Faces of Nicaragua: Delver & Danielle

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People of Nicaragua Delver Danielle

Meet Delver & Danielle

First Name: Delver
Where Are You From: El Hatillo, Nicaragua
Occupation: Family Farmer (Degree in Agricultural Engineering)
Favorite Music: Bob Marley & Metallica
Where Would You Like to Travel: “New Hampshire in the United States, because I now have many good friends there.”

First Name: Danielle
Where Are You From: New Hampshire, United States
Occupation: Peace Corp Volunteer (Degree in Music Education)
Favorite Music: Rock, Bachatta, & Soul
Where Would You Like to Travel: “Italy, to get to know the countryside and the people. My Dad is Italian and we went together once for a short 10 days and I was unprepared for how deeply I fell in love with the culture, the language, and the FOOD.”

I’d like to introduce you to Delver & Danielle, currently living in the town of El Hatillo, Nicaragua. They invited me to spend a few days working with them on volunteer projects in the small farming community of 400 people. Bucket showers, traveling by horseback, and no electricity are some of the daily challenges they face. I had an amazing time with them, experiencing what life is like in a rural Nicaraguan town.

“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.”  ~ TIM CAHILL


  1. It really is a small world to go all the way to Nicaragua and find a person from NH and now a person who has probably met so many people from there that now they want to visit. Its funny cause you might be in NH and never seem the but go away and you notice.

  2. So glad that you got to meet and work with Danielle–your mothers work together every day and now our “kids” get to work together in Nicaragua!!

  3. It is a small world. I’d like to hear a few bars of “It’s a Small World” from this Trish person. It’s SO SMALL someone from Florida could come up, take a weekend and shovel snow in NH and then go back and watch the Yankees beat the Red Socks.

  4. Small world, who would have thought you would be all the way in Central America and find someone from NH and someone who wants to go to NH. The world is a lot smaller than we think.

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