Granada: 2 Days On A Budget

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View of Granada in Spain

Welcome to the City of Granada

Granada, Spain

Granada is a beautiful little city in the South of Spain. If you’re traveling Europe on a budget, and want to save some money, here’s an itinerary that will help you plan your trip.

Located at the foot of the snowy Sierra Madre mountains, the city of Granada is full of history and character. Because it was once a Muslim kingdom, much of the city is built with Islamic architecture and influence that remains today.

Boasting a vibrant population of university students, free appetizers with every glass of wine, skiing in the mountains, and Mediterranean beaches only an hour away, it’s the perfect town to visit for a weekend while traveling through Spain.

Sacromonte Caves in Spain

Sacromonte Cave Museum

Sacromonte Caves

On the outskirts of Granada there’s a Roma (gypsy) neighborhood build into the side of a hill, where the inhabitants live in caves. Most of the caves are pretty nice these days. But you can also visit the Sacromonte Cave Museum to see what life was like here 100 years ago. If you climb to the very top of the hill, you’ll find a community of hippies squatting in caves that are slightly less-nice. But very interesting nonetheless.

Albayzín Neighborhood

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Albayzín district has narrow cobblestone streets that are very easy to get completely lost in. You’ll find plaques in Spanish and English that describe the history of certain buildings, like the old Arab Bath complex. Higher up is the popular San Nicholas Mirador, with a breathtaking view of Alhambra Palace across the valley.

Tapas in Spain

Cured Ham for Tapas

Tapas & Wine

Tapas are appetizers often served free with an order of drinks in the afternoon hours between lunch and dinner throughout Spain. Black Iberian Ham, also known as Jamón ibérico, is a common sight at these bars. The meat is cured with salt for up to 3 years, so it doesn’t need refrigeration. You’ll find legs of ham hanging out in the open — just waiting to be eaten!

Flamenco Show

Flamenco is a form of festive gypsy (Gitano) folk music that originated in Southern Spain. While it’s possible to visit one of the popular Sacromonte caves that feature full flamenco dance performances for about €22, a less touristy and cheaper alternative is a small local bar called La Buleria which has excellent musical performances at 1am after all the tourists go home for the night. All you pay for is drinks, which run about €2-3 each.

Street Musicians in Spain

Street Musicians in Granada

Alhambra Palace

One of Spain’s most popular tourist attractions, Alhambra Palace sits on top of a hill surrounded by forest while overlooking the city below. It was built by Moorish king Mohammed ben Al-Ahmar in the 11th century when the area was ruled by Muslims from North Africa. Filled with Arabic inscriptions, painted tiles, vaulted ceilings, and plentiful water fountains, the building is incredibly beautiful inside and out. Depending on the season, you may have to book a ticket weeks in advance.

WishBeen Itinerary

Below I’ve attached an example 2 day WishBeen travel itinerary that should help you discover fun activities to do in Granada. Especially if you’re traveling on a budget.

Use the map to follow my route, or click around to learn more about an activity, hostel, or restaurant. You can even plan your own personal itinerary based on my recommendations. What about you? Do you have any suggestions for a trip to Granada?

Do you have any questions? Drop me a message in the comments below!

This article was created in partnership with WishBeen. All opinions expressed here are entirely my own.

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  1. During my trip to Andalusia, Granada was the cheapest city after Malaga and Seville. As you said, when you go to a tapas bar and have a drink, you get one tapas for every drink you order. Restaurants are cheaper than in Seville. About the Alhambra visit, the single ticket is quite affordable (about 13-14€) but it is strongly advised to take a guide (and in this case book in advance the guided tour). The price is then about 40€. In conclusion, if you want to discover the charm of Andalusia on a budget, Granada is clearly the destination to go to!

  2. Very nice to stay in Granada.
    Old town is very caractheristic and Alhambra is wonderful . . . .
    And then in the evening nothing better than “jamom e un vaso di sangria”

  3. Im backpacking in Spain for 20 days (that’s all I can get!). This 2-day on a budget in Granada is a BIG help. How did you get around the city, by bus? local train?

  4. I love La Buleria. Some of the worlds best flamenco guitarists have played here. Better tourists not know about this spot imo. Better to understand the culture and history of flamenco than go to a place that comes alive after 1-2am.

  5. secret tip for last minute Alhambra tix: there are ticket kiosks in a small building near the main ticket counters. If you pay with a debit or credit card, you can skip the line & buy tix (early morning is best still). If using a credit card, you must have a 4-digit PIN! We also heard about the main library in Granada having tix for sale but did not try that.

  6. The last time I saw a leg like that was on Dancing with the Stars, or was that an S&M site? The cave is neat. I wouldn’t want to have eaten a bowl of chili before I went in. The free appetizers with wine should be mandatory worldwide. The gypsy music should be worth the whole trip.

  7. I love Granada! One of my favourite things is to go to the Convent on Calle Gloria and buy traditional Andalucian sweets (more like cookies, but they are called sweets) from the nuns. The nuns living in the convent bake the sweets themselves and sell them as a way to earn a small income. They also sell wine, though it is made at another Convent, not at this particular one.

    Who would have thought… the nuns are actually amazing bakers. It’s not only for the novelty value, they taste good too!

  8. Never been to Grenada, but it looks beautiful! I dance Paso Doble, and Flamenco isn’t too far off, so I think this place would suit me just fine! :)

  9. I would also recommend the Parque de las Ciencias if you’re up for a bit of quirky fun. The Cathedral is an absolute must. The Catholic Kings, Isabel and Ferdinand are buried there. This couple was extremely important to Spanish history! The Arab Baths are also pretty affordable if the girls (and guys) out there are looking to relax and be pampered for a few hours. I studied abroad in this city back in 2010 and loved every minute of it. This post definitely took me back.