The Betty & Barney Hill Incident

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Alien Abduction New Hampshire

Alien Abduction Site

New Hampshire, USA

A pasport is not required to travel around in your own backyard. Plenty of adventures await those who take the time to explore the country, state, and neighborhoods where they live.

he felt an inexplicable need to check his genitals…

I’ve been guilty of a failure to travel locally in the past. Did you know I once lived in Hawaii for a year, and never even visited Pearl Harbor? Completely unacceptable!

We often take for granted the many interesting and historic places around us. If you don’t have the money or time to visit India, Paris, or Antarctica, don’t worry.

There are many travel experiences available around your hometown.

You just need to make an effort to discover them.

America’s First Reported Alien Abduction

While home visiting family for a few weeks in the state of New Hampshire (located in the North Eastern United States), I had a sudden urge to go on a little travel adventure. It just so happened to be September 19th, the 50th anniversary of the Betty & Barney Hill Incident.

On the night of September 19th, 1961, Betty & Barney Hill were heading home from a vacation in Montreal, Canada. While driving South on Route 3 in New Hampshire, they both witnessed something in the sky.

Betty & Barney Hill New Hampshire

Betty & Barney Hill

Shooting Stars? Airplanes? Something Else?

The couple assumed it was a falling star at first. But as they kept driving, they changed their minds and decided it was an airplane.

But it continued to get closer and moved erratically through the sky, causing them to stop the car altogether and get out for a better look with some binoculars.

After a while their curiosity quickly turned into paralyzing fear when a pancake shaped craft hovered only 100 feet directly over them, and through the binoculars they witnessed 8-10 human-like creatures moving around inside.

This was no airplane.

Missing Time

Betty & Barney ran back to their car, and sped off down the road to escape the ship. But soon the whole car started vibrating, and they heard un-explainable buzzing noises. When it was over, they found that they had traveled 35 miles down the road, and had almost no memory of doing so.

They finally arrived home in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, nearly 7 hours after they had first started the trip. The drive should have only taken 4 hours – leaving them with 2-3 hours of “missing time” that they couldn’t remember.

Betty discovered her dress was ripped in multiple places, and it was covered with a pink powder. Barney’s shoes had scrape marks on the toe box, and he felt an inexplicable need to check his genitals in the bathroom when they got home. He found nothing wrong with them.

The car they were driving had shiny metallic circles in a concentric pattern on the trunk that hadn’t been there before.

The next day, Betty reported the incident to Pease Airforce Base. The military followed up with a phone interview and the whole report was forwarded to Project Blue Book, the US Airforce’s UFO research project.

Military radar had recorded a mysterious object in the same vicinity that night. There were no airplanes in the area at the time.

Alien Sculpture New Hampshire

Betty’s Sculpture of the Aliens

What Really Happened?

Betty & Barney kept their experience a secret from all but a few close family members & friends. They were afraid of being labeled eccentric or crazy. Barney worked for the US Postal Service, and Betty was a Social Worker. Both were active Christian church goers, members of the NAACP, and Barney sat on a board of the US Civil Rights Commission.

But privately they wanted an explanation about what had happened to them. They both began driving down to Boston for hypnosis sessions with Dr. Benjamin Simon, based on the recommendations of others.

Under separate sessions, both Betty & Barney recalled similar (yet slightly different) unbelievable memories. They were brought onto the ship, and taken into separate rooms for medical examinations. The creatures were not hostile, and even tried to comfort them.

The aliens could speak English, but when they did, their mouths didn’t move. They also spoke a mumbling language. Betty was shown a hologram star map, indicating where the aliens were from.

Both Betty & Barney exhibited considerable emotional distress during the hypnosis sessions.

Starmap New Hampshire

The Star Maps Seem to Match…

Visting the Site

Eventually a newspaper got wind of the story, and soon the whole country knew about the encounter. It became the first widely publicized and documented alien abduction story in the United States.

So on the 50th anniversary of Betty & Barney’s unexplainable experience, at the same exact time of night they had their encounter, I drove through the mountains down Route 3 in Lincoln, New Hampshire to follow in their footsteps.

The road was eerily empty, and I couldn’t help looking up at the stars every few minutes…

I like to think I’m a pretty logical person, and I believe that many UFO sightings can probably be explained away. But there are some that just don’t add up. Like jaw-dropping reports from trained military pilots, air traffic control towers, and group sightings witnessed by multiple soldiers & police officers from around the world.

As I drove down the road, following Betty & Barney’s route, I thought about what may or may not be out there in our universe.

Best of all, I was able to enjoy this little travel adventure in my own backyard. :D

Specific Details

Location: Indian Head in Lincoln
Notes: There is a sign marking the general location of the encounter on the side of Route 3 in Lincoln, New Hampshire. You can read many more details about the Betty & Barney Hill Abduction here. It’s quite a story!


  1. I have heard this story before, but love the way you presented it…and remind me of it so that I could share it forward. THANK YOU!

  2. Interesting story about the Hills. I don’t remember it at all. Glad to hear someone got his rum and cigars. Adventuring in your own backyard sounds like a really cool idea.

  3. I think your Dad is a very funny guy. And yes, many fun adventures close to home. Just got back from a classic all American road trip myself and will blog about it soon Thanks for an entertaining story Matt.

  4. I loved this article! I am one of those people who is always looking for something new in whatever place I find myself, which was very frequently the are around Philadelphia, PA. Since I have family and friends all over the world, I am also lucky enough to have visitors come to stay with me who want to explore…and seeing what is very familiar to me through their eyes, is wonderful. I am now in the UK for awhile, in an exceptionally lovely area in the northern part of England called Alston Moor. It’s great fun to have switched roles with the friends who live here, and are now seeing their home through my “new-to -the-area” lens! I started to write a blog, wondering what I would write/ Now each time I take time away to write, I can barely choose which subjects to write about first since I have so much I want to share!
    Please keep up the great work you are doing on your blog.. I look so forward to reading it!

  5. Adventures in your own backyard could include mowing, picking up sticks and raking. Aliens could arrive at any moment and want to know what was going on. I’ve lost track of time also. I’ve gone grocery shopping and then wondered where I’d been for an hour. As for checking genitals, obviously Barney is a good New Englander and knows where the highest priorities are. I always check after talking to politicians, telemarketers and lawyers. One can’t be too careful.

    1. It could be. BUT. It seems I keep buying bread, cold cuts, chips, good beer and they vanish as soon as I get them home. Any ideas as to why this might occur? It might be aliens or even wild chipmunks – I’m at a loss. As an Expert Vagabond, you might know. It actually started with some good rum and cigars I received as a gift. The rum goes “poof”. I blame it on bald green or gray men, or are they wearing makeup? Adventures are made up of such riddles.

  6. Kudos for hitting the ‘backyard’ adventure and you scored something interesting.

    Reminds me of Dorothy at the end of the film, “The Wizzard of Oz,” when she said, “…if I ever go looking for my heart’s desire again, I won’t look any further than my own backyard; because if it isn’t there, I never really lost it to begin with.”

    There’s a LOT to see beyond your backyard but if you never check your own yard, you don’t have anything to compare/contrast the rest to. *grin*

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