Love Good Coffee? United Airlines Will Be Serving illy!

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United and illy

United Airlines Serving illy Coffee

I don’t know about you, but I’m a big coffee fan. So I was happy to hear that United Airlines will be serving premium Italian coffee illycafè in its United Clubs at the company’s hubs in the continental US starting next month and across all flights next summer.

As a professional travel blogger I fly a lot these days, and most of my award miles are through Star Alliance & United Airlines.

Improving the flying experience by serving great coffee is a small but important change I wholeheartedly welcome.

United reached out to me because they wanted to share how and why they are upgrading their coffee brand to illy — and the thoughtful journey to this new partner.

Enjoying Great Coffee in the Sky

Why illy Coffee?

Choosing the famous Italian coffee brand illy wasn’t random either. They actually won out over 16 other candidates in blind taste tests conducted on the ground and in the air with both customers and employees.

Did you know that the lack of humidity in airplanes causes passengers to lose their sense of taste by about 30%? It’s true!

So if you prefer strong flavorful coffee like me, you’ll enjoy illy.

United will be serving the brand’s signature scuro dark roast as well as espresso brewed from Arabica beans purchased directly from growers in Brazil, Central America, India and Africa.

Airline competition is fierce these days. It’s nice to see an airline listening to customers and employees in order to improve customer satisfaction.

Serving better coffee on board is one small change that United is making to stand out from its competitors. I’m looking forward to this one! ★

Watch Video: United Airlines Coffee Taste Test

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Have you ever tried illy coffee before?

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