My Flying Mobile Office

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Mobile Office

My Flying Office

As a perpetual traveler, it can be difficult to work while constantly moving from place to place. So I often create a makeshift office inside vehicles like airplanes or buses.

In the past I would just pull out my laptop and worked from there. But sometimes a laptop is overkill, which is why I’ve absolutely loved using this Zagg Bluetooth Pocket Keyboard with my iPhone over the past month.

Some people are experts at typing from their phones. I’m not one of them.

Mobile Office

Zagg Bluetooth Keyboard

Portable Bluetooth Keyboard

When the guys over at Zagg asked me to try out their cool new folding keyboard, I thought it was a great idea. I’ve tested it on 4 different flights now, one bus ride, and at a travel conference — and it’s super slick!

The keyboard is thin enough to fit in your pocket, unfolds easily, and will hold your phone in place while you type away.

It’s comfortable to type on due to it being only 85% the size of a regular keyboard, and easily fits on an airline tray-table with plenty of room to spare.

Mobile Office

Office With a View!

Working From The Clouds

The Zagg Bluetooth Keyboard has helped me type blog posts on my iPhone 6 (works on Android too) using my favorite app Evernote on long-haul flights across the Pacific Ocean and from Asia to Europe.

The keyboard is nice and compact, approximately the size of a long, thin TV remote control when folded. Small enough to fit in your pocket if you have large pockets, and weighs only 6.8 ounces.

Once linked to your phone via bluetooth, simply unfold to turn it on and you’re ready to start typing away!

I often need to work long hours in strange places, and working from an efficient mobile office like this helps me stay on top of it all. ★

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Are you good at typing on your smartphone?



  1. This looks like the perfect solution to my broken laptop! I’ve been writing blog posts from my Galaxy, but thanks my very un- dexterous fingers most of them come out with a plethora of grammar and punctuation mistakes. My right thumb has also developed a strange and inconvenient twitch. I’m so happy to have come across this post, thanks!

  2. Some people might be quite adept at tapping out long messages with clarity and purpose on their smartphones but I always end up with typos and issues, and they take too long, plus have found it rather difficult to concentrate on a plane anyway with all the ambient noises, but I do wish I had a way I could perform while in the air, it would save a ton of time.

  3. wow, sounds like a nifty little thing. Can fit in my purse. But then, being a lady I am pretty good with typing on my phone (thanks to all that chatting) :-)

  4. funny that your mobile office is a Cebu Pacific plane! hehe I rode that small plane on my Cebu to Kalibo trip on my way to Boracay and it gave me the fright of my life. I wonder how you you are able to work there with such small legroom!

    I hope in the future I could read from you planes and airport reviews. I have flown a lot of budget airlines but soon flying via Aeroflot for the first time from Asia to the Europe, and everyone I encountered told me I’m going to kill myself. I hope I can hear soon from a travel expert.

  5. That’s a nifty little accessory! I know what you mean about trying to use a laptop when mobile, last time I flew I wanted to get my laptop out to type, but it’s just too bulky to use comfortably. Something like this would come in really handy! Thanks!

    What’s the battery life like?

  6. Thank you for the GENIUS reminder! I am behind the gun on a book deadline and have to go away this weekend on a business trip. I have a larger laptop (plus I’m 6’4″) and the thought of wrangling it and me on a plane was giving me fits. A friend had given me a bluetooth keyboard for my iPad a few months ago and I promptly buried it in a drawer. Well, I just dug it out and am going to make this sucka work!

    Cheers and safe travels!

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