Fiji Trip Postponed Due to Flooding

Fiji Island Map

Islands of Fiji

My journey to Fiji has been postponed due to severe weather & flooding on the islands.

The magical sunsets and crystal clear waters of Fiji will have to wait for now. Bad flooding due to heavy rains, combined with Tropical Cyclone Daphne passing close by has killed at least 6 people and forced over 11,000 people from their homes on the main island of Viti Levu at the beginning of April.

A state of emergency was declared for the Republic of Fiji, and the international airport at Nadi was closed down. For these reasons my trip to the country was postponed until the Fall.

The people of Fiji are now in the process of cleaning up and repairing damage to homes & businesses. My thoughts are with all the families who lost their homes & loved ones. :(

I am still looking forward to visiting Fiji and discovering all it has to offer later this year.

Video of Fiji Floods

Flooding in Fiji 2012

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  • Ayngelina

    Wow Matt I had no idea, what horrible news.

    • Matthew Karsten

      It was the end of the rainy season, but the skies just opened up over the island those last few weeks.

  • Élan

    That’s horrible! I hope everyone is recovering now.

  • Brock – Backpack With Brock

    What a disaster! Thanks for the heads-up for other travelers headed to Fiji

    • Matthew Karsten

      Everything is pretty much back to normal now, and Fiji is desperate for travelers to come back! You’ll probably find some amazing deals there at the moment.

      By all means travel to Fiji as soon as you can. I can’t wait to head over myself in September. :D