Why I Love GoPro Accessories From GoPole (Plus A Giveaway!)

GoPro Accessories
Win GoPro Accessories from GoPole

GoPole selfie sticks were made for adventure travel. That’s why I’m giving one lucky reader a box of awesome new GoPro accessories from GoPole!

UPDATE: We Have A Winner!
Congratulations to Conor from the UK!

I’m a huge fan of GoPro cameras, and have been traveling around the world with them for over 4 years now. What makes a GoPro special is the countless ways you can use it to capture your experiences. The possibilities are endless!

A whole industry has sprung up around custom accessories for your GoPro camera, and an innovative company called GoPole is leading the pack.

They make the infamous “selfie sticks” like the GoPole Evo & GoPole Reach, along with other great products.

I don’t care what The Oatmeal says, everyone should get a selfie stick! Especially if you’re traveling with a GoPro. Embrace your inner egomaniac.

Amazing travel photos are always the best souvenirs…

GoPole Accessories
My ‘Voldemort Shark Selfie’ with a GoPole

GoPole Mounts & Selfie Sticks

I’m super excited to be teaming up with GoPole this year to show you what’s possible with their gear. Some of my favorite products are the lightweight and waterproof GoPole Evo, the ingenious Arm Extension, and the always handy Hi-Torque Thumbscrews.

To kick off the partnership, I’m giving one lucky reader a box full of their best stuff! Perfect for capturing adventure sports and travel experiences in unique ways that are difficult or impossible with regular cameras.

GoPole accessories allow you to record amazing photos & video of scuba diving, rock climbing, ziplines, snow sports, snorkeling, surfing, hiking, jet-skiing, bungee jumping, and much more.

GoPole Accessories
Snowboarding Whistler with the GoPole Reach

Awesome GoPro Accessories

This giveaway is for a box of GoPole’s most popular products called the Core Bundle. It does not include GoPro cameras or WiFi Remotes like you see in the photo, only accessories made by GoPole. Here’s exactly what you get:

  • GoPole Reach
  • GoPole Evo
  • GoPole Grenade Grip
  • GoPole Bobber Grip
  • GoPole Arm Extension
  • Hi-Torque Thumbscrews
  • GoPole Lens Pen
GoPole Accessories
GoPole Core Bundle

How To Enter Contest

Log into the Rafflecopter widget with Facebook or your email address and follow the instructions below. The first step is mandatory, but the others will give you extra contest entries (and more chances to win!).

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Good luck, and happy, uh, selfies! Selfiing? You know what I mean. ★

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Where would you use your new selfie stick? How? I would LOVE to hear…



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100 thoughts on “Why I Love GoPro Accessories From GoPole (Plus A Giveaway!)”

  1. Firstly, thanks for the contest.
    I would use it on out new adventure using our RV, being an ex-Aussie seeing the mighty USA.

  2. Hitting the road soon for at least two years, so these accessories would be awesome. Also starting a travel blog (wish me luck). Keep being awesome \m/

  3. wow! what a great prize to be able to win! i would use my selfie stick in my holiday to America. It would let me capture footage like never before! i could use it with the fish and up the top of the statue of liberty! You are such an inspiring man and i would love too win a core bundle!!!

  4. I think this is a great idea! If I win I will be using this to take pictures in Uganda on my 6 week trip to Uganda!

  5. I just got my first GoPro camera about a month ago! It was an early birthday present to myself. I’ve wanted one for a long time but kept balking at the price. I love it already, but could use some accessories!

  6. I’d love to use these accessories on my upcoming honeymoon to Puerto Vallarta! Can’t wait to get away from the hustle and bustle and relax in some waves.

  7. I’d use my stick to try some cliff jumping here on Oahu, while I still live here! Hoping to go back to Big Island and Lanai again too so the stick will come in handy!!

  8. You are my inspiration to travel and the entire reason I steered away from sitting behind a desk the rest of my life – I can’t thank you enough. I’ve never been content with that idea, and you’ve given me something I actually want to do and made it possible. (:

  9. Would totally use these accessories on my trip around Florida. Swimming with the manatees and riding an airboat. Excited to see who wins this great prize bundle.

  10. I saw some girl go crazy with her selfie stick during mardi gras. Never would have thought these things were party fun!

  11. Honestly, I think I’d use the stick just about everywhere. I want to start vlogging and get myself on camera more, but with a heavy regular camera that’s such a hassle – with the GoPro it’s a breeze!

  12. Matthew,
    I jut stumbled across your network of sites tonight when I was looking up GoPro accessories…wow did I find more than that! lol
    You inspire, sir. I’m only 37, and I have done a lot of travel across Europe and South America, and while in some ways it seems like only yesterday, it was actually a long time ago (during and after college). Travel seems to have changed so much, gotten much more expensive, and has even lost some of its magic for me. My wife and I went to Germany/France last year (where I lived and worked for a few years, again, many years ago) and train travel had tripled in price, upgrades to couchettes/beds were ridiculous, and hotels seem to have inflated out of my reach. I guess I have come to terms that I travel differently with my wife in tow than I did, and now that I’m not traveling with student discounts things are sure to change.
    All of my babbling aside, I want to thank you for your adventures, and for making travel exciting for all of us who can now see the world, perhaps some places for the first time – through your eyes, through your experiences, and through your love of travel.

    • Thanks for the kind words Larry! Comments like this totally make my week, I really appreciate it. Glad you’re enjoying the site.

      The good thing to keep in mind is there are always places to explore that are not so expensive. Sometimes it’s better to try somewhere new anyway. For example, I’ve been hearing wonderful things about Eastern Europe. Plenty to see and not so pricey. Anyway, good luck with the contest!

  13. I would love to use a gopro in my first backpacking RTW trip. i’m 18 and i’m going solo to central america this up coming march! :)

  14. In the process of buying one for my next trip (in a couple weeks).

    Can’t wait to give it a shot!

    BTW, kudos on giveaway. Everyone loves free stuff!!!

  15. This giveaway is amazing!! I’d love to win because it would allow me to create amazing memories during my travels and also improve the photography on my blog! Thanks for the opportunity :)

  16. I’m just about to purchase my very first GoPro, so this is such perfect timing! I would use one of the selfie sticks next month when I go swimming with manatees in Florida!

  17. Heading to the Arctic in May to start a 10 000km bicycle ride through Eastern Europe. When it gets too cold we are heading to the Caribbean for 4 months. I just might wear our new GoPro out!!!

  18. As a great companion of the GoPro, Iwould use the “Selfie Stick” to document my “Project Solo” – To let people see through my eyes and my lens; To inspire others to travel; and To help others realize that we all deserve to be happy.

    So get ready with the GoPole and take that selfie!

  19. hey dude!
    love reading your blog, and your travel resources are really helpful to me as I’m setting out on my first solo trip around the world soon. Would use the GoPole bundle to capture great moments with all the friends I hope to make throughout my journey! I only have shitty self-made accessories for my gopro atm. Haha

  20. My girlfriend and I are heading to Paris then London with her family end of August. From there we’re taking off on own heading through Europe and making our way down to SE Asia, down to Australia then eventually back home to Boston… maybe. I bought a Hero 4 Silver and a few other things from your links but this would be a nice addition! Great blog!

  21. I would use the gopole core bundle on my trip to South America and at home attempting to back flip my jet ski

  22. I would use the GoPole Bobber when dive in the cenote caves in Mexico and use GoPole EVO when I go jet ski with my wife!

  23. First, i would use that new bundle here in my country costa rica, visiting the different national parks, and the beach. Soon i will be living in germany for a year, so that means i would also use my new selfie stick visiting all places in germany, and the last place in where i would use it will be in the oktoberfest the biggest beer festival in the world.

  24. haha i see these self stick things everywhere, especially around tourist hot spots. They look like a great idea for solo sports and solo travel !!

  25. I would use the GoPro accessories in Mexico swimming with Whale Sharks, During the London Marathon 2015 and during my backpacking trip in Asia beginning in August!!! :-)

  26. The more I look into these products the more I could see myself loving them. Do you carry both Reach and Evo, or is there one you prefer more?

  27. I’m going to Bangkok soon and I just bought a GoPro Hero4 Silver. This accessories would definitely be useful in capturing the sights and sounds of my first solo trip. Thanks Matt for the giveaway!

      • I’ll be there from 24 to 26 February (aka this month). Hopefully you’ll still be around and I would love to meet you although I’m really shy. Send me an email.

  28. I would use my new selfie stick at one of the upcoming Naked Man festivals here in Japan. 1000s of us naked men fight in the cold and rivers for incense sticks thrown by shrine priests. ….sounds killer.

  29. We’re going swimming with the sharks in Tahiti in a couple months. Just picked up a GoPro Hero 4 Silver to film it. I would definitely love to have the GoPole bundle for that trip!

  30. You mean more than I already do? I’d use it when visiting Carolina Stadium or Williams Brice Stadium while watching the Gamecocks. Or during one of my many obstacle races this year. Awesome giveaway!

  31. I would definitely use the selfie stick on some awesome adventures – I’ve got trips to New Zealand and Iceland lined up where it would be sure to get a workout!

  32. I enjoy using selfie sticks when hiking (to get a better vantage point) or when snorkeling. I like that I can use the stick to get closer to the wildlife & coral when snorkeling.

  33. All this gear would be incredibly useful for my trip to Boracay in March! Really liked the diving photo with the sharks.

  34. Where would you use your new selfie stick?:

    I love to travel all over the world, and I just recently purchased a go-pro. The selfie stick and the other accessories would really help me get the most out of my footage!

  35. I’m about to take off to Europe and North Africa for 6 months and would love to use it! I would use it in places like camel trekking through the Sahara Desert, skiing in the Alps, the Greek isles, surfing in Portugal, various WWOOFing experiences, and in all the historical cities I visit, just to name a few. Basically, I would use it everywhere I go! It’s perfect for me to travel with. Love your stuff man, you’ve inspired me to try some more adventurous things!

  36. I am planning to use my GoPro on my trip to Colombia this year!
    When will you select the winner?
    Looking forward to the box of goodies!!

  37. I’m getting married in a few months and i plan on using my Gopro to document it. These accessories would be great for that.

  38. Used my gopro on a jet boat ride up to Iguazu Falls this time last year! GoPole would’ve been awesome to have!

  39. Hey Matthew,

    Nice giveaway :)

    Headed to Lapland in a few weeks so the GoPole accessories would be an amazing fit for our GoPro out there :)


    • That was taken at Protea Banks in South Africa. Still haven’t written about it yet… I have video too. These are reef sharks, but below me there were Bulls. They kept their distance from us. When we first jumped in there was a big Tiger too.

  40. Amazing! Hope to win… :) I discovered your blog few weeks back and can’t stop reading! Love it!! Let me know if you come to Dubai. Happy to show you around. :)

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