Tips For Visiting Beautiful Lago Di Braies! (Italian Dolomites)

Lago Di Braies in Italy
Lago Di Braies: Mountain Lake in the Dolomites
South Tyrol, Italy

Arguably one of Italy’s most beautiful lakes, Lago di Braies is a bright blue mountain lake in the heart of the Dolomites. Here are some tips for visiting & having a good time!

No trip to the Dolomites in South Tyrol Italy is complete without a stop at Lago di Braies, (aka Pragser Wildsee in German).

I’ve seen a lot of mountain lakes during my travels, but this one is pretty spectacular! It has become a popular Instagram photography spot.

You can hike around the lake taking in different views of the mountains above, or rent a row-boat and float on the surface of its deep blue-green water.

I’ve been to this lake a few times now and wanted to share some tips for visiting Italy’s Lago di Braies on your own!

Lago Di Braies Travel Guide

Lake Braies is part of the Fanes-Sennes-Braies nature park, in a side valley next to the Val Pusteria.

At an altitude of 1,496 m (4,908 ft), the 77-acre lake makes for a wonderful half-day trip while traveling through the Prags Dolomites.

Lago di Braies Boat Rentals
You Need to Rent a Boat!
Boaters on the Lake
Everyone Wants a Boat Photo

Boat Rentals On The Lake

Probably the most popular activity to do on the lake is rent one of the cool wooden row-boats and cruise around the photogenic emerald-colored waters.

I’d say it’s even more fun than riding a gondola in Venice.

Row your boat all the way across to the beach on the opposite side, or just sit in the middle of the lake for an hour drinking in that epic mountain view!

There are many boats available to rent, but in recent years, they often run out after 11am when the big crowds start to arrive — forcing you to wait a bit.

This is why I recommend getting there early if you can, preferably right before the boathouse opens around 9:30am.

  • Boat Rental Season: June – September
  • Opening Hours: 9:30am to 5pm
  • Price: €25 EUR for one hour, €15 EUR every 30 minutes after that.
Lake Braies Church
Chapel on the Lake

The Lakeside Chapel

On the West side of the lake, there is a small chapel that was built in 1904. The location has a curious bit of history, in that during World War II a German SS commander chose it as a meeting place for a prisoner exchange to ensure his own safety.

Pragser Wildsee Hiking
Hiking around Lago Di Braies

Hiking Around The Lake

There is an easy hiking trail loop that circles the lake. The walk takes about an hour depending on your pace, with a few nice lookout points and even small beaches for sunbathing.

At the South (back) end of the lake, additional hiking trails head up into the mountains (Croda del Becco) for people who are interested in a more challenging trek.

Getting to Pragser Wildsee
Parking Lot at the Lake

How To Get To Lago Di Braies

The lake is located in the municipality of Braies/Prags in the Dolomites of South Tyrol, Northern Italy. Braies itself is pretty small, the closest city nearby is Bolzano, Italy. ➜ CLICK HERE FOR MAP

Rental Car

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MILAN – Lago di Braies is 377 km (5 hours) from Milan by car.
VERONA – The lake is 252 km (3 hours) from Verona by car.
VENICE – The lake is 207 km (3 hours) from Venice by car.
AUSTRIA – The lake is 29 km (30 minutes) from the Austrian border by car.

Parking at the lake is free for the first hour, then after that, it’s €8 EURO per day.

By Train

Many people reach the Italian Dolomites by taking a train from Milan to Bolzano, which takes about 3 hours. Once you’re in Bolzano, you can either rent a car, or jump on another train to Niederdorf (Villabassa). From there you can take a bus.

By Bus

There is a local bus (Bus #442) from the Niederdorf (Villabassa) train station that stops off at Lago di Braies between June 20th and September 20th.

Hotel on the Lake
Hotel Lago di Braies

Where To Stay Near Lake Braies

Lago di Braies actually has its own hotel right on the lake called Hotel Lago di Braies (minimum 3-night stay). However there are other options nearby too, so here are some additional hotel recommendations:

Best Accommodation For Lago Di Braies

Trenker Luis

Camping Near The Lake

There are two camping/RV areas near the lake: Camping Olympia and Camping Al Plan. It is not possible to camp on the grounds of the lake itself.

Green Lake in the Dolomites
Anna Posing for her Shot
South Tyrol Italy Lake
Reflections on the Water

Tips For Visiting Lago di Braies

  • You can buy lunch or snacks at the hotel next door, plus there is a little restaurant/bar at the entrance to the lake too.
  • The best time for landscape photography at Lago di Braies is early morning. In the summer, the morning sun lights up the water around 8:30am.
  • Due to the lake’s popularity, large crowds begin showing up around 10am.
  • Drone flying is not allowed at the lake. The area is private property, and there are “no drone” signs posted.
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Welcome to Lago di Braies in Italy! Here are my best tips for visiting this beautiful lake in the Italian Dolomites.
Welcome to Lago di Braies in Italy! Here are my best tips for visiting this beautiful lake in the Italian Dolomites.


I hope you enjoyed my guide to Lago di Braies! Hopefully you found it useful. Here are a few more wanderlust-inducing articles that I recommend you read next:

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  1. Hello there! We leave in two weeks for the Dolomites! We plan on doing this experience and getting there early if all possible. We actually booked a hotel close to this lake so we will not spend time driving there. I plan on wearing my wedding dress while on one of these wooden boats for pictures. We all want that perfect Instagram pic right! My question is do we need to call this boat house and make an appointment or is it first come first serve? Are they open seven days a week?

  2. HI,
    I am a big fan of your blog! I am planning to go Italy mid Sept for 25 days, still not fully planned yet. Need your advise! We will land in Milan then first stop is Lake Como! Maybe next going to Lago di Braies and Three peaks.
    1) Where I should make a base? In Cortina s’Ampezzo or Bolzano? Any transportation to Cortina?
    2) From Lake Como, should go Verona or straight to Bolzano? By what transportation? If take a train, need at least 1 change in between!
    3) Thinking of going to Austria since Dolomites is next to it.

    • My vote is for staying in Cortina s’Ampezzo, it’s a great central location. And beautiful itself.

      Changing trains is easy in Italy, don’t worry about it. But Verona is a nice place to stop if you want a break! That’s where I’m living at the moment.

      Also, don’t be afraid to rent a car for a week too if you want more freedom of transportation, especially in the Dolomites. Makes it a bit easier to get around.

  3. Such a beautiful lake! I will definitely be traveling here when I go to Italy and will be using these tips. Thank you for the tips.

  4. Brilliant write up and amazing pics. It must be a dreamlike experience in the midst of the turquoise lake surrounded by mountains. Thanks for the details especially the prices – would love to know more about the hiking.

  5. It’s a beautiful spot. I accidentally stumbled upon it once when I got lost in my camper. Was a great accident!!

  6. Wow, this is a great place for a nature-lover like me. The sceneries are so beautiful and the water is so clear,too. The photos are nice and I also love that there is a chapel. I would love to visit someday. Thank you for the tips and for sharing.

    • Next trip then Sonia! There is so much cool stuff in Dolomites, it would take months to see everything.