My Ultimate Travel Gear Guide

Many of you have been asking about my travel gear. So I’ve put together this page to share my long-term travel packing list. Obviously, I recommend traveling with high-quality, lightweight & durable stuff.

The travel gear I use may not work for everyone. I carry extra photography equipment to maintain this travel blog, along with camping equipment for trekking up mountains, hitchhiking long distance, or exploring rainforests on my own.

All travelers have different tastes & requirements while on the road. The following gear list is just what I’ve found works best for MY particular “adventure” travel style.

Travel Gear
While I often travel on an extreme budget, my gear can be expensive. I want it to be functional, multi-purpose, comfortable, and very tough. I don’t want to keep replacing worn-out equipment every few months — plus I have a slight obsession with keeping travel gear as lightweight as possible!

Travel Luggage: Rolling Duffle VS Backpack

Ah, the eternal question. Backpack, suitcase, or rolling duffle? This is going to come down to personal preference — and what kind of traveling you plan to do.

If you’re riding on top of chicken-buses in Central America or hitchhiking through Europe, you’ll probably want a travel-friendly backpack.

If you spend a lot of time in cities or fly frequently, you’ll probably prefer a rolling duffle or traditional suitcase.

I started my travel adventures with a backpack, but my style has morphed to where I find a rolling duffle bag more convenient these days. Mainly, due to carrying a lot more (heavier) camera gear.