A Car Free Sunday in Guatemala City

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Dancers with Band

Today was Sunday, and I felt like wandering around Guatemala City. I joined a couple from Portland, Oregon for a walk down the main street in Zona 10 of the city.

The avenue was closed off to traffic for an event called Paso y Pedales (Steps & Pedals). Citizens could bike, walk, and skate down the road to enjoy the day. It’s part of a larger worldwide movement called Car Free Days.

In one park along the route, we found a band and some dancers taking part in some sort of fund-drive put together by the mayor’s wife. There were people selling art, photos, and sweets while clowns and a Santa Clause performed for kids.

Guard with Shotgun

Friends with Guns

Further down the street, I found this guy. One of the many private security men that guard the shopping plazas, gas stations, and banks in the city was standing in front of a sign that read Friends.

It was too funny to pass up, so I politely asked him for a photo. He looked confused for a second, then agreed after thinking about it for a bit.

Goat Rides

Rent Your Own Goat

There were many different parks next to the street, and some of them had horse, donkey, or goat rides for kids. This family was treating their children to a goat ride. I wanted to ride a goat but they wouldn’t let me. :(

Decorations for Christmas were getting set up all over town as well. Things like lights, banners, and a giant 80 ft. tall wire constructed Christmas tree.

The day was very relaxed and families were out in abundance with their children and dogs. I felt completely safe the whole time, and so did everyone else walking around that day.

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