7 Super Shots: Epic Travel Adventures

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Ometepe Sunset Nicaragua

Sunset on Ometepe Island

I’ve been traveling full-time for over a year now, creating thousands of images with my Canon 7D camera along the way. The following photographs are some of my favorites from the journey so far.

Cameron & Nicole Wears from The Traveling Canucks have recently nominated me to take part in the 7 Super Shots game created by HostelBookers (Thanks guys!)

The idea is to search through all your personal travel photos and find favorites that fit within a certain category. I’ll then be nominating 5 other travel bloggers to do the same.

Going back through these images brought up a ton of great memories – I still can’t believe all the crazy stuff I’ve done since I started traveling! So check out my personal travel photo selections below, and tell me what you think. :D

1: Takes My Breath Away

Volcano Santiaguito Eruption Guatemala

Volcano Santiaguito Eruption

This image always takes my breath away. For more reasons than one. Trekking up and camping on the active Santiaguito Volcano in Guatemala was definately the hardest hike I’ve ever done in my life. Just thinking about that grueling 8 hour journey makes me winded. When we finally reached the top, the volcano exploded in front of us. I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. Hoping to capture the spectacle on my camera, I used a tripod and a timer to take photos every 2 seconds. A few hours later, the volcano erupted again and showered us with falling ash. This insane experience made all the pain and suffering endured totally worth it!

2: Makes Me Laugh/Smile

Popoyo Police Officers Nicaragua

Policeman in Underwear

It’s impossible for me to look at this image with a straight face. These two gentlemen are members of Nicaragua’s National Police force, and I met them while wading through a river on my way to vist the remote beach town of Popoyo. It’s a little surfing paradise on the Pacific Ocean that gets very few visitors. I was taking the “shortcut” by hiking across coastal swampland. These two showed me the best place to cross the river.

3: Makes Me Dream

Night Safari South Africa

Night Safari in South Africa

There is nothing quite like a night safari in the Phinda wilderness of South Africa. After an incredible evening of spotting lions, hyenas, rhinos, and buffalo, our guide led us to a surprise lantern-light dinner under the stars. Sharing tasty BBQ with friends while surrounded by sounds of the African bush was the perfect way to end the day. Driving back under the stars, we all had our heads pointed straight up at that sky. This is the stuff that dreams are made of.

4: Makes Me Think

La Chureca Nicaragua

La Chureca Garbage Worker

This man is a Churequero, a garbage worker on the La Chureca Landfill in Managua, Nicaragua. It’s the largest dump in Central America. A few thousand people live and work in the landfill every day, making their homes out of trash. Talking with the people here made me realize how similar we all are. Just trying to make a living and get by like everyone else. For many this work has been in their family for years, for others, life happened to deal them a bad hand. Working with trash may not be glamourous, but it’s honest. I now have the highest respect for these people & what they do.

5: Makes My Mouth Water

Squid & Prawns South Africa

Squid & Prawns with Chorizo and Tapioca Pearls

Normally I’m a street-food kind of guy. But at the Delaire Graff Estate & Winery in South Africa, I was treated to a mouth-watering 5 star restaurant experience. This colorful dish is made of Squid, Prawns, Chorizo, Saffron Tapioca Pearls, Oven Dried Peppers, and Fine Beans. Before this, my appetizer was Rabbit with Pickled Carrot Sauce. And it was all washed down with copious amounts of Delaire’s 2008 Botmaksop red wine blend. Can you say food coma?

6: Tells a Story

Indigenous Girl Darien Gap Panama

Indigenous Girl in the Darien Gap

Traveling through the Darien Gap by dugout canoe in the pouring rain, I was forced to stop at a police checkpoint in the indigenous village of Vista Alegre. The area is highly restricted due to drug trafficking, weapons smuggling, and anti-government guerrilla activities. A group of local Wounaan children came over to inspect me while I waited. This little girl was too shy to say hello, but I didn’t want to leave her out, so I snapped this photo and showed it to her. Around this time, the children started yelling & pointing as our canoe broke loose and quickly began floating down the swollen river (with all my gear). They helped me run after the boat and rescue it before it was lost!

7: Most Proud Of (aka My National Geographic Shot)

Red Eye Tree Frog Nicaragua

Red-Eye Tree Frog

Trying to find this frog in the jungles of Nicaragua was a lot harder than I thought it would be. After renting a treehouse on the side of a mountain for a few days with a friend, I began searching for the elusive Red Eye Tree Frog that called this area home. Normally the frogs are all over the place, but because it was the dry season, I was told I probably wouldn’t find one. I didn’t let that stop me though, and spent an hour wading through deep water searching for him. All that patience eventually paid off. National Geographic photographers can sometimes spend weeks or even months tracking wildlife for the perfect image, and after my own little experience, I have a better appreciation for the work that goes into those photos.

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