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Hello from Quebec! I’m currently visiting this giant Eastern Canadian province for a few weeks. Before I visit a new place, I always try to learn a bit more about it first. So here’s what I’ve learned.

1. Quebec is Massive

Quebec is Canada’s largest province, and over twice the size of Texas! But it only has 30% of the population. The North of Quebec is primarily made up of beautiful & remote wilderness. Although for this trip, I’ll be sticking to the well-populated Saint Lawrence River area around Montreal & Quebec City.

2. The French Conquer with Love

When the New World was getting colonized with Europeans, only the French treated the indigenous people they found there with some respect. The Spanish wiped them out, the English neglected them, but the French decided to marry their daughters and make them family! :D

3. Poutine Exists

One of the most popular local dishes that’s uniquely French-Canadian is called Poutine. It’s a mass of french fries covered in brown gravy and curd-cheese. I hear it’s great comfort food for those cold Canadian winter nights. Can’t wait to try some.

4. Quebec is Covered in Forest

Québec’s forests account for 20% of the total Canadian forest and a whopping 2% of the world’s forests. In fact, dense forest covers almost half the province. Responsible logging is a very important part of the economy here.

5. I Don’t Need to Know French

One of the reasons Quebec sided with the English during the American Revolution was because they agreed to let them continue to speak French! A whopping 97% of the population speaks it. But traveling around Montreal & Quebec City is not difficult for native English speakers, because most locals in these areas speak English as well. Which is good, because the amount of French I know is zero!

Quebec Activities

While visiting the province of Quebec, I’ve got some fun activities planned. A good mix of city life & outdoor activities should give me a solid feel for the area.

Bike rides through ancient neighborhoods, beer & bagel taste testing, rappelling down waterfalls, and even surfing a river!

While much of this trip will make it on the blog, it sometimes takes a few weeks for me to organize everything to share with you.

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Tips & Recommendations?

Have you ever visited Quebec Province? Any tips or recommendations for me? Also, if you’re living in or visiting Montreal or Quebec City right now, I’d love to meet up while I’m in the area! Just shoot me a message. :)

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