Honduras Charity: Movimiento Madre Tierra

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Honduras Charity Madre Tierra

Dr. Juan Almendares Bonilla

This is Dr. Juan Almendares Bonilla, director of the charity Movimiento Madre Tierra. His group is helping poor Honduran communities stand up to international mining companies who are out to exploit them.

Mining is a big problem in Central America. There is a lot of gold buried in the Honduran countryside, and giant companies from Canada & the United States have pretty much free reign to bribe Honduran government officials into issuing land concessions. They promise prosperity, jobs, and development to the local communities. They wave away fears about the destruction of the environment.

But once the mining companies have had their way, there is irrevocable environmental damage, the villages are just as poor as before the company came in, and local water sources are poisoned with Arsenic or Cyanide from the mining process.

Movimiento Madre Tierra (Mother Earth Movement) was created to help organize rural, uneducated Honduran communities to stand up against the lies and deceit of the international mining companies. They also provide free medical clinics to aid in the treatment of diseases caused by Arsenic & Cyanide poisoning.

I visited their office in the capital of Tegucigalpa to make a donation of $90 US on behalf of my blog readers.

A big thank you to everyone who made a donation through my site. :)

It’s not much, but every little bit helps. Dr. Almendares invited me to visit the rural communities his organization was helping out, but unfortunately I was short on time and couldn’t go. I was already late for a volunteer project in Nicaragua.

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