Clearly Filtered Water Bottle: Perfect For Travel

Clearly Filtered Water Bottle
Clearly Filtered Water Bottle
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Thinking about a Clearly Filtered water bottle for backpacking trips or international travel? I was pleasantly surprised at how useful it is.

Constantly buying plastic water bottles from a store can be convenient on the road, but it’s horrible for the environment and super expensive as well. If we want to be environmentally friendly travelers, we all need to quit the bottled water habit.

These new water filters from Clearly Filtered help do just that.

Real Cost Of Bottled Water

At an average price of $1.00 for a 20 oz bottle of water, it will cost you about $6.40 to drink a gallon of store-bought water. Gas is only $3.00 a gallon, and it takes a whole hell of a lot more work to pull oil out of the ground than it does to filter tap water!

Bottled water is big business.

When we travel, buying bottled water just seems so much more convenient. But you are wasting a TON of money, not to mention all the harm plastic bottles do to the environment when thrown away.

Save Money With Water Filters

If you are worried about the quality of your water when traveling in foreign countries, there are many different ways to filter it.

  • Dissolvable Tablets
  • UV Light Wands
  • Hand Pump Filters
  • Boiling

I’ve found all these options have advantages & disadvantages.

Disinfection Tablets are small, lightweight, and easy to use, but they must dissolve for a few hours to become effective. Then if you run out, depending on where you are, it may be hard to buy more.

Ultra-Violet Light Wands seem like a fast way to disinfect water, but they need batteries, a separate filter for debris, plus a backup set of batteries in case the first set goes dead.

Hand Pump Filters can clean dirty water pretty quickly, but they are bulky and awkward to use. Trying to use them when you aren’t actually hiking just makes you look foolish.

Boiling water is highly effective at removing all bacteria and viruses, but it’s very time-consuming to start a fire, heat to a boil, and then wait to cool down every time you need to replenish your water supplies.

Clearly Filtered Water Bottle Review
Testing the Filter Bottle on a Hike

Clearly Filtered: Why I Like It

After testing one of the stainless steel Clearly Filtered bottles, I can honestly say that it’s something I will frequently use while traveling & hiking. Out of all the options out there, it’s the most convenient for my particular travel style.

The internal filter is good for over 100 gallons of water (almost 6 months of regular use). It’s pretty incredible that a filter that small is so effective. The cost of using Clearly Filtered is low, at only $0.35 per gallon. A HUGE savings over the $6.40 per gallon that it would cost to buy bottled water all the time.

Filling the bottle with tap water (for example in a town with a questionable water supply) is very fast and easy. The water is instantly ready to be consumed. It gets sucked through the filter while you drink, like from a straw.

The same is true using water from a river or pond while out hiking in the wilderness. There is absolutely no wait time with this filter. A huge plus.

Multiple Uses

Another thing I like about this version is that it’s made with stainless steel. If for some reason the filter wears out while I’m in the wilderness, I can always use the container to boil water over a fire in an emergency.

The bottle is slim and easily fits securely on a backpack, unlike the old Nalgene bottle I used to have. Bonus points because I’m able to drink from it on a bumpy bus ride without spilling all over myself!

It removes almost 99% of bacteria, metals, contaminants, viruses, and even parasites like Cryptosporidium found in streams and lakes. That’s actually better than most filters on the market (Brita, Pur, Zerowater).

The filter is also easily removed when not needed, turning it into a normal everyday water bottle.

Clearly Filtered Water Bottle Review
Comparing the Competition

Very Few Disadvantages

While I really do love this water filter, it isn’t perfect.

Drinking from the straw is a slower process than normal, but not so bad that it’s a pain. And after the filter is “broken in” a bit, it starts to flow faster.

UPDATE: Just received the newest model & drinking speed has improved!

Stainless steel is heavy. Don’t get me wrong, this bottle is pretty light. But it could be even lighter if it was made from Titanium. This would add to it’s cost, but I’d be willing to pay for something that weighs less.

But they also have plastic models available that weigh less.

On a longer hike with scarce water sources, 20 ounces of water storage will not be enough. A larger container to hold additional liquid will sometimes be necessary.

But this 2nd container doesn’t actually need to be filtered, because I can always pour the unfiltered water into the Clearly Filtered bottle when needed!


The pros of the Clearly Filtered system easily outweigh the cons. This bottle has now become a part of my regular gear for long-term travel around the world. Highly recommended. ★

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I hope you enjoyed this post on my favourite filtered water bottle! Hopefully you found it useful. Here are a few more wanderlust-inducing articles that I recommend you read next:

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  1. Hey Mathhew, I found this article really informative, but I noticed in the comments that a few people had been talking about this Iodine stuff. I’m kinda ignorant as hell, and don’t know anything about that stuff. I also didn’t notice you address it in your post or in response to anyone’s comment, so I was wondering if you, or anybody else, could address it for me.

  2. I emailed the company yesterday. They now say this bottle does NOT remove viruses. And you will see its not on the list of things it removes when you view the bottle. You need a .02 Micron filter OR Iodine to remove the viruses.
    It seems hard to get one that will remove viruses without Iodine.
    I found this one that does NOT use Iodine to get rid of viruses:

    And this straw DOES use Iodine to remove viruses. But it looks pretty useful for some suituations.

  3. I need to know whether there is iodine in this filter? I already have a compromised thyroid and need an iodine free filter. Thanks

  4. What is the cost of a replacement filter, what is it’s shelf life if it is to be carried as a spare (unused) and how readily available are the replacement filters?

  5. I tested the Athlete edition of Clearly Filtered, and I can’t say I was satisfied. While now I appreciate the comfort of having a filtration system while travelling, this specific model is leaking model when squeezed, getting moldy, the straw gets easily dirty and filters are expensive and don’t last long. The last two I guess are the same on your metal version, plus I guess it’s even more difficult to suck water, since you can’t squeeze it.

    If you know of any model that solve these problems, please let me know!

  6. I was excited to find your review. It looks like the company has removed the percentage about bacteria. Any news on your end if that would still be effective. Thanks

  7. Do you need a water filter when you are are backpacking from city to city? I bought this foldable “travel” water bottle and it is great but dunno if I should also buy a filtered one. Thoughts?

  8. Do you know where I can purchase a clearly filtered water bottle in the UK ? If I purchase one directly from Clearly filtered shipping costs are quite high

  9. Hi Matt,

    Thanks so much for posting about this very promising looking bottle! I was talking to the staff at a local outdoor equipment store and they seemed skeptical about the removal of 99.9% -viruses-, especially in my future travels to Central and South America. Did you use this bottle with you in Central America? Your site is fantastic by the way! It has been most helpful and motivating for me while I get ready for my travels of indefinite length. :)

  10. thanks for the info! I bought one from Japan.
    maybe,It’s can shipping all over the world. my shipping fee was $12:)

  11. How did you break it in? I bought and I have let water sit it in for two days. I have been trying to suck the water up but nothing is happening. What did you do?

  12. So i bought one. the filter that i got does not connect with the cap. it falls down once i want to drink it … from the cap… so in the end … i ended up drinking with the filter. I got it today.. and i regret that i got it. DON’T GET IT … IT IS A FRAUD!! the bottle that i receive contains scratches and poorly painted. the words that i got have like left over spray…. I got tricked!!! so don’t get it!!!

      • Did you seriously just tell him to stop being dramatic? How about you stop being a dick? The guy spent a lot of money on a bottle, and it was a complete dud. For that price, their quality control should be top-notch. Just because you got paid to include their product in your list doesn’t make your (paid/ compensated) opinion the official review of the product. In fact, it makes reviews like his even more important! The more I read about this bottle, the more poor reviews I’m finding. Bottles should not be hard to drink from, filters should not fall off, etc… This company might have a great idea, but it seems that their production has fallen short on many occasions.

  13. You say it’s safe to drink immediately after filtering, but you also say it removes 99% of bacteria… It just stresses me out knowing that the 1% could be something horrible. Thoughts?

  14. Thank you for recommending this. I can’t seem to find it in or UK ebay or googling “clearly UK bottle”.. can you suggest an alternative brand of similar quality please? My brother is coming from the UK to Saudi Arabia in a week so it’s gotta be UK based for me to get it.. can’t go the ‘ship from the US route’

  15. My daughter is heading to India for a few weeks and I’m researching a filtered water source for her. Thanks for the info. She was in Thailand (Chang Mai) earlier this year and didn’t have any problems, but we both want her to enjoy the trip rather than spend it on a squat toilet.

  16. Yes, Matthew, I agree with Mike concerning the dangers of aluminum. I work at a health food store and none of us would think of using aluminum cookware or containers. Many believe that aluminumun is a contributing factor in cases of Alzheimers, and that the aluminum present in anti-perspirants can lead to breast cancer. Aluminum is toxic as are a lot of the plastic containers used in bottled water. At the very least, the plastic should be BPA-free. Regular plastics create bad estrogens in our bodies. You can research all of this online. Thanks for your website.

  17. Good stuff. I’m in. I’ve always hated the cost and waste of buying water on the road. If you tell me you’re using that to filter tap water in Thailand, them I’m buying one for third-world travel alone.

    • Yup, saves a lot of money & plastic. Luckily Chiang Mai had small filter stations on street corners, where you can fill a 2 liter bottle for 2 baht ($0.07). But most areas don’t have those, and the Clearly Filtered bottle is fantastic in those situations.

    • Water in Thailand is not as bad as people make it out to be. I go there for months at a time, and the only food or drink based problem I have EVER had there came from a U.S.-style restaurant. Water has been the least of my worries. It is plentiful and very cheap there, even in 7-Eleven.

  18. I used a Steripen in Central America and I highly recommend it. I think one set of batteries covered me for 6 months or so.

    • I’ve owned a Steripen too. While it was effective, the Clearly Filtered costs half the price, includes the bottle (you need a separate Nalgene bottle with the Steripen), is easier to use, and weighs a bit less.

      While I wouldn’t get rid of the Steripen, I’d buy this first if you currently have no filter system. :)

  19. I understand in the very olden days – ask some of your Aunts and Uncles, people drank beer, rum and wine because the water was bad. That sound like a good idea. No sense in risking bacteria and other bad things in water. As an added benefit, they were much happier back then too. It pays to review history.

  20. Not just for hikers. As a mom running around town all day, I can go through a couple of those expensive plastic water bottles that end up littering the car floor. This is a great solution!

  21. I think this water bottle is useful. I never thought that one could save money in water bottles, but now I think that I must save some money.