Leave a Comment, Win an HD Video Camera!

Flip Video Contest

Win a Flip HD Video Camera!

The contest is now over! Congratulations and Merry Christmas to Kristina from Croatia! She is the proud owner of a brand new Flip HD Mino! :D

I owe my readers a lot. You guys rock! Now it’s time to give a little something back.

This brand new 8 GB Flip Mino HD video camera can easily be yours. It’s a perfect tool for travel. Small, lightweight, powerful, and easy to use.

How to Win:

Step #1: If you haven’t done so already, either “like” my Facebook Page here, OR sign up for my bi-monthly travel newsletter here. Of course feel free to do both if you really want to!

Step #2: Leave a comment on this post, telling me what you will do with the camera when you win it!

That’s it. Pretty simple, no? :D

Right now I’m exploring the Republic of South Africa for the next couple of weeks with some fellow travel bloggers.

Check out the #VisitSouthAfrica tag to see what we’re up to on Twitter!

Once I return from my adventures here in South Africa, one of you will be named the proud new owner of this awesome HD video camera that easily fits in your pocket.

It doesn’t matter where you live, I’ll ship it out to you in Antarctica if I need to! ;)

A lucky winner will be chosen at random from the comment section below using Random.org.

May the Force be with you!

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Comments & Questions

  • http://wheresidewalksend.com Ian Ord

    Wonderful contest :) Sharing is caring. I would use this flip cam to document some of the volunteer work I do up in an Akha Village just outside of Chiang Rai to try to help drive attention towards this cause. I work with incredibly beautiful people and the more attention we can get towards the cause, the better the chances for their future prosperity.

  • http://travelingcanucks.com Cam

    Great contest!
    I’ve been looking at a portable HD video camera, this would be awesome to win!

  • Nora – The Professional Hobo

    I love to shoot both photos and video on my travels, and thus far I’ve always shot them both with one camera. But few still cameras take decent video, and my camera is no exception. It’s time to start shooting some higher quality video…with a Flip!
    And although I cringe at the idea of having to carry yet another piece of equipment (and the related chargers), I like the overall portability of the Flip enough to make this “sacrifice”.
    So what will I do with the camera? I’ll take my travel-video-empire to a new level is what I’ll do! :-)

    • http://ExpertVagabond.com Matthew Karsten

      No chargers to lug around with the Flip! :)

    • Nora – The Professional Hobo

      Ooh! That’s true! Even better. Does that mean I won? :-)

  • Jaime

    Oh this is awesome. I have been wanting to buy one but am too cheap to do so.

    If I won I would use the FLIP to start capturing my travels on video and sharing them around with everyone. I would make sure they are just as quirky as my blog… ;)~

  • Nasa

    Oprah said “”With every experience, you alone are painting your own canvas, thought by thought, choice by choice.” Instead of painting , i want to record and enjoy watching my own life video using the new video camera :D

  • http://www.travelfromthetriangle.com Cat

    Looks like a great camera! If I won it, I would use it to…video things! It looks small so I’d love to be able to throw it in my bag and carry it around especially when travelling. I’ve tried using the video function on my phone but this would be so much better quality. Fun!

  • Roisin McManus

    I would use it while paragliding over the french alps on Chrismas Day…that is if I were luckier again to win it.

  • Frank Dolendi

    Well if I won I would use this Flip camera to film my trip to Thailand this summer and take footage of all of the things I see walking around Bangkok.

  • http://russmease.blogspot.com Russ Mease

    I’m about to embark on a 5 month trek of the Pacific Crest Trail. This flip camera would be the PERFECT companion to document my hike and share with others on my blog. I planned on buying a compact digital for this purpose but video is so much more exciting than just still shots!

    Good luck in your travels to South Africa.

  • http://choosemyadventure.ca Grant

    I will shoot a whole episode of Choose My Adventure with it…and give you a big shout out! haha

  • Scott Thomsen

    I’d take this wonderful little camera to Bangkok to film my study abroad adventure!

  • alexandra

    I would use this camera to film my wonderful country and the people in it. then i would go on another little adventure somewhere…

  • http://www.imperatortravel.ro/ Imperator

    As I will move soon to South Africa, I would need it for the landscapes of Southern Africa from Victoria Falls to Cape

  • eleanore

    I have really enjoyed reading your adventures in the Darian Gap. I am on my way to Central America for adventure in a month. Plan on blogging the trip! So far my itinerary is just 3 countries… but we will see…

  • Philip

    Looks like a fun camera and perfect for travel. I would carry the camera around the world and video blog the next rounds of my adventure starting in Patagonia.

  • http://www.twitter.com/beakholder Xing

    I would love to have this camera to film my upcoming trip to China. Based on reviews that I read, it is very small, compact and just easy to carry. I would love to film shots when I climb the Great Wall especially. I read that the picture quality is fantastic as it is HD.

  • Trish and Shawn

    We’re heading to Belize and I’m sure after a month or so Shawn could figure out how to use the phone = )

  • http://blogthismoment.com/ Ryan

    I stumbled across you via twitter and saw this post. That is pretty Rad you are doing this! Okay do here is what I would do with the flip mino:

    1. Record me and my lady making sweet love until the sun comes up, or when I pass out ( second one most likely to occur)

    2, Record travel fun with friends… Once I can get my posse off the couch for some photo fun.

    3. Somebody say rock concert? I’m thinking a video of Slayer or Kelly Clarkson….

    4. Family events. I have no birthday footage. There is more video evidence of Bigfoot than me.

    5. Whatever I see, whenever I want!

    Going to “like” you on Facebook. Safe travels!

  • Areta

    The 8 GB Flip Mino HD video camera is perfect for traveling. It would be perfect for my next trip whether it may be a safari in Tanzania, cycling across the Mediterranean coastline in Italy, snow kiting in Idaho or paddling the Everglades. I’ll be sure to post my HD video online for my friends and family to see. It’s nice and small which is perfect because as a woman I always have too much stuff in my bag already.

  • http://www.twitter.com/VollerSterne Josiah

    “Liked” you on Facebook! I would love to use the camera to capture moments from special occasions like Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebrations! I sometimes go to DJ gigs as well, and it would be awesome to capture some clubbing footage!

  • Mirva

    “Liked” your FB page! If I win the camera, I’ll take it with me on my African tour that kicks off in January!

  • Jim

    Thanks so much for offering this camera. I would use the camera to document my upcoming 6-month long trip to South-East Asia and China. It would also be awesome to capture some of my kids at my school in South Korea before I leave. Thanks again.

  • Dubster

    I would just use it to record my awesome life and share it with you guys :)

  • http://www.impact-journeys.com Merna – Impact Journeys

    I’m loving your posts about South Africa and can’t wait to get back there! With the Flip camera, I’d take video of Zisize, our project partner in rural South Africa (in KwaZulu-Natal, close to the Mozambique and Swaziland borders). I run a volunteer non-profit (www.siyawela.ca) where we’ve been building houses, put in a borehole and water tank there. Video would be great to share to get more supporters.

    Also started Impact Journeys for responsible, sustainable tourism to South Africa so would love to use the Flip camera for video of that to encourage people to join in so they can be inspired, do good, and create change while travelling. Part of the journeys include a couple of days of volunteering on projects (including at Zisize).

  • http://micalamarie.tumblr.com Micala Mendoza

    I would take this camera to France when I study abroad in Dijon to learn French, I’m a French major and a Francophile!

  • http://www.aufderstralia.com Jake Aufderheide

    I wish you’d have to ship it to Antarctica… I’ve always wanted to go there!

    Keep up the good work mate. You’re an inspiration to long-term backpackers everywhere (myself included)!

  • Cameron

    I’d have to bring it with me one my RTW travels once I graduate college!!

  • Håkon Weløy Aarseth

    I will use this camera to take footage of myself and my friends while crossing of items on our bucketlist! We wanna make the memories eternal and share them with everyone who wants to watch.

  • Tracey

    I’m thinkin’ I might use it to film some hookers in Panama!!! Can you recommend anyone?? Lol. So going to win it now!!!

  • Auntie Reen

    I would use it to take videos of my students reading to each other. They will be able to see for themselves their good and bad habits while reading.

  • aiza khair


    If i win the camera, i will record all precious moments in my life because
    i don’t want to miss or forget any precious moments in my life anymore.

  • http://passportphd.blogspot.com Julie

    There are so many places I could use an HD video camera. There’s the whale watching trip this summer, and the Cave of the Swallows next summer. Christmas morning next week. And the “responsible career” options like play back for practicing seminars. Pick me! Pick me!

  • Kristina

    Great camera and contest!:) If I win the camera I will film my beautiful friends and family, and capture the unique moments in life.:)

  • cowgirrl3

    I’m gonna use it to film my own crazy adventures this year and capture moments into memories.

  • http://www.kieranbradshaw.com Kieran

    I’m going to use it to record my salsa dancing performances. :)

  • Howard

    Me, I’m gonna travel around the world with that taking pictures of the places I’m gonna visit. It will make really great memories for me.

  • Felly

    Is this really possible?Well for sure a lot of people are intetested to join…