Miami Nightlife [PHOTO ESSAY]

Martinez Brothers DJ Miami
The Martinez Brothers
Miami, Florida

Before I became a long-term traveler, I was a nightlife photographer in Miami. Here are some of my favorite nightclub images from around South Beach.

Miami’s nightlife is pretty wild. I spent about 4 years of my life capturing all the glitz & glam on camera every night. It was an incredibly entertaining profession! But eventually you get sick of the late nights, drunken/drug-addled patrons, and a depressing income-to-work ratio.

It was a major reason why I decided to re-evaluate my lifestyle and head out into the unknown on my current travel adventures. But those nightclub photography jobs have certainly provided me with some great memories over the years. Not to mention a few unbelievable & ridiculous stories…

Anyway, in a moment of nostalgia, I wanted to share a few photos from my time working behind the velvet ropes of South Florida’s most popular nightclubs. Enjoy!

Girls Miami Nightlife
Personal Floatation Devices
Bob Sinclar Miami Nightlife
French Producer Bob Sinclar with Friends

Bob Sinclar Miami Nightlife
Perks of the Job
Girls Miami Nightlife
Miami is Full of Beautiful Women

David Guetta & Ricky Martin Miami
Music Icons David Guetta & Ricky Martin
Lamborghini South Beach Miami
South Beach Lamborghini

Go Go Dancers Mansion Miami
Hot Go-Go Dancers
Mansion Nightclub South Beach Miami
Mansion Nightclub South Beach

Napoleon Miami Nightclubs Little Napoleon the Raver
Burlesque South Beach Miami
Naughty Burlesque Show
Steve Aoki & Roman Jones South Beach Miami
DJ Steve Aoki & Nightclub Mogul Roman Jones

Busta Rhymes Miami Nightclub
Hip-Hop Legend Busta Rhymes
Pamela Wasabi South Beach Miami
Fashion Designer Pamela Wasabi
Body Paint Miami Nightlife
Body Painted Bartenders
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Comments (15)

  1. Hey! I saw your photos and they are amazing! I am new to Miami but I’ve been doing nightlife photography for a while back home in Mexico. Do you have any tips on how to get gigs in here?

    Thank you and keep up the traveling and photos!! :D

  2. Hey Matt, have you done any nightlife photography since you have been travelling? Would love to give this a shot while working in Europe.

    Cheers, Will.

  3. WOW! that is definitely a cool party!!
    We dont have anything like that in Australia :(
    Might have to go to Miami!!!

  4. Ha! With all the amazing pictures there, from Busta Rhymes, David Guetta, to naked UV paint covered women – It’s Napoleon the neon light spinning dwarf that ticks all my boxes!

  5. Wow man, these pictures make Miami night life look out of control! I’ve been to miami a few times with family but have yet to really experience the night life. I’m definitely going to start thinking more seriously about spending some more time in Miami!

  6. Guys, gals, and … a car. The gals are lovely. The guys…well, the car is hot! Perhaps if the world saw these photos, Vegas would lose the title of “Sin City”.

  7. WOW something to look forward to: in Miami in December :) Any reckons welcome

    Agree the “personal floatation devices” are not only colorful :)

  8. The girl in red must have graduated twice from the same university, for I see she has two tassels. Magna Cum Laude I suspect.
    Someone should mention to the girls with the sequins that maybe they should be on jeans. But that could be old fashioned. Back in Archie Bunker days.