5 Photos That Capture the Colour of Travel

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Key West Sunset

Key West Sunset

Key West, Florida

I’ve been traveling for almost 2 years now, creating thousands of images with my Canon 7D camera along the way. The following photographs capture the colors of my travels.

Steph & Andres from Discovering Ice have recently nominated me to take part in Travel Supermarket’s Capture the Colour Contest (thanks guys!).

The idea is to search through all your personal travel photos and find favorites that fit within a certain color category. I’ll then be nominating 5 other travel bloggers to do the same. There are 5 awesome judges who will pick winners for each category, as well as an overall winner.

Going back through these images brought up a ton of great memories – I still can’t believe all the cool things I’ve seen since I started traveling! So check out my personal travel photo selections below, and tell me what you think of them.

BLUE: Two Umbrellas

Blue Umbrellas Nicaragua

Two Blue Umbrellas, Nicaragua

Esteli, Nicaragua

While strolling through the streets of Esteli Nicaragua I happened upon this street vendor protecting himself from the sun with a big blue umbrella. But behind him was some fantastic graffiti that included another big blue umbrella! Plus you can’t go wrong with the blue bike and blue DVDs along the wall. Ever since I captured this image, I’ve always wondered: whose umbrella actually came first? :D

GREEN: Vineyards of Stellenbosch

Vineyards of Stellenbosch South Africa

Delaire Graff Vineyard, South Africa

Stellenbosch, South Africa

Welcome to the Delaire Graff Estate Vineyards outside of Cape Town. South Africa has a rich tradition of wine-making that goes back to when the Dutch arrived in the mid 1600’s. The panoramic Helshoogte Mountain Pass happens to be an ideal place to grow grapes. South Africa actually has it’s very own special blend of wine called “Pinotage”, a mix of Pinot Noir and Hermitage fruit. It was a very cloudy day but I got lucky when the sun finally peaked out — highlighting the tops of these beautiful green vines.

YELLOW: Blanca Smokes a Big One

Blue Umbrellas Nicaragua

Blanca & Her Cigar, Guatemala

Antigua, Guatemala

I’d like you to meet Blanca. She was washing clothes at a public washing area in Antigua Guatemala, smoking this giant cigar. It’s hard to tell from the angle of my photo, but the cigar was almost a foot long! I love how her stained turquoise shirt complements the yellow pillar behind her. I sat down to chat with her for a while in my broken Spanish — she was a riot. There is additional yellow here, but unfortunately you can’t see Blanca’s teeth in this shot. :P

RED: The Poison Strawberry

Strawberry Dart Frog Costa Rica

Strawberry Dart Frog, Costa Rica

Tenorio National Park, Costa Rica

This is a Strawberry Poison Dart Frog that I found while camping inside the Tenorio National Park cloud forest in Costa Rica. He was climbing a green moss-covered tree, so his bright red & blue color stood out immediately. There are actually 15-30 different color morphs of the species — this type is called Blue Jeans because it looks like he’s wearing a pair of jeans! :)

WHITE: Alberto the Hermit

Alberto the Hermit Nicaragua

Alberto the Hermit Nicaragua

Tisey Nature Reserve, Nicaragua

Alberto is a hermit who’s been living in the mountains of the Tisey Nature Reserve in Nicaragua for over 30 years. He spends his days growing his own food and carving incredible art into the side of a cliff with hand tools he made himself. His creative sculptures stretch some 300 feet now, complete with natural color pigments and flowers he planted into cracks. I hitchhiked up into the mountains to meet him, share some tobacco & whisky, and marvel at his crazy white hair. :D

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I’m interested in your opinion. Which of the above shots is your favorite & why? Let me know in the comments!