Nicaragua Charity: Puedo Leer

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Granada Nicaragua Charity

Carol & Ruth of Puedo Leer


Access to books for children in Nicaragua is rare. Books are expensive and there is a high illiteracy rate in the country.

Parents often may not be able to read to their kids because they can’t read themselves. Local schools rarely have a reading program, and almost none have libraries.

If you didn’t already know, about once a month I find a local charity in the country I happen to be traveling in and make a donation to help them out. Some of the money comes from me, but most comes from the readers of my travel blog, like you.

This month, our donations went to Puedo Leer. Puedo Leer means “I Can Read” in Spanish. The project’s goal is to bring the pleasure of reading to as many children in Nicaragua as possible.

They have created a free lending library, multiple reading rooms, free reading workshops, and increased access to books for local kids around the colonial town of Granada, Nicaragua.

Granada Nicaragua Book Bags

Delivering Bags of Books

Kids Enjoy Reading

Puedo Leer is run by a group of former teachers & a children’s book illustrator. I met with one of the founders, Carol Rea, as well as Ruth, the project’s Librarian. We spent the morning delivering books to local schools in the area. The charity lends bags of books to 24 different schools on a rotating basis.

The books are used by teachers in their classrooms, as well as the kids. After two weeks of use, the classes exchange them for another set of books.

It was interesting to visit these schools. Most were very poor, with a couple of classrooms and a concrete play area. A few were a bit nicer with a library and even a basic computer lab.

They all had one thing in common though… they were full of bright-eyed energetic Nica kids! :)

Granada Nicaragua Classroom

Kindergarten Class in Nicaragua

Where Your Money Went

Carol & Ruth were very excited to receive the $80 US in donations that you provided this month.

The money will go towards creating a children’s reading room outside the La Hoya landfill in Granada. This landfill is similar to the La Chureca landfill I visited in Managua. The reading room will provide a way for kids whose families live & work on the dump to experience the joy of books.

I want to sincerely thank everyone who made a donation through this site. Your money will help change the lives of these kids for the better. :)

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