Thank You. (Plus Squeaky the Duck)

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My Replacement Laptop

Thank You So Much!

I’m typing this blog post out on my brand new laptop computer. I couldn’t have done it without you!

Last week I had my computer stolen in Panama City, Panama.

This pretty ridiculous event threw a giant monkey-wrench into my travel plans. At the time I decided it couldn’t hurt to reach out to my readers for a little help getting back on-track as fast as possible, not really expecting too much…

I was completely blown away by the response.

My incredibly embarrassing story was shared by a ton of different people within the
super-awesome travel blogging community.

I truly want to thank you guys for helping to humiliate me. :D

Some readers even decided to buy a few of my photography prints or send in direct donations to help me purchase a replacement computer.

Thanks to you, I was able to raise almost $700 towards that goal.

In fact I’m working on my new computer as we speak. I’ll now be able to continue sharing my crazy adventures, travel photography & budget backpacking tips with you through this blog.

Unfortunately the incident was just one of many reasons why I suddenly needed to fly back to the US. I’ll be working my ass off here for the next few months before I’m able to continue on my extended journey. Although I’m hoping to be back on the road by February 2012.

But the good news is I still plan to post more stories, photos, and video from Panama’s Darien Gap in the meantime.

Plus I have a big surprise to share with you pretty soon… ;)

My Gift to You

To thank you all for what you’ve done, I have a special treat for you today.

Technically this week is my One Year Travelversary, marking 12 months of constant travel around Central America.

Yeah, I know.

I really haven’t gotten very far in my quest to explore the world, have I? 8O

But rather than post a long article on the many lessons I’ve learned from a year on the road (there’s time for that later), I’ve decided to celebrate my Travelversary in a slightly different way.

So instead, I’d simply like to introduce you to Squeaky the Duck. He’s kind of a big deal.
Oh, he also has a thing for feet.


Squeaky the Duck: Watch the Video

Meet Squeaky!


  1. Lots of donations! Some in the form of food from empty cupboards, refrigerators, missing Smuttynose IPA beer, Kettle Chips and pounds of deli meat. World travel must make one hungry. Squeaky was lucky not to become duck soup. All chipmunks have left the area. Not even Alvin dares to sing when the Hungry Vagabond is around.

  2. Congrats Matt. Great story and great community. Perhaps our paths will cross in South America next year. I’m hoping for a late January return.

  3. Congrats Matt, glad you are back in business and no wonder why the duck bit you, sticking those nasty feet at him, quit taunting that adorable duck!

    1. Squeaky deserved everything he got from me. He was lurking around corners and attacking the feet of everyone who stayed at that hostel. No one was safe from his wrath…

      This was my payback! :D

  4. Glad to read that you are back on the road and have a laptop.

    Did you get to find out what species of whistling duck he/she is? Mayve fulvous or black-bellied, (but no black belly!) so maybe he/she is a juvenile. I have only seen whistling ducks in Reserve areas in the UK.

  5. That is awesome!! Congrats. Is that a MacAir? Looking forward to reading new stories! We’re going to start in Guatemala in Jan. Hope we cross paths!

    1. Thanks again for everything Carlo. You’re going to love Guatemala, especially the volcano!

      Yes, it’s an Air. Always trying to reduce backpack weight whenever possible. :)

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