Daily Travel Photo: Blanca Smokes a Big One

Woman Smoking Cigar

Blanca Smokes a Giant Cigar

This is Blanca. I found her washing clothes at a public washing area in Antigua Guatemala. She also happened to be smoking this giant cigar. It’s hard to tell from the angle of my photo, but it was almost a foot long!

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Comments & Questions

  • http://www.mybeautifuladventures.com Andi

    What a fantastic picture, reminds me of Cuba!

    • Claudia

      There are plenty of good things going on in Guatemala.Display positivity not negativity.This picture is quite frankly disappointing…

    • http://expertvagabond.com Matthew Karsten

      @ Claudia: How is this photo negative? You obviously do not see things the same way I do… Blanca is a very good & friendly person, and part of daily life in Antigua.

  • The Curmudgeon

    Your right, she does looks like one of your Aunties! Dyed her hair I see. I don’t know about scrubbing their clothes in the square, but the big cee-gars are them. Say, what kind of tobacco is that, anyway?

  • Mina

    One of the things I love most about you is that you find beauty where others may not. There is something beautiful about the every day things that people do, regardless of where they are and who they are; they all count, and you make sure that they do. Through you, I feel like I can see aspects and characters of places — including Guatemala — that are more than the selective picturesque moments that some may choose to highlight. I’m from a third world country, and if you came to mine and only showed post card pictures, then you wouldn’t be capturing the soul of the place, which comes from its people…every one of whom matters. Thanks for being genuine.

    • http://expertvagabond.com Matthew Karsten

      I’m glad you see the beauty in this moment too. :)

  • Trish

    We absolutely enjoy the everyday life and this woman is certainly enjoying her life, how can that possibly be negative. Claudia we feel that you are being very short sited, open up your eyes and enjoy the whole picture. Matt keep up the good work, we love every detail and Herbie, Blanca is way more woman than I could ever hope to be.

  • Rebecca

    Great photo!

  • Val

    Hi Matt! I’m sure Dennis is jealous. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a foot-long cigar! I love your Dad’s comments. I see where you got your wonderful writing ability! :)

  • Ted Nelson

    Lighten up Claudia. It is a photo depicting everyday life. This photo could have been taken in any country in the world. I fail to see how it impacts negatively on Guatemala. I still want to go and see this beautiful country. In fact, I want to see it more thanks to the pictures and posts on this website.

  • Claudia

    U.S.A is a free country guys and if I didn’t like the picture and what it portrays I can state that.

    Pictures of the children @ an orphanage getting baptized would have been more inspirational.

    • Mina

      It is certainly a free country, so I can state my disagreement. You’re right that a photo at an orphanage would probably achieve what you are looking for, & if you had a site that AIMS to be inspirational with that photo, I would probably like it too. Although, photos don’t have to be dramatic to be inspirational. They only need to be genuine. From what I gather on this website though, “inspirational” isn’t what guides it. He aims to show what he sees around the world that he finds beautiful, and he does so successfully.

      There are a million photos he could have taken but saying something is “disappointing” because it doesn’t aim to be “inspirational” frankly lacks imagination.

  • Debbie

    Amazing what people around the world do. I am very sheltered!!!!

    • http://expertvagabond.com Matthew Karsten

      There is much more to come Debbie! :)

  • http://www.voyageneverends.com/ Paul

    Its a great shot Matt. Ignore the negative comments. Some people have nothing better to do! I have to admit tho if it was me I would block them from posting again.
    PS. Couldn’t you have taken it from a better angle, and asked her to change first, and er…changed loads of other stuff that I will think of later :-)

  • http://www.wayfaringwanderer.com Wayfaring Wanderer

    That is AWESOME! I truly love her expression….priceless :D

    The texture you captured in this image is also pretty incredible, I especially like the bright splotches of color. Great shot!

    • http://ExpertVagabond.com Matt | ExpertVagabond

      This is one of my favorite photos.