Awesome Blogs You Need To Read: Spring Edition

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Travel Bloggers: May Edition

Travel Bloggers: May Edition


Looking for something interesting to read this week? Check out these great travel blogs for fun stories and photos from around the world.

Not only do these guys have awesome travel blogs you need to read, they also helped support my site by advertising in the sidebar this month. So click on over to their blogs and check out a few of their posts!

I’ve highlighted my recent favorites for you below.

Travel Bloggers

Nomad Revelations

João has been traveling the world for years, living in places like Finland, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Turkey, and Ukraine. He loves to make other people inspired and motivated to travel, discover new things and live great experiences. He’s visited over 100 countries and territories so far.

Antarctica’s Best Destinations

Travel Bloggers

My Wanderlist

Brad’s travels have taken him to over 80 countries, where he seeks out fresh off-the-map experiences and pushes his personal boundaries by traveling experimentally. He’s on a quest to find the most extreme and bizarre adventures in travel.

Best Budget African Safari For Only $50/ Day

Travel Bloggers

Trip Hackr

Clint has been to over 60 countries, flies for free, never pays full price, and always gets the most out of his hard earned days of traveling. His goal is to show you what he’s learned so you can travel more for less. After many years he’s still traveling and can’t get enough of seeing the world.

Photographic Journey To Everest Base Camp

Travel Bloggers

Legal Nomads

Jodi quit her job as a lawyer and has been traveling the world for 6 years, connecting to others through food and learning. Meeting wonderful people who teach her about the places they love, eating tasty soup, and sharing with the rest of us using entertaining stories & photos.

Fishing For Socks In Lisbon

Travel Bloggers

Passport Chronicles

After leaving a corporate career in Germany, Andrew now spends 4 to 5 months of the year on the road. His goal is to help others see this beautiful, shiny world and have experiences that will help shape their lives for the better, whenever and for as long as they wish.

25 Reasons to visit the Salt Flats of Bolivia

Travel Bloggers

A Backpacker’s Tale

Stephen went backpacking in Ireland and the trip flipped his world upside down. Adventure travel have been his passion ever since. He is always dreaming about the next adventure, and his heart is always on the road.

How Much Is The Cost Of Living In Thailand?

Travel Bloggers

Girl vs. Globe

Sabina doesn’t have a permanent address, but she has a big pink suitcase packed full of clothes, big dreams and crumpled up notebooks. Her blog is for sharing stories from her travels – anything from life-changing epiphanies to her existential crises.

Finding Neverland In Herrankukkaro

Travel Bloggers

Ordinary Traveler

Fueled by an extreme wanderlust, Christy & Scott decided life is too short to do something you don’t love. They believe travel is for everyone, and hope to help people find that fire inside that makes them want to live a meaningful life.

How To Use Pinterest For Vacation Planning

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  1. Whilst I have no wish to be critical of any individual blog here as each has aspects worthy of praise but what the choice does demonstrate is the generic nature of much blogging material, which has simply replaced printed travel media with almost exactly the same thing online. Yet more write ups of destinations covered 1000s of times before in much the same way, the same old travel tips appear time and time again, material you can get straight out of the guide book, articles based more on Google searches than real experience. Blog commercialisation to fund travel seems the worst enemy as it demands a constant posting of material regardless of value and an obsession with search engine optimisation tactics. Even the marvellous Brad Bernard seems to have succumbed to these ills in recent times, I can only hope he gets back to his truly immersive travel experiences which made him such must read. All of the blogs you quote have some great articles which can serve as great research material when you need it and of course there are posts that are simply a good read regardless of your interests but frankly there are far too few of them. I would be tempted to say, “why sign up to receive every post from most blogs”? As so much of the material will be irrelevant, you may as well just go to them when you need to or simply Google a subject matter when you need it and pick whatever blog turns up. One feature entirely lacking from much of travel blogging, including your selection is humor, or even a wish to entertain. It’s all very well informing people but to continue following one blog warrants finding some entertainment value in it at some point. Obviously I won’t be making any friends from this post but if anyone has any recommendations of any blogs doing something different to the majority of them out there I would only be too pleased to hear about it.

    1. Hi Graham,

      You raise some valid points here.

      I think the selection above is good and the idea of a recommended article is also a bonus.

      I think the overall point is that if we choose to follow blogs or more specifically travel blogs then it should be ones we resonate with. It sounds as though you don’t really resonate with a lot of the above so maybe you are not the target audience. Hence I could understand your not wanting to follow every article.

      I often hear that the key to a good blog is personality. Only quite recently Benny Lewis said this in a presentation in Melbourne. He indicated that once it became personal then his blog really took off.

      As for humour, if that is something you are looking for then are travel blogs the best niche for this? Or maybe you should search for funny blogs in the search engine?

      I, personally have written some funny articles on my travel blog, such as flight attendant funny announcements, most annoying habits of fellow travellers, how an asian nose picker broke my computer and helped me start this blog and so on. However, writing humourous articles is a skill, a very difficult skill at that. One man’s humour is another person’s cringe. I think we all need to find the personalities that we connect with online, then we know we are following people we want to read.

      I recognise a few, but not all of the blogs above. Some of them are real heavyweights in the travel blog world. They are successful because they work hard, connect with people and provide them what they want.

      1. The blogs above well deserve their success and I certainly resonate with some of them at times but the travel blogging world is flooded with other examples using similar formats and styles. If people want to be inspired by this list your point about personality is very valid as people should be aiming for originality before profitability.

  2. All of these are on my list that I follow on a weekly basis. There are more interesting ones as well, but you underlined quality and from these that you mentioned I like Christies & Scott Ordinary Traveler the most. Thanks

  3. Good list you have here. Some I’ve already been to but the others I’m hearing about for the first time. Never seen a blogger immerse himself quite as much as Brad from My Wanderlist. Very inspiring indeed.

    So many interesting travel bloggers and storytellers out there! Thanks for sharing. :)

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