Daily Travel Photo: Iglesia del Carmen

Iglesia del Carmen Antigua Guatemala

Iglesia del Carmen Ruins in Antigua

This ruined church is called Iglesia del Carmen and it resides in Antigua, Guatemala. It was wrecked by a major earthquake in the 1700′s. During the day, street vendors line up in front of the church to sell crafts to tourists. I took this photo at sunrise while some of them were setting up early.

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Comments & Questions

  • The Curmudgeon

    You’ll have to ask your mother, she may have remembered the earthquake.

  • http://www.mybeautifuladventures.com Andi

    I LOVED Antigua. I know exactly where this pic was taken. My hotel was right across the street!

  • http://travelingted.tv Ted Nelson

    Cool pic. Is that the volcano you climbed up in the background?

    • http://expertvagabond.com Matthew Karsten

      Nope, that’s a different one called Agua. There are volcanoes all over the place here in Guatemala!

  • http://dimensionalhearttraveler.com Philip

    Yep, I walked by that church all the time while in Antigua. Great lighting. Getting excited about heading down there again. Wait a week or so before you check out my site. It’s pretty ugly, as in primitive, right now. btw, what happened to Honduras? Cheers!

    • http://expertvagabond.com Matthew Karsten

      Honduras is next! So much to see in Guatemala, I decided to stay a bit longer. The 3 weeks of Spanish classes I took cut into my travel time…

  • Philip

    Can’t say as I blame you Matt. I love Guatemala. For a people who have gotten the short end of the stick for millenia. they are by and large warm, open, engaging and heart-felt.

  • http://www.christymemos.blogspot.com Christy

    Love this pic! I love taking pics in Gaute where the volcano is in the background. It just adds to the photo.

  • Mina

    Already one of my favorites…Iglesia del Carmina, you say? See, I’m always with you… ;)