Faces of Guatemala: Pedro

People of Guatemala Pedro

Meet Pedro

First Name: Pedro
Where Are You From: San Pedro la Laguna, Guatemala
Occupation: Volcano Guide
Favorite Music: Todo! (Everything!)
Where Would You Like to Travel: Todas partes! (Everywhere!)

I’d like to introduce you to Pedro, our experienced guide for the Volcano San Pedro Hike above Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.

Pedro hikes the volcano every day, and we had trouble keeping up with his fast pace. We felt lucky to get him, as he had much more character than some of the younger guides we saw.

But no matter how much I pestered him for answers to my few “interview” questions, he would only tell me todo!

“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.”  ~ TIM CAHILL

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Comments & Questions

  • The Curmudgeon

    All mature people have more character than young whippersnappers. That machete looks like it’s been around too.

  • Andi

    I wanta visit todas partes tambien!!! Love this pic!

  • http://www.rebeccaandtheworld.com Rebecca

    Great pic! Like Andi, quiero ir todas partes del mundo tambien!

  • Pat

    Fabulous backdrop with an interesting local character. How cool!

  • http://www.travelingted.tv Ted Nelson

    Awesome. I hope Claudia does not have a problem with this one :)

  • http://WanderlustandtheGirl.com LAbackpackerChick

    oh no! i did this trek today and also had Pedro as a guide…however, our experience was very different with him.

    he rushed us through the trek, gave us 15 minutess at the top, then ditched us…

    rewarding but challenging trek :-)

    • http://ExpertVagabond.com Matthew Karsten

      Yeah, he wanted to rush back down with us too actually. I just told him to leave me at the top and I’d find my own way down.

      The downside of hiring a tour guide is that they often rush things, it’s just a daily job for them, and it becomes boring. I try to avoid guides whenever possible for that reason.