching for crazy and weird foods to try while sharing the experience with others. He loves exposing viewers to new cultures, food and customs — and is great at making it very entertaining.

He also just got his own show on the Travel Channel! Congrats buddy!

Watch Sonny on YouTube »

Fun For Louis

I was surprised I hadn’t stumbled upon Louis’ youtube travel videos earlier! He publishes DAILY vlog updates about his life as he explore many corners of the world on fun adventures.

Watch Fun For Louis on YouTube »

Sonia’s Travels

Sonia has one of the most well-produced travel shows on the web. She searches for the “secret code” of a destination, and shares her discoveries with you in these fun & engaging videos from around the world. Her personality shines through in each one.

Watch Sonia’s Travels on YouTube »

Overlander TV

Mark is an Australian videographer who’s been documenting travel destinations for over 10 years. His videos are packed with fascinating commentary, insight, humor, and local culture. With close to 400 videos on his channel, you’ll never get bored.

Watch Overlander TV on YouTube »

Story Travelers

Story Travelers is a collective of artists who share interesting travel experiences through beautiful visual storytelling, and they do it very well. Their passion for travel is obvious while watching their videos.

Watch Story Travelers on YouTube »


Marko and Alex are a pair of travel addict brothers who film their experiences to share with others. Learning about the world through the people in it. Their personality and humor will have you tuning in on a regular basis.

Watch Vagabrothers on YouTube »

The Planet D

Dave & Deb have been traveling the world for years, getting into all kinds of crazy adventures. From cycling through Africa to camping in Antarctica, they record it all on video for us to see.

Watch The Planet D on YouTube »

Mike Corey

Another new find for me, Mike is probably putting together some of the best travel videos on YouTube. He’s got a creative eye for video work, and presents topics in a fun & personable way.

Watch Mike Corey on YouTube »

Hopscotch The Globe

The videos you’ll find on Kristen’s channel help you experience a place through her eyes, and it’s often pretty damn funny. She also publishes interesting how-to videos. Like how women can pee standing up. You know you want to watch…

Watch Hopscotch The Globe on YouTube »

Travel Yourself

Cailin puts together entertaining video-diary pieces full of useful tips & information on different popular places & events around the world. She travels by herself, meeting plenty of friendly people along the way.

Watch Travel Yourself on YouTube »

Tourist 2 Townie

Gareth shares videos from his experiences living like a local in different countries for a few months at a time, as well as his charity projects. Plus the occasional absolutely hilarious international music video.

Watch Tourist 2 Townie on YouTube »

Mr. Ben Brown

Ben somehow manages to post DAILY video blogs from around the world. He’s always doing fun, adventurous things in beautiful locations too. A former professional kayaker turned professional YouTuber.

Watch Mr. Ben Brown on YouTube »

Hey Nadine

Nadine’s travel-related channel simply records her having fun exploring different parts of the world. Her energy is infectious, and the videos make you feel like you’re traveling with her.

Watch Hey Nadine on YouTube »


Mark loves to travel, and he loves to eat. So you’ll find tons of videos about food from around the world on his YouTube channel. He makes everything look so delicious!

Watch Migrationology on YouTube »

Sam & Audrey TV

Sam & Audrey are full time travelers who share their adventures in markets, eating street food, visiting temples, and much more. I love their supermarket shopping videos from different countries.

Watch Sam & Audrey on YouTube »


I hope you enjoyed my choices for some of the best YouTube travel channels to follow! Feel free to share your favorites in the comments, and remember to check out my channel too:

Thanks so much, and happy travels! ★

Do you have any favorite YouTube travel channels? Did I miss any? Drop me a message in the comments below!