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Are you a company/brand/destination looking for fresh social media marketing content and/or to reach new audiences?

Expert Vagabond is a popular 10-year old adventure travel blog that inspires readers to travel using entertaining stories, helpful tips, stunning photography, fun videos, and engaging social media coverage. reaches 6 million people annually.

Matthew broadcasts his first-person experiences and adventures from around the world to a loyal following of readers who trust his advice & recommendations, motivating them to travel somewhere new & act on his advice.

He’s available to work on professional photography, video, and online marketing projects with both brands and destinations.

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Matthew has worked with some of the world’s most innovative destinations & brands to help them achieve their goals. They leverage his online authority and expertise to promote their message to a large, engaged audience.

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Site Demographics

According to Alexa, Google Analytics, and internal reader surveys, the Expert Vagabond’s audience consists of highly educated women (60%) and men (40%) between the ages of 25 and 45.

A majority of readers hail from the United States (50%), United Kingdom (10%), and Canada (7%).

Search Friendly

Articles on The Expert Vagabond rank extremely high in search results. Matthew understands SEO and works hard to place his content on the first pages of Google. His site targets people interested in Adventure Travel, Outdoor Gear, Cultural Travel, Budget Travel Tips, Travel Photography, and Road Trips.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Promote My Company/Product For Free?
No. I run a business, and charge marketing/advertising fees.

Can I Guest Post For You?
Sorry, I don’t accept guest posts.

What Others Say

“Matt’s creativity, enthusiasm, and phenomenal writing have opened up our destination in the hearts & minds of his readers, demonstrating just how powerful blogging can be. We’ve been consistently impressed with extremely high engagement among followers.” ~ David DiGregorio, South Africa Tourism
“Your Iceland blog posts have been incredibly popular with our customers and many people find us through your blog, so I just wanted to say thanks once again!” ~ Thorsteinn Sverrisson, Happy Campers
“I guess I didn’t realize just how effective the traffic coming from your site actually was! 23 sales out of 308 click-through’s is almost 7.5%!!!! That kind of conversion rate is UNHEARD OF.” ~ Asaiah Passwater, Clearly Filtered
“I was having one of those ‘stare at my screen bored out of my skull’ days at my corporate job, until I stumbled upon your blog. Now I’ve spent the morning/afternoon sipping coffee & reading your posts. Thank you for making my day more awesome, being transported around the world through your stories.” ~ Jane
“I wanted to say thank you because I purchased the custom GoPro mount you put together and absolutely love it. Because I love the mount so much, I also bought a pair of Luna Sandals per your recommendation. Love them too!” ~ Garrett
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