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Dirty Hot Dogs, Weapon Shipments, and Gothic Churches

Armed Men Protect Guns

Automatic Weapon Shipment Convoy

Four of us packed into a tiny car for a driving tour around Guatemala City. The rules for auto travel in the city are: lock your doors, roll the windows up halfway, and don’t stop too close to the car in front of you.

These rules are to protect against possible dirt-bike bandits. I’m not trying to scare anyone, the city is much safer than the press makes it out to be. Odds are good that absolutely nothing bad will happen. But “Be Prepared” is a fantastic motto that should be practiced at all times.

I could shoot them, but I’d have to do it quick.

The men in the photo above were part of a 3 truck police convoy that was delivering guns to some unknown location. The truck in front of this one had a blue tarp covering the bulging cargo. You could see the guns under the tarp. I wasn’t sure if I could take a photo of them without getting in trouble, but our guide Manuel said it was fine. I could shoot them, but I’d have to do it quick.

Gothic Yurrita Church Guatemala

Yurrita Churc

We parked the car and walked to a gothic looking church up the street to take some photos. The cross at the top was having some issues, which just added to it’s character. But now everyone was hungry, and it was time to eat.

Our destination was an area known for it’s shuco or “dirty one”. Hotdog vendor gangs stand in the middle of the street, running after cars to sell them the delicious treats. Every street corner has it’s own team of vendors trying to outdo each other. We pulled over and ordered 3 Schwarzeneggers, for $20 Quetzales ($2.50 US) each. But you really get two hot dogs, not just one.

Shuco Hot Dog

Manuel Showing Off His Shuco

Despite its name, the hot dogs are amazing. After stuffing ourselves, we headed to a supermarket so I could pick up some toiletries that I was missing due to the checked baggage predicament. At the supermarket, we ran into a group of women walking inside.

All 5 of them had fake a**es! I’m not lying. They had butt implants, and it was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while. I was told they were models that were working at an auto race that weekend. Unfortunately, I wasn’t brave enough to whip out my camera, so you’ll have to use your imagination.

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