Zagg Bluetooth Pocket Keyboard For Smartphones

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Bluetooth Keyboard

Win a Zagg Bluetooth Keyboard

Turn your smartphone into a mobile office with this folding bluetooth keyboard from Zagg. I’m giving one away!

UPDATE: We Have A Winner!
Shannon from Tennessee will be typing away on a new pocket keyboard.

Hate lugging your laptop computer around everywhere? There’s no need with a folding Zagg Pocket Keyboard for your smartphone or tablet.

I actually get asked this question a lot. Should you bring your laptop with you when you travel? Well if you make a living running a photography heavy travel blog like me, then yes. But if you are just on vacation, or taking a GAP year trip, then a smartphone is really all you need.

However typing out a journal of your travels or replying to email using a touchscreen isn’t fun. That’s when a folding bluetooth keyboard is an excellent solution.

Bluetooth Keyboard

Folds Up Nice & Small

Zagg Pocket Keyboard

These cool folding pocket keyboards from Zagg work for both Apple & Android phones, plus they have larger keyboards that are perfect for tablets too. I’ve been using mine to draft blog posts and respond to email while commuting by train here in Bangkok.

The keyboard is nice and compact, approximately the size of a long, thin TV remote control when folded. Small enough to fit in your pocket if you have large pockets, and weighs only 6.8 ounces.

Connecting the keyboard via bluetooth is easy, it folds out into a stand for your phone, and it’s surprisingly comfortable to type on. In fact it’s only 85% the size of a normal keyboard. There are just some days when I don’t want to take my laptop out, yet this keeps me productive.

Bluetooth Keyboard

Handy for Writing Blog Posts…

Win A Pocket Keyboard!

I’ve teamed up with Zagg to give away one of their awesome pocket keyboards. So if you want to work from your smartphone in style, sign up below for a chance to win!


Promotion is open and offered only to legal residents of the 50 United States and Washington, D.C.

Contest ends April 2nd, 2015.

The winner will receive (1) Zagg pocket keyboard, shipped in the USA.

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Good luck, and happy travels! ★

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  1. I would use this for both my classes and work. I love how sleek and compact it is. Compared to the load of a laptop or keyboard attachment.

  2. I am new to the traveling world, however I am in the preperation stages to set off on my journey (big thanks to expert vagabond for all helpful tips and links). This handy tool will come in very handy. I plan to make many stops helping in whatever humanitarian causes I can! Taking time from my life will be scary, but after working three jobs to put myself through college and than Grad school I am still not educated in what I feel is important. I dreamed of joining the peace corps when I was younger, but I feel I waited for a reason! I truly will be able to give more in all aspects as well as learn more in all aspects. This will be the most fulfilling journey of my life!

  3. I would use it to update my travel blog and respond to emails/messages while on the road through South East Asia for the next 5 months.

  4. Oh man! I’ve been looking for something just like this! I recently was on a 3 month trip in Guatemala (reading and studying a lot during the day in cafes and such). This keyboard would have made my life so much simpler! Every trip I take I want to pack lighter and move towards more of a minimalist pack/setup. I would also be much more encouraged to blog and share my adventures! Oh muse!

  5. Do you have any experience with using a vpn while traveling/online banking while traveling? I don’t plan on having a computer or tablet so it’ll just be a phone with very limited cell service.

    Thanks! Awesome site!

  6. This looks incredibly useful – I’d actually bring that instead of my laptop for trips where I wasn’t working on anything big!

  7. I am not able to travel full-time – yet – but when I DO travel, I write a blog. I use my smart phone to do so, and this would make it so much easier!

  8. This would be very handy when traveling. I avoid using my laptop because it is a hassle to get out when a smartphone is much more convenient. It would be great to have this nifty gadget.

  9. What a great travel companion. I would love to have something like this with me while traveling or anywhere.

  10. I would use this all the time with my cell phone. I’m always having to correct text messages and anything I try to type on my phone. This time saver would end my fat finger syndrome. :)

  11. When typing messages, notes or emails gets too intense and you need to let all of your fingers work their magic. ✋

  12. I’d use it to take notes in meetings instead of having to do so on my iPad mini. One less iOS device to carry!

  13. Found your blog a couple of weeks ago, and am really enjoying it! Was looking into a trip to Thailand with a couple of friends who are desperate to ride elephants, so your post about the treatment of the animals was much appreciated. I will not be partaking in that activity, and I’m hoping to dissuade them as well!

    Would love the keyboard… I am always looking for ways to decrease the amount of stuff I bring with me on trips, so being able to leave my tablet/laptop home and use just my phone for writing thoughts, taking notes, etc. would be awesome!

  14. Here’s how I would use the keyboard. I’m constantly on the move be it inside my own building at work or at other sites across the globe. I hate lugging my laptop around in case I need it. I would carry the keyboard instead. I’ve been looking for a solution like this for a while.

  15. Ahhh I need this. I have fat fingers so it takes me ages to do anything on my phone! I am based in the UK though so booo! I may have to invest soon :)

    1. I wondered this too, Luke, and wandered around the website looking for answers. It appears that Zagg advertises it as compatible with iOS operating systems, but a couple of people said that they’ve had no problems using it with their Windows / Android devices. Someone else chimed in saying that in stores, it’s labeled as universal.

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