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Tep Wireless

Tep Wireless Hotspot for Travel

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Living as a traveling digital nomad, internet access is extremely important to me. With a Tep Wireless hotspot I’m able to stay connected pretty much anywhere.

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One of the biggest challenges to traveling for a living is reliable internet access. While you’ll find internet of some kind in many countries these days, it’s not always fast, and it’s not always easy to connect.

Like many people, I rely on internet access for general travel tasks like booking hotels, buying plane tickets, finding bus routes, looking up driving directions, and researching local activities/things to do.

But I also need a strong connection for my work as a professional travel blogger & photographer.

This includes stuff like uploading high-resolution photos, replying to important emails, researching articles, and of course regular daily updates to Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Moving around from one random Wi-Fi network to another can be frustrating.

Hotel connections often cost extra, and they’re frequently overloaded & slow. Shopping around for local SIM cards in each new country I visit can be a pain too, especially if it’s only a short trip.

This is where my Tep Wireless Hotspot comes in to save the day.

Tep Wireless Device

Mobile wireless internet devices (also called pocket wifi, mobile hotspots, or MiFi) have been around for a few years now.

If you’re not familiar with them, they let you connect your phone, computer, Kindle, or anything else to local cellular networks for internet access.

What this means is you can have your own personal WiFi connection anywhere there is cell service. The Tep device connects to a local 3G/4G mobile network and creates a private Wi-Fi connection that can be shared with 5 different devices.

Basically it gives you wireless Internet access wherever you travel!

Tep Wireless

Renting a Tep Device

How It Works

To avoid crazy internet roaming fees from your cell service provider and still have access to mobile data, you can rent a Tep Wireless hotspot during your trip with unlimited internet that works in the country you’re visiting.

The device is shipped to your home a few days before you leave on your journey. When you arrive in your destination country, simply power on the device and connect your smartphone or laptop to the wifi signal. It’s that easy!

You can connect up to 5 devices, so it’s perfect for groups or families.

In fact when I work on big projects with tourism boards, they often keep everyone connected using a Tep Wireless hotspot too.

Once your trip is complete, simply use the included pre-paid shipping label to mail your device back. Or, if you’re a frequent user, you can buy the device outright and just pay for service when you need it.

Battery Life

This magic little black box delivers up to 8-hours of use from one charge. So you can spend a full day exploring a new city and have internet access the whole time.

Wifi Speed

Download speeds vary greatly depending on the local networks being accessed by the device and signal strength. A solid 3G signal can reach up to 7.2Mbps and on HSDPA networks (4G) it can be even faster.

Where Does It Work?

It works in tons of different countries. You can check out all the countries that Tep covers here. This month I’ve used mine in both Tajikistan and Poland!

Useful Examples

As a travel blogger, part of my job is to share my travel experiences with readers using social media. So having access to wifi everywhere I go is pretty important.

Here are some of the ways I use my Tep Wireless device:

  • Navigating a new city using Google Maps
  • Feeding my Snapchat addiction
  • Attempting to communicate using Google Translate
  • Searching for tips on food, activities, or accommodation
  • Posting travel photos & updates to my social media accounts
  • Calling friends and family on Skype
  • Working on my laptop from a train, bus, or in a park
  • Backup wifi when the hostel or hotel connection goes down
  • Sharing my personal wifi connection with friends

In fact I’m writing this article outside in a beautiful park right now.

Sure, I could use a hotel wifi connection, or find a coffee shop. But neither of those are as convenient as having wifi everywhere I go. Hotel internet sometimes costs (a lot) extra. Coffee shops are not always nearby.

Sometimes you even need a special code sent via text message to use free wifi. But without cell service in the country, you can’t receive that text message! A horrible system for travelers.

Not a problem if you’re using Tep Wireless.

Internet For Professionals

The only downside to this excellent service is that it’s not cheap. While you get unlimited data, it costs $9.95 per day.

So unless you’re a business traveler (or digital nomad) who’s income is dependent on always having internet access, a personal mobile wifi device might be a bit overkill.

However if you’re traveling in a group, you can easily split the cost between everyone which makes it much more affordable. Remember, up to 5 devices can be connected at the same time.

Too expensive for your backpacking budget? Here are other ways to stay connected while traveling.

Overall, the Tep Wireless mobile hotspot is a wonderful travel gadget to help business travelers, digital nomads, and internet addicts (like me) stay connected as they travel through foreign countries. ★

COUPON CODE! For a special 10% off your rental of a Tep Wireless device, make sure to use the coupon code ExpertVagabond at checkout.

More Information

Product Link: Tep Wireless Device
Cost: $9.95 USD per day (unlimited data)
Useful Notes: Internet speeds depend on available mobile networks in the country you’re visiting. Simply ship the device back with included label once your trip is complete.

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Is mobile internet access important when you travel? Any questions about TEP? Drop me a message in the comments below!

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Tep Wireless

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Living as a traveling digital nomad, internet access is extremely important to me. With a Tep Wireless hotspot I’m able to stay connected pretty much anywhere.