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The journey towards your destination is the best part of any adventure. It’s those little moments that join together and form a truly memorable experience.

The last few months have certainly been a memorable journey for me. I spent the summer traveling with new friends, embracing outdoor activities and celebrating the end of each adventure with a refreshing margarita.

Through my partnership with Cayman Jack, I was able to explore all kinds of new challenges — like learning to sail, kayaking down waterfalls, surfing a river, and camping out in a traditional tipi tent.

Here’s a breakdown of all the cool things I experienced this summer.

Cayman Jack
Learning To Sail
Cayman Jack
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Sailing Around Key West

The summer started with a jeep road trip from Miami to Key West. Mix in a couple of beautiful women, some Cayman Jack margaritas, and a stuffed pet shark, and you’ve got yourself the makings of a good time.

My friends Stephanie & Lauren drove down to the famous Conch Republic with me on a mission to go sailing. We learned how to maneuver through the emerald green waters of Key West in a steady 10-15 knot wind.

Stopping to go snorkeling with lobsters before returning to shore for a night of dancing on Duval street to the sounds of hot Cuban & Salsa music.

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Cayman Jack
River Surfing Montreal
Cayman Jack
Celebrating a Successful Surf Mission

River Surfing In Canada

Next on my summer to-do list was to surf some waves. But not your typical ocean surfing… river waves! Known for strong currents and whitewater rapids, Montreal’s Saint Lawrence River is one of a handful of spots in the world that boasts a perpetual wave that you can surf using a traditional surfboard.

You’d think river water would be icy cold in Canada too. But the Saint Lawrence is surprisingly mild. It took me at least 6 attempts to get the hang of it, and I have some surfing experience.

I spent 3 days surfing in Montreal, along with some locals, and we shared refreshing margaritas on the shore while waiting for our respective turns. River surfing is a unique experience you can’t find just anywhere!

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Cayman Jack
Riding Whitewater Rapids
Cayman Jack
Chilled in the River

Whitewater Kayaking New England

Kayaking is one of my favorite adventure sports. Whitewater kayaking especially. Rafting is fun too, but with whitewater kayaking, you’re calling all the shots yourself. It’s you against the turbulent water.

While I was in New Hampshire visiting family, I made it a point to run the local river a few times, including one Class 5 section with a waterfall. Kayaking down Class 5 rapids is a challenge I’ve been wanting to overcome for years.

The feeling of charging forward through a wall of spray and launching over a 10 foot waterfall only to get sucked under then thrown back out at the bottom was exhilarating. It was like riding a liquid rollercoaster.

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Cayman Jack
Ziplining Over Dalsland
Cayman Jack
Campfire Toast

Camping In Sweden

To finish off my summer with Cayman Jack, I brought a reader with me to Sweden for a road trip up the West coast. Katie and I stopped in the Dalsland Forest for a day of zip-lining, kayaking, and hanging out with moose. You know, those big goofy animals with antlers?

Dalsland is famouse for its dense old-growth forests and countless crystal clear lakes. The area is an outdoor lover’s paradise — a perfect landscape for enjoying activities like hiking, fishing, camping, mountain biking, canoeing, and more.

We spent the night on the side of a lake, camping in a traditional tipi tent, similar to the kind used by the Sámi indigenous people of the region. Lighting a fire inside the tent to keep the bugs away, and sleeping on pine branches and reindeer hides.

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Cheers To Adventure!

After all these awesome adventures this summer, I learned there’s nothing better on a hot day than a cold margarita crafted from organic key limes, 100% blue agave nectar, and pure cane sugar. It was the perfect way to celebrate these different journeys.

Especially the adrenaline-filled outdoor ones. My favorite kind!

I’m happy I was able to take Cayman Jack along for the ride. So tell me, what challenges did you accomplish this summer? Did you have any fun adventures? Let me know in the comments below!


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When was the last time you had a margarita? Where was it? Drop me a message in the comments below!

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  1. Haha some wacky photos at the start…That Shark looks dangerous!! Hmmm for some reason i feel like cayman jack now…I wonder why?

  2. That river surfing is something I would be well up for. My highlights, 1. hiking in Zakopane, Poland 2. Mountain biking on Olkhon Island, Siberia 3. Hiking Atolby National Park, Siberia