Exploring a Market in the Heart of Managua

Technically speaking, I was an illegal alien. I could get deported at any moment. My Central American CA-4 visa had expired. It allows 3 months of combined travel in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Nicaragua.

Volcano Concepcion Sunset

Volcano Concepcion Sunset

At the end of my first day of motorcycling around Ometepe Island, I was greeted by this picturesque sunset behind the active Volcano Concepcion.

Journey to Surf Popoyo Beach

The tiny Nicaraguan surf town of Popoyo Beach isn’t easy to get to, but those who decide to embark on the journey are greatly rewarded.

Nicaragua Charity: Puedo Leer

Helping children get access to books. This Nicaraguan charity creates lending libraries & provides reading workshops around Granada.