My Beach in Mexico [PHOTO]

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Beach in Playa Del Carmen

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I’ve been living in Playa del Carmen for about a month now. Found a cheap studio apartment away from the tourist area, but only two blocks from a beach. This beach. Because I’m away from the hotels, it’s quiet and low-key here. I share this beach with a few locals, and the occasional topless European girl. About 300 yards out, there is a coral reef with pretty good snorkeling too. Last week a giant spotted eagle ray swam less than 5 feet away from me.

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  • Stephen

    Wow, I envy you. You are very luck to be treated everyday to a very nice picturesque place.

  • Kiersten

    Take me away! I’ve heard such amazing things about Playa del Carmen! Maybe this summer :)

    • Matthew Karsten

      I’m really loving it! Let me know if you go, I’ll give you some tips/advice. :D

    • edgy_mph

      WOW! makes me want to go there!

  • Ruth (Tanama Tales)

    I feel so envious. I loved Playa del Carmen. Would like to stay there for a prolonged time (at least a month) and explore the area.

  • pat

    How gorgeous is that! You make everyone jealous with that photo.